Chinese Wuxia Story: Shengong Lake

Everything is quiet, the moon is dark and the wind is high. It is the darkest time before dawn.

A black figure staggered into the dark valley. Blood trickled down his chest and was soon dried by the wind.

Ha ha, is it true that God wants to kill me?

Meng Fei clenched his teeth tightly, and the pain of the wound and the fatigue of his body reached the extreme. So far, the three masters have tracked him for three days and nights. During this period, the two sides have fought close combat for more than ten times. He was injured countless all over his body, especially the knife in his chest, which almost killed him.

 Shengong Lake

Not far behind, three steady footsteps fanned towards him. Ha ha, in order to catch yourself, the toughest thief in the Jianghu for hundreds of years, the three experts have done their best.

The dark clouds in the sky rolled and in a very short moment, like the moonlight pouring out of the water, slightly lit up the valley.

Meng Fei was shocked by a strange intuition. He shook his head hard to wake himself up. It’s really wrong. The valley seems deserted. It seems that no one has ever set foot on it, but the mountains, rocks, plants and trees here follow a certain law. This magical law is in line with the way of heaven and corresponds to the complex five elements and eight trigrams. The mystery and danger make him take a breath.

Meng Fei struggled to get up and went on. After a few steps, the withered grass in front of him gradually disappeared, and a dark cave appeared in front of him.

Meng Fei took a deep breath and felt forward close to the cave wall. The section in front of the cave was very narrow and could not see five fingers, but it became more and more open. Later, at the bottom of the cave, a rare spectacle appeared in front of him: a large space with a strange pool of water in the center. The pool was not large. There were seven streams of different colors around, flowing into the pool, and the fog was dense on the pool, I can’t see what color the water is, but a soft light emanates from the water, full of mystery and strangeness!

– Shengong lake.

There are peerless experts in every generation in the Jianghu, but only one person who can really be called the legendary martial arts – the limitless old man who was born 300 years ago. It is said that old man Wuji didn’t know martial arts, but by chance, he found a strange pool of water in a mysterious cave and took a bath in the water. Then he suddenly obtained peerless magic skills and created an unprecedented myth in the Wulin. According to legend, the mysterious pool where the limitless old man took a bath gathered seven streams of different colors!

Meng Fei was overjoyed. He came to the pond in awe and slowly put his right hand into the water. The pool is cool, but it doesn’t make people feel cold. What’s more strange is that the deep scratch left by a fight on the little finger of the right hand healed at an incredible speed after immersion in the pool. A moment later, not only the wound but also the scar disappeared.

Meng Fei had no doubt in his heart. He stepped on the flat ground, walked slowly into the pool and soaked his whole body in the pool. A strange sense of comfort immediately surrounded him, dozens of large and small wounds on his body soon disappeared, and even the knife wound on his chest soon healed!

After that, the pool water magically warmed from cool to warm, and a stream of heat poured into Meng Fei’s body like a hundred rivers returning to the sea. Meng Fei tried his best to suppress the ecstasy in his heart and silently practiced martial arts. God, now his martial arts have increased more than ten times than before!

The warm water in the pond gradually disappeared. In the past several hundred years, the essence of the water accumulated by the pond was absorbed by Meng Fei.

“Hahaha, hahaha!” Meng Fei laughed wildly, and began to imagine how he would become a powerful man after he came out of the Jianghu again.

“Hum, you still have the courage to laugh. You won’t be dizzy!” at this time, a voice appeared in the passage.

– the three masters came together.

“Ha ha, escape?” Meng Fei walked out of the pool without delay, as if he had changed a person, and said, “I don’t know who is going to escape now!”

Under the encirclement of the three masters, even the first master in the world may not have a half chance of winning. But now Meng Fei was in no hurry. He bent down calmly, picked up a small stone from the ground, and then threw it casually.

The little stone seemed to be held by an invisible hand and flew to the three masters at a slow and almost strange speed. It’s normal for a discerning person to see that this stone flies fast, but if you want to fly so slowly, you have to throw it with strong internal power.

What the three masters didn’t expect was that when the stone flew one foot in front of them, it suddenly divided into three and hit the face of the three. At this time, the speed was like a meteor hitting the moon.

– you can apply three internal forces on a small stone, and the azimuth and angle control scores are not bad. You don’t have decades of internal force cultivation. Don’t even think about it.

One of the experts was experienced and suddenly looked back, and the gravel scraped the tip of his nose and roared past.

Another master turned sideways, crushed stones hit on his beard, and a wisp of white beard floated down.

The last master was a little weak, one could not dodge, and his face had been cut with gravel.

The gravel they managed to avoid hit the back rock wall. Instead of bouncing off, they shot a small hole in the rock wall and embedded it in the rock!

– this is almost beyond human imagination!

“Big brother, it’s weird!” one of the injured experts stared at Meng Fei closely.

“Is this water -”

“Ha ha, that’s right!” Meng Fei laughed wildly before the other party answered. “This is the legendary divine skill pool. I took a bath in the pool just now, and now I have acquired a shocking skill. I’m just taking you to practice my hand!” then he flashed and shot at the three masters like a ghost.

With one move, Meng Fei completely defeated the three masters in the world.

The three masters, whose viscera were badly hurt, lay quietly on the ground and watched the arrogant Meng Fei stride out of the cave, but there was nothing they could do.

At this time, the expert called big brother looked at the Shengong lake with a faint look.

“The second and third brothers, don’t worry!” he exhausted his last strength, more like saying to Meng Fei who was about to leave. “God has eyes. I think someone will come here again soon to discover the secret of the divine skill pool, and then practice the peerless divine skill to punish traitors and eliminate evil!”

“Oh?” at this time, Meng Fei turned back, “you’re right. Thank you for your reminder!” then he stretched out his palms and slowly hit the pool of water. Just listen to a dull thunder, and then the “boom” sound, the small Shengong pool was hit to pieces. From now on, I’m afraid no one in the world will practice peerless martial arts from it!

Meng Fei strode outside the cave, but he didn’t take two steps, so he felt wrong. What’s the matter? The power absorbed from the divine skill pool is slowly dissipating, like drops of dew, in the sun.

“Ah! How could it be? How could it be?” Meng feiru fell to the ground, his eyes just opposite the old man called big brother.

“Let me tell you why…” the expert called big brother said before swallowing his last breath, “I met a descendant of the limitless old man several years ago. I learned from him that in fact, the divine skill pool is just a medium, which can connect you with all things in the world and have more internal power than you can imagine. But if the pool is destroyed and the connection is interrupted, not only the skills obtained from the pool will be lost, but also your previous internal power cultivation will disappear. So I just deliberately seduced you I’m afraid you won’t be fooled. I didn’t think you wanted to cut off others’ way, but you ruined yourself. Hahaha, from now on, you can’t harm the Jianghu any more! “

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