Chinese Wuxia Story: Snow God palm

Hainan, the top of Nanshan Mountain. Early in the morning, Hua Wanxue, the leader of Xuehua sect, took the female disciples to practice martial arts against the dawn.

“Plum blossoms are like snow!” “snow is like dust!” “Qiong Yao is all over the ground!” “flying flowers through trees…” in the clear voice of flowers, the disciples either twist their bodies and fly up, or turn around and palm out. All their clothes are floating and their figures are dancing, just like beautiful fairies.

Although praised in the heart, Hua Wanxue’s pretty face is always cold as ice.

Snow God palm

“If you want to practice snow God’s palm well, you must practice all the time and keep practicing! In this way, you can practice makes perfect and gradually realize the subtlety of snow God’s palm… Lu Qianqian, what are you doing? Get out of here!”

Hua Wanxue suddenly drank violently, and Lu Qianqian, the youngest disciple, hurried out of the crowd.

“Lu Qianqian, what are you staring at?”

“Master, I’m sorry. I, I was just thinking about that move ‘six out flying flowers’. Why is it called’ six out ‘instead of’ five out ‘or’ seven out ‘?”

Hua Wanxue was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

“Lu Qianqian, what are you doing?” master sister Liu Piaoxi floated out and shouted, “we’ve all practiced well. You’re the only one with many things? Look what you’re angry with master? Don’t apologize to master…”

“How can I be angry with Shifu? I just have questions in my heart…” Lu Qianqian said hurriedly.

“Stop talking!” Hua Wanxue pointed down the mountain. “Since you have a lot of questions in your heart, being a teacher will give you a chance – go down the mountain now, whether it’s asking others or reading books. You can clear your questions within a month. Otherwise, you’ll never practice snowflake palm again!”

The punishment is so heavy! Lu Qianqian’s face turned white. But she knew that master always kept his word and begged no more. She had to pack up her package with tears and hurried down the mountain.

One day, two days… Lu Qianqian never came back until the 29th day, Lu Qianqian finally came back!

Like a swallow, she ran to Hua Wanxue and said happily, “master, I have found the answer! The reason why that move is called ‘six out of flying flowers’ is that snowflakes are hexagonal. You see, this book of Han shiwaizhuan said:’ every plant and flower has five out, and snow flowers only six out.”

“In addition, I also know that most of the names of other moves are derived from poetry. For example, the move ‘flying flowers through trees’ comes from Han Yu’s poem” spring snow “in the Tang Dynasty:” snow is too late in spring, so flying flowers through trees in the court “. Ha ha, these two poems are well written!

“Another example is that ‘plum blossoms are like snow’, which is from the song poem” stepping on the sand “: ‘snow is like plum blossoms, plum blossoms are like snow, both like and not like’… Master, I guess master Zu must be a master of poetry…”

Looking at Lu Qianyi’s excited face and her tanned face and skin, Hua Wanxue didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, she stretched out her hand and picked a grass leaf from Lu Qianqian’s hair.

“Master, have you seen snow?” Lu Qianqian suddenly became excited. “I mean real snow! If only I could see real snow and real snow!”

“What are you talking about? Have you forgotten the door rules of our snowflake sect?” Hua Wanxue was furious. “All our snowflake sect disciples must not step out of Hainan Island. If they don’t listen, they will be expelled from the school!”

Lu Qianqian was too frightened to say anything. After a long time, he said, “master, don’t be angry! I’m just talking. How can I leave here?”

Is it over here? No, it just started. One morning half a month later, Lu Qianqian didn’t come out to practice martial arts. He ran to her room and found that she had left. There was a letter on her pillow:


I’m sorry. I had already left when you saw this letter. I want to see the real snow. I’ll come back after reading it. Shifu, please don’t drive me out of the school!

Your forever disciple: Lu Qianqian

“Villain, you’re so angry with me!” after reading the letter, Hua Wanxue shouted and fell to the ground. Yes, she has always attached great importance to Lu Qianqian and even wanted to pass the position of leader to her. Now Lu Qianqian left secretly, which not only wasted her efforts, but also forced her to expel Lu Qianqian from the school!

It was like a thunderbolt in the clear sky. It was really a great blow to Hua Wanxue! It took more than two years for her mood to gradually calm down. However, at this time, the snowflake sect ushered in the biggest crisis in history – a group of masked people quietly attacked Nanshan on a windy and dark night. When she was surprised, the group had surrounded the whole snowflake sect and many younger brothers The son also fell to the ground injured.

“Where’s the maniac? How dare you come to our snowflake sect to act wildly?” at the critical moment, Hua Wanxue floated out and greeted him with snow God’s palm.

More than a dozen masked people fell under her palm. But a gray masked man with only his eyes stopped her. They started a soul stirring war.

This person seems to be very familiar with Xuehua’s divine palm. No matter what moves Hua Wanxue uses, he can handle it calmly and with ease. In addition, there are many disciples around who are injured and fall to the ground. Hua Wanxue is more and more weak in the Vietnam War and is sweating in a cold sweat! She uses her palm, jumps aside and yells, “who are you? Why are you hiding your head and tail and afraid to show your true face?”

“Hehe, Hua Wanxue, are you afraid? I didn’t expect that your snowflake sect will have today… I’ll let you die today.” The grey masked man laughed wildly and pulled off the black cloth on his face. He saw his cheekbones towering, his eagle nose wide mouth, and his face full of sinister and ferocious colors. In addition, the two eyebrows flying obliquely into the temples and Huang Zhanzhan added a little sinister and strange to him.

“You are the man of Huang Mei’s ancestor!” Hua Wanxue cried out. The cry was full of fear and horror, as if he had seen the king of hell.

“Hehe, you’re right! I’m the disciple of Huang Mei’s ancestor, and the Jianghu people call me ‘Huang Mei’s old demon’! Hey, Hua Wanxue, you snowflake sect have been hiding on this island for 20 years? Do you think we can’t find you all our life? Don’t be naive! If you want to live, surrender obediently, so I may spare your life…” At this point, the Yellow eyebrow old demon laughed proudly.

“No!” Hua Wanxue shouted angrily and rushed up with her teeth.

But after all, she was not the opponent of the Yellow eyebrow old demon. She only fought more than a dozen moves, but was hit on her left shoulder by the Yellow eyebrow old demon, and immediately fell to the ground.

“Don’t hurt my master!” suddenly, there was a charming drink not far away, and a slender figure flew in, like a snowflake passing through the court and through the tree, and suddenly flew to the Yellow eyebrow old demon.

The Yellow eyebrow old demon hurried to dodge.

“Ah, snowflake God’s palm! This is the move of ‘flying flowers through trees’!” Liu Piaoxi lay beside him. Although he couldn’t move, he could see the scene clearly and shouted immediately.

Hua Wanxue cried out, “Qianqian, is that you?”

The person in front of her is Lu Qianqian. But I haven’t seen her for more than two years. At the moment, she has grown much taller and her face is much darker. If she used to be an orchid in the valley, emitting a green and charming fragrance, now she is a towering white poplar, emitting a heroic spirit that other female disciples don’t have.

“Master, it’s me, Lu Qianqian!” Lu Qianqian took the time to reply and fought fiercely with the Yellow eyebrow old demon.

“Snow is like dust”, “Qiongyao is all over the ground”, “fishing for river snow alone”… One move of snow God’s palm was incisively and vividly performed by her. In particular, the move of “six flying flowers” was photographed with one palm, which was instantly transformed into six palms, like left not left, like right not right, and immediately enveloped the enemy tightly

“Wow! This’ six flying flowers’ is great…” Hua Wanxue heard the old yellow eyebrow demon groan before her cry fell. Lu Qianyi’s palm had hit her hard. If she didn’t have insufficient skills, this palm would be enough to make the old yellow eyebrow demon fall to the ground.

The corners of the Yellow eyebrow old demon’s mouth oozed blood. His voice hoarsely shouted to Lu Qianqian, “you, you don’t make snow God’s palm! Who are you?”

“Hey, is there something wrong with your eyes?” Lu Qianqian glanced. “I didn’t use the snowflake palm. What is it? Can’t I pretend to be a disciple of the snowflake sect? How about fighting me? If you don’t want to fight, get out of here!”

“Smelly girl, don’t be complacent! One day, we’ll come again.” the Yellow eyebrow old demon said a cruel word, and hurried away with his men.

Lu Qianqian didn’t catch up. Yes, Huang Mei’s old demon’s skill is much higher than her. It’s not what she can do to subdue him. Besides, now Shifu and elder martial sisters are seriously injured, and it’s the most important to treat them.

Lu Qianqian immediately healed everyone. Looking at her skilled appearance, Hua Wanxue was surprised again.

“Qianqian, where have you been these two years?” Liu Piaoxi suddenly asked, “did you really go to see the snow?”

“Yes, I went to the north to see the snow. It’s so cold there. It’ll snow heavily in September.” Lu Qianqian said while busy in his hand, “It’s beautiful when it snows… But it’s too cold in the north. I fell ill soon after I went there. Thanks to Uncle Xie Nantian, who is respected by people in the Jianghu as great Xia Xie. His martial arts are excellent. Thanks to his guidance, my snow God palm has become so powerful. Shifu, if you go to the North too… Ah, Shifu, yes, I’m sorry…”

Lu Qianyi looked back and was surprised to see Hua Wanxue staring at her. He couldn’t help but shut up in a hurry.

“I should be the one who said ‘I’m sorry!’ Hua Wanxue didn’t mean to blame. She gently held Lu Qianqian’s hand and said seriously, “The reason why I didn’t let you and everyone leave Hainan Island before was to avoid the pursuit of Huang Mei. In those years, my master came to Hainan island because of his revenge with Huang Mei… I thought we would be safe as long as we stayed here. But I was wrong. If we always stick to our laurels and just hide around, even if we hide for days The ends of the earth will not be safe… ”

Speaking of this, Hua Wanxue suddenly held Lu Qianqian’s hand tightly: “Qianqian, can you promise to be a teacher?”

Lu Qianqian nodded hurriedly.

“I want you to be the leader, and then you take everyone to the North…”

“Ah, how can this work?” Lu Qianqian jumped up in fear. Yes, being the leader was something she had never thought about. So no matter what Hua Wanxue said, she refused to agree.

“Well, I’ll replace the leader first.” Hua Wanxue smiled, “but you can’t refuse to go to the north. I’m going to move the snowflake sect to the north. Although it’s cold and the environment is bad, we can see snowflakes most of the time every year. It will be very beneficial to our cultivation…”

“Master, your decision is so wise! I agree with you with both hands and feet!” Lu Qianqian was as excited as before. “Bo Bo Bo -” she even hugged master and kissed her more than ten times in succession, which made her face full of saliva.

“Lu Qianqian, what are you crazy about? Do you want to wash the toilet…”

“Master, no!”

At the top of Nanshan Mountain with pleasant scenery, there were thousands of cries again!

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