Chinese Wuxia Story: Yanjing baiyujiao

Kong Jiqin in Shandong is a descendant of Confucius. Before birth, my mother dreamed that a well-dressed man came into the room. She was very strange and asked him what he was doing. The man said, “my name is Gan Fengchi. I’m looking for a house.” she was going to scold him for breaking into someone’s boudoir. She suddenly woke up from a dream, and then she had abdominal pain. About half an hour later, she gave birth to a boy.

When Kong Jiqin grew up, he had great strength. His private school classmates occasionally disagreed with him. They waved fists at each other twice, and dozens of people couldn’t beat him. Once when he went to the mountain to play, he saw two cattle fighting fiercely. Two shepherd boys were afraid of their cattle fighting injury. They were going to be beaten when they went back. They were crying there. Kong Jiqin smiled and said, “what’s the hurry? Just separate them. Do you need to cry?” then he stroked his sleeves, stepped forward, grabbed the horn of an ox with one hand and pushed it away from both sides. When the two oxen were angry and red eyed, they wanted to rush at him, so he put their heads on the ground so that they could not move. So the villagers nicknamed him general Funiu. Mother knew that he was strong and brave. She thought that her son would be famous for his bravery and contribute to the country in the future. Maybe he could really be a general! The nickname “general Funiu” may be a good sign, so she often calls him general Funiu; When talking to others about her son, she also said “my family Fu Niu general”. Kong Jiqin heard that he had a strange sign, so he was even more brave and conceited. He studies martial arts and boxing all day, and he doesn’t bother to read books.

Yanjing baiyujiao

A monk named Zhiheng, who had just come from Jiangxian County, Shanxi Province, passed Qufu great Buddhist temple. Outside the short wall, he saw many people in the temple surrounded by a circle, laughing and shouting from time to time. He walked into the temple, squeezed himself into the crowd and watched. He saw a young man pulling up a thick jujube tree and waving it in the air.

Zhiheng smiled and said, “although he has great strength, it’s a pity that he doesn’t understand internal skills!” Kong Jiqin heard this sentence and knew that the person who said this must be an able man. He put down the jujube tree in his hand and came to the monk to salute for advice. He invited the monk to his home and asked him to teach internal skills.

Monk Zhiheng lived in Kong’s house for a month. He didn’t talk about teaching internal skills except diet and games. One day, Kong Jiqin knelt before the monk and asked for advice. Monk Zhiheng said, “I observed you for a month and found that your temperament is not suitable for learning internal skills.” Kong Jiqin knelt and refused to get up, asking for more advice. Monk Zhiheng taught him the art of continuous balls, bullets and flying swords. After some hard training, Kong Jiqin’s continuous bullets can hit nine out of ten, and his flying sword can also hit the target. Monk Zhiheng said to him, “with your martial arts, there are few enemies in the world, but when you meet Bai Yujiao of Yanjing, you must pay attention and avoid Meng lang. if you can’t fight her, tell her that you are my disciple and maybe you can avoid disaster.”

Kong Jiqin later became a bodyguard. On one occasion, I met a young donkey rider on the road. He was always not far away. At dusk, Kong Jiqin stayed in a hotel. After a while, the boy also entered the hotel. Kong Jiqin became suspicious. After careful reconnaissance, he found that the boy was hiding a slingshot.

At dawn the next day, Kong Jiqin packed up and went out and found that the boy had gone. Near noon, Kong Jiqin led the escort team through a deserted wilderness with rough roads and a forest in front. He thought to himself: the boy went out before me, probably hiding in the woods and preparing to shoot me with a catapult. He must be careful. So he took out his slingshot and prepared to meet the enemy. Just came to the front of the forest, suddenly a bullet came. Kong Jiqin immediately hid in his horse’s belly, dodged a bullet, then flew under the saddle, hit the boy’s right hand and knocked out his thumb. The young man quickly opened his bow with his left hand. Kong Jiqin flew two rounds again, and one hit the bullet from the young man; A bullet hit the boy’s left hand and knocked off his thumb. The young man quickly abandoned his bow and got off his donkey. He knelt down in front of Kong Jiqin and asked, “I lost two fingers and can’t go back. I’m willing to be a slave to serve you.” Kong Jiqin refused. The young man cried and said:

“If I go back to see the leader, she will kill me, because I have lost her face. If you don’t promise me, I will die in front of your horse.” Kong Jiqin reluctantly agreed after pitying him. The boy thanked him, changed his clothes and followed him on the road. Along the way, he served more carefully than a slave.

Later, when they turned back from Beijing and passed Baoding, they suddenly saw a car with embroidered curtains passing by. The driver seemed to know the boy. The boy’s face turned blue and hesitated. A woman opened the embroidered curtain and said to the young man, “isn’t this my cousin? Why are you so embarrassed?” the young man shrank behind the car and didn’t dare to answer. Kong Jiqin looked at the woman and saw that she was a rare beauty in the world. The woman’s car always walked beside Kong Jiqin’s car, and always followed her. When it was getting dark, he passed through a forest and suddenly a bullet hit Kong Jiqin quickly. He couldn’t escape, so he had to bite it with his teeth. Knowing that it was difficult to deal with the person who fired the bullet, he used all his life tricks. He fired nine bullets in a row, but the woman jumped out of the car, caught them one by one with her hands, smiled and said, “it’s humiliating to make a fool of myself in front of this girl to make a fool of myself!”

Kong Jiqin was so frightened that he quickly pulled out a dagger from his waist and threw it at the woman. But the woman sat on her horse’s back and clamped it between her two little feet. Seeing this, Kong Jiqin knew he was invincible. He hurried out of the car, came to the woman, shouted, “are you Yanjing baiyujiao?” the woman took her sword and asked, “how do you know me?” Kong Jiqin said, “monk Zhiheng of Shanxi is my teacher. He asked me to greet you.” the woman said: “Since you are a disciple of monk Mang, please go quickly, don’t stay, and don’t come to the north to guard. If I meet you again, my sword will be merciless!” as soon as he finished, he drove away.

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