Martial arts novel: cold rain needle

Cold rain needle is a frightening concealed weapon in the Jianghu. The moon soul palace, which hides two sets of cold rain needles, has become the most terrible place in the Jianghu. Recently, a woman named Fang Lingdi in the palace stole Lengyu needle and escaped. This rumor made the whole Jianghu a sensation. For a time, all kinds of people surged.

“Unparalleled in the world” Li Yunping is the most famous Great Xia in the south of the world. On that day, he rode a fast horse with his domestic servants to hunt in the mountains. Suddenly, he heard a fierce cry of killing in a forest.

Cold rain needle

Li Yunping frowned and drove his horse into the woods. At this time, in the woods, three masked men were besieging a woman. The woman suffered many knife wounds, and the front and back of her clothes were covered with spots of blood. Although her injury was not fatal, it seemed that she could not support it.

There was another woman on the side, with a cold face and a cold tunnel: “Fang Lingdi, you’d better not fight tenaciously. Hand over the needle box quickly, and I can consider sparing your life.”

The woman was Fang Lingdi, the traitor of the moon soul palace. She sneered at the speech: “Huo cuixiao, do you think I don’t understand you? I’ll hand over the needle box for fear of dying faster. ”

This Huo cuixiao is the killer leader sent by the moon soul palace. She enforces the law in the penalty hall on weekdays. She has a cold face and a cold heart. How can she be spared easily?

Huo cuixiao said, “then don’t blame me. If I kill you, I can also get the needle box.” He said and made a gesture. The three masked killers started harder, and Fang Lingdi was in danger for a while.

At this time, Li Yunping had arrived. Seeing this situation, he shouted, “stop, everyone, have something to say!” With that, the whole man jumped down from the horse and killed the four people. In a few rounds, the fierce palm wind drove the three killers back.

Huo cuixiao didn’t see it right. He rushed over and slapped Li Yunping. Under this palm, Li Yunping just shook her body, but Huo cuixiao was beaten back three steps. She was surprised: “this man has strong internal power!”

Fang Lingdi was exhausted. When she saw someone coming to rescue, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. She blacked out and fainted. Li Yunping quickly reached out his hand and kept shouting, “girl, girl…”

Huo cuixiao said coldly, “who are you? This is the internal affair of our moon soul palace. Those who dare to intervene, die! ”

Li Yunping said: “‘unparalleled in the world ‘Li Yunping is here. Is the girl Huo cuixiao Huo from yuepeng palace?” As soon as these words came out, the four people all took a breath. The word “unparalleled in the world” was too weighty. Li Yunping continued: “this girl has been hurt. If I don’t save her, I’ll pretend to be a great Xia. Well, if it’s really your palace business, let your palace leader come, and I’ll wait at Li’s house at any time. ” Then he picked up Fang Lingdi, mounted a fast horse and left quickly.

The killers did not dare to stop until Li Yunping left, and then someone asked, “sister Cui, what should we do next?”

Huo cuixiao said, “you stare at Li’s house. I’ll send a message to the palace master Flying Pigeon!”

Fang Lingdi’s injury was not too serious. Under the careful care of the doctor, he soon recovered. One day, she was walking in the backyard of Li’s house. Suddenly, a flying knife passed in front of her and went straight into the wall of the backyard. Fang Lingdi was surprised and looked around nervously, but he didn’t find anything.

Who is it? Fang Lingdi felt uneasy and found a note on the tip of the flying knife. She took down the flying knife and opened the note. When she looked at it, she couldn’t help but look surprised and suspicious on her face.

At night, Fang Lingdi put on his black clothes, quietly left Li’s house and went straight to a nearby earth temple. The earth temple was already dilapidated. When I pushed the door in, there was a large spider web in front of me, and several crows were scared to fly.

Fang Lingdi stood still in the temple. The land father-in-law in the middle of the temple suddenly said, “are you the seller of cold rain needles? Fang Lingdi of the moon soul palace? ”

Fang Lingdi said, “yes. Are you the merchant Jackie Keju? ”

The voice said, “yes, it’s me.” Fang Lingdi couldn’t help taking a breath. Half a month ago, it was this mysterious merchant who secretly contacted himself. At that time, he promised to buy cold rain needle at the sky high price of 800 taels of gold. Now that she has brought out the cold rain needle, will this mysterious man fulfill his original promise?

Qikeju asked, “have you brought everything?” Fang Lingdi magically took out a box from his sleeve and raised it in his hand.

“Very good, very good,” said qikeju with a smile, but the conversation quickly turned, “but how do I know whether the cold rain needle is true or false? I heard that you didn’t use it when you were chased, even in the most critical time. ”

Fang Lingdi smiled: “I use it, isn’t it worthless? There are a total of 23 needles in this box, which is enough to take the lives of 23 first-class experts. If you use one, take one less. I don’t feel bad. Don’t you feel bad? ”

Qikejulian is. The two sides were about to talk. Suddenly, several people on the wall flew down and the leader shouted, “Fang Lingdi, you rebel, die!” Huo cuixiao of the moon soul palace is the first one.

Fang Lingdi dared not neglect, took out his soft sword and quickly met the enemy. At this time, the land father-in-law suddenly burst open, and a dark shadow catapulted out. With his hands wrapped in the fierce palm wind, he went straight to Huo cuixiao.

Huo cuixiao had been on guard for a long time. She rolled on the spot, avoided the rapid palm wind, waved her hand, “whoosh, whoosh” three black lights. Yuepeng palace was famous for its concealed weapons in the Jianghu. These three lights are the famous concealed weapons in the palace: Soul snatching hook.

The shadow didn’t expect the other party to attack with concealed weapons. When he was in the air, he folded his body and avoided three black lights. Rao was so surprised that he was in a cold sweat.

However, after this sudden blow, Fang Lingdi had greased the soles of his feet and slipped away. Seeing this situation, the black shadow man no longer loved war. He made a few moves and fled without a trace.

The killers looked at Huo cuixiao. She bit her silver teeth and said coldly, “chase!”

The night was dark, and the light was still on in the master’s room of Li’s house. The famous “unparalleled” great Xia Li obviously had not fallen asleep.

Fang Lingdi didn’t avoid men’s and women’s defense, so he pushed the door and went in. Under the light, Li Yunping was reading a book. It seemed very absorbed. It took a long time to realize that someone had come in.

“Eh, it’s you, Miss Fang.” Li Yunping seemed surprised. Fang Lingdi smiled: “don’t pretend, great Xia Li. You even took the book down.” Li Yunping was surprised: “what?” He looked down at the book in his hand and didn’t take it down, but the embarrassment on his face had betrayed him.

Fang Lingdi said: “on the surface, he is a great Xia who upholds justice, but secretly he is a big merchant who spends money like dirt. Boss Qi, you really hide deep enough. ”

what? Can Li Yunping be a big businessman who has had many gray transactions? Isn’t that incredible? Li Yunping certainly won’t admit it. But Fang Lingdi gave his own basis.

Fang Lingdi said, “first, after you saved me, you thought I was completely unconscious. You searched me the first time. What are you looking for so urgently? Obviously, it’s looking for cold rain needles, isn’t it? But you never thought that I had hidden the needle box somewhere else. ”

She paused and continued: “second, when I received the Throwing Knife biography from a big merchant, I noticed that there was no one else nearby. If you want to say yes, only you meditated beside the pavilion. If someone can come and go freely in Li’s house without disturbing you, I don’t believe it. As for the third point, look at your feet… ”

Li Yunping looked at his feet. Although he changed his clothes in a hurry, he didn’t have time to change his shoes. At this look, sure enough, there were some spider webs left on the shoes, and there were scratches of concealed weapons on the side of the shoes, which was obviously left when avoiding the soul snatching hook.

The evidence was conclusive, but Li Yunping’s face became more and more gloomy: “aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you if you expose me like this?”

Fang Lingdi was about to say something when suddenly there was a cold voice behind her: “don’t move! Move and die! ” That’s Huo cuixiao. Did she follow? Fang Lingdi hasn’t made any response yet. Huo cuixiao has hit her hard and knocked her out.

Li Yunping’s eyes lit up because he saw what Huo cuixiao used to hit people. It was a needle box. Is that the real “cold rain needle”? Huo cuixiao seemed to see his meaning, nodded and said, “yes, this is the real cold rain needle. Boss Qi, I wonder if your previous commitment is still valid? ”

Li Yunping, whose pseudonym was qikeju, had promised to buy cold rain needles with 800 liang of gold. Huo cuixiao said, of course, it was this matter. However, why does Huo cuixiao have cold rain needles in his hands?

Huo cuixiao sneered and said, “in fact, I’m the one who really stole the cold rain needle from the moon soul palace.” She said the matter briefly. It turned out that she was an undercover of the Green Wing gang in the yuepeng palace in order to steal the cold rain needle. Twenty days ago, she stole cold rain needles, but the palace was under martial law and couldn’t leave. This time, Fang Lingdi escaped from the incident. She volunteered to perform the pursuit task on the surface, but secretly to bring out the cold rain needle.

Li Yunping narrowed his eyes and smiled: “since you are from the Green Wing sect, why don’t you give Leng Yu needle to the sect leader and come here to trade with me?”

Huo cuixiao has his own reason. She worked undercover for so long and suffered a lot. In the end, she coveted the position of deputy guild leader for a long time, but she was replaced by others. Huo cuixiao was so angry that he made the move of selling needles now.

Li Yunping naturally and readily agreed. He took the needle box and fiddled with it for a few times. He actually pointed the needle box at Huo cuixiao: “although you are very smart, you still don’t understand. If you know your true identity, will you live?”

Huo cuixiao was surprised and angry. She naturally knew the power of Lengyu needle. Her whole body was exposed under the needle mouth. Where dare she move half a minute? Li Yunping smiled jokingly: “goodbye!” Then he pulled the trigger on the needle box.

With a “click”, Huo cuixiao closed his eyes, but he didn’t feel anything for a long time. When he opened his eyes, it was Li Yunping’s angry face.

But Huo cuixiao also looked puzzled. How could the cold rain needle not work? At this time, someone leisurely said, “why can’t you guess that this needle box may be false?”

It’s Fang Lingdi. She had woken up and was holding a needle box that had been taken out of the earth temple. She smiled at them and told such a story.

Twenty days ago, it was stolen in the palace. What was lost was the fake needle box used by the palace master to confuse others. The palace leader estimated that it was a traitor in the palace, but they couldn’t find out for the moment. In addition, they got a secret report that the Green Wing gang was ready to attack the moon soul palace. In this case, if there are unstable factors around, it is a great threat to the palace. In order to find out the undercover, the palace master ordered Fang Lingdi to escape from the moon soul palace in the name of stealing Lengyu needle. In the undercover situation at that time, she wanted to take Leng Yu’s needle. She would certainly volunteer to leave the moon soul palace. In this way, Huo cuixiao’s true identity was exposed

When Fang Lingdi said this, Huo cuixiao couldn’t help regretting. In order to get away as soon as possible, where would she think of fraud?

Under the threat of Fang Lingdi’s needle box, Huo cuixiao and Li Yunping were ordered and obediently obeyed. After finishing all this, Fang Lingdi pulled the trigger with a “click” at them.

Both of them trembled, but the needle box still didn’t send out a needle. Fang Lingdi smiled. The real cold rain needles had been used up decades ago. All the existing cold rain needles were fake.

The moon soul palace can still stand in the Jianghu, just because it has a resolute and courageous woman like her.

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