Martial arts novel: Long knife tears

Part one

The fire burst into the sky, burning a hole in the boundless night, and the tall gatehouse of bijiabao collapsed in the fire.

Bijiabao was once a legend in the Jianghu. Castle leader Bi Xiaotian not only plays an important role in the Wulin, but also is a powerful general for the imperial court to suppress bandits. Three years ago, Bi Xiaotian led his troops against Jumu Gang, the first bandit gang in Dujiangyan. The Jumu sect, led by the three Lin brothers, established itself as the king and gathered countless Wulin people against the imperial court. Finally, Bi Xiaotian lived up to expectations, destroyed the giant wood gang at one fell swoop, and killed Lin Da and Lin San in public. Although Lin Er fled, the giant wood gang was exhausted. Bi Xiaotian became famous and became the overlord of Wulin in that area.

Long knife tears

Only three years later, bijiabao became a ruin in the light of fire. This is the Jianghu. It’s not difficult to guess that Lin er must have taken the remnant of Jumu sect to seek revenge on Bi Xiaotian.

The fire is weakening, and the residual temperature of the fire still remains on the ruins. Bi Xiaotian counted his knives, opened his eyes and fell on the stone steps. His body was gradually cooling down. The blood of the big beach lay on the stone steps, stopped the difficult peristalsis, and slowly solidified into brown and black. There are countless families in the castle who died with Bi Xiaotian.

It was a cold winter, bone cold. In the pond in the backyard of bijiabao, nine year old Bi Lufeng is dormant in the cold water. He witnessed a massacre. The targets of the massacre were all his relatives, but what can a nine year old child do? He only remembered that the man in black who killed his father Bi Xiaotian was laughing wildly, and his golden teeth were shining brightly in the fire. Bi Lufeng clenched his teeth, trembling, and dared not speak out. When the fire was burning in the front yard, his mother put the Bi family knife manual into his arms, threw him into the pond, and repeatedly told him not to make a sound and never let anyone find it.

The people in black left gradually, and bijiabao fell into silence. Bi Lufeng climbed up from the pond, pale, but did not shed a tear. Tears are a weapon for children to act like spoilers to their parents. Now for Bi Lufeng, tears have lost all their meaning. The only thing he has to do now is to live.

Part two

Ten years later. A young man appeared in the Jianghu and killed seven former Wulin experts in succession. The boy’s name is unknown. No one knows. People only know that the boy has a sharp knife and a murderous spirit.

Soon, a good man found out that the seven people who were killed had been leaders of the Jumu gang. After the giant wood sect was destroyed, they either returned to seclusion with hoes or returned to the right path, but their gratitude and resentment for staying in the Jianghu were not written off. Now, someone is going to kill the giant wood gang.

Who is this boy? He is bi Lufeng.

Bi Lufeng has been a beggar for ten years and practiced knives for ten years. He grew from a child to a teenager. If there was no hatred and the knife manual, he couldn’t tell whether he could support his life until now. He could not forget his father’s eyes when he fell on the stone steps, nor his mother’s desperate cry when she threw him into the pond. He wants revenge!

The first person Bi Lufeng killed was Chen Bainian. Chen Bainian was once a military division of Jumu sect. After the giant wood sect was destroyed that year, Bi Xiaotian handed over a list to the imperial court, pleaded for mercy, asked to let go of these Wulin people, and guaranteed their lives to ensure the safety of one side. Considering Bi Xiaotian’s meritorious efforts in suppressing bandits and ordering him to guard the diaomin, the imperial court agreed. Chen Bainian later came to bi Xiaotian and kowtowed his head and thanked him. Therefore, Chen Bainian is the only enemy Bi Lufeng knows.

Carrying a rusty machete, Bi Lufeng knocked on the gate of the courtyard. Chen Bainian would not have thought that the young man in front of him was the descendant of Bi Xiaotian. Chen Bainian asked the teenager in a cold voice what’s the matter? But the boy asked expressionless, “where is Lin er?”

Chen Bainian shook his head and turned to enter the house. Bi Lufeng’s knife then split with the wind. Hearing the wind of the knife, Chen Bainian rushed into the hospital and startled the chickens and dogs in the hospital. Several hens fled in panic, and a yellow dog barked desperately.

Chen Bainian thought he could escape the blow. Knife, too fast. Chen Bainian heard the sound of cloth splitting, and then a heat flow from top to bottom. He wanted to turn around, but his body was disobedient and fell into the hospital. Bi Lufeng squatted in front of Chen Bainian and said, “where is Lin er?” Chen Bainian smiled miserably and asked weakly, “who are you?”

Bi Lufeng didn’t ask again. He waved the rusty knife again, and blood splashed all over the hospital.

The yellow dog was still barking in the yard. Bilufeng got up and looked at the yellow dog coldly. Yellow dog seemed to understand the murderous spirit in his eyes, stopped barking, curled up in the corner and kept sobbing.

In the house, Bi Lufeng found a sharp long knife, which was covered with spider silk. At the same time, he also found a list of silk cloth, which was the list of people who were pardoned by the giant wood gang that year. Since then, this long knife is bi Lufeng’s weapon; All the people on this list will be the objects he wants to kill.

Suddenly, there was a soft noise behind the door. Bi Lufeng quickly drew out his long knife and opened the sheltered door. A shivering child was looking at him in horror. Bi Lufeng looked at the frightened child, hesitated for a moment, put the knife into the sheath and left the Chen family.

Bi Lufeng began his real revenge. From the first to the seventh, Bi Lufeng’s long knife has been honed by actual combat and walked more steadily and faster. Ten years of hard training is not in vain. The blood along the way will eventually lead him to Lin ER and, of course, the man with golden teeth.

Part three

The eighth man is Zhao Meng. Zhao Meng is a butcher. His butcher’s knife is unique in the vegetable market. If you want to cut two catties of meat, he cuts it down. If there is less, the meat is free. If there is more, you only have to pay for two catties of meat.

Early in the morning, many people were always waiting in line before Zhao Meng’s meat case. Bi Lufeng was also in the team, but he didn’t come to buy meat, but to kill. When Bi Lufeng arrived at the meat case, Zhao Meng didn’t lift his head and asked, “how much do you want?”

“I’ll kill you.” Bi Lufeng replied.

Zhao Meng immediately became alert and set up the butcher’s knife in his hand. The crowd dispersed, but then gathered three feet away to watch.

Bi Lufeng drew his knife in his hand, still with a faint tone: “before starting, I’ll only ask you once. Where is Lin er?”

Zhao Meng’s answer was his butcher’s knife. The butcher’s knife was powerful and heavy, causing a burst of exclamation. Bi Lufeng kicked over the meat case, avoided a blow, and the long knife followed suit and cleaved at Zhao Meng.

The two of them stabbed each other in front of the meat table. Bi Lu’s blade was as fast as lightning, and Zhao Meng began to fall into the downwind. Zhao Meng suddenly roared, and with all his strength, he cleaved to bi Lu Feng with a knife. Bi Lufeng knew that this move was the end of a powerful crossbow, so he retreated three feet. He only waited for one move and then attacked with all his strength. Zhao Meng must have no strength to fight back.

Zhao Meng did not hit, but threw out the butcher’s knife in his hand and cut to bi Lu Feng. This move changed so quickly that Bi Lufeng didn’t expect it. He had to raise his long knife and hit the butcher’s knife to the ground all his life. Just for a moment, Zhao Meng jumped up, jumped over the meat case and fled to the crowd.

I’m afraid it’s too late to catch up at this time. Immediately following Zhao Meng’s example, Bi Lufeng held the long knife back, raised his hand and threw it at Zhao Meng.

A child rushed out of the crowd and shouted, “Uncle Zhao, be careful!” Zhao Meng’s figure is slightly slanted. The long knife has been filled with the wind and flies forward. At this time, Zhao Meng also stepped aside, and the child who just called Uncle Zhao was facing the long knife. The crowd screamed again. This knife is enough to cool the child’s heart. Only between the lightning and flint, Zhao Meng’s body turned back, his hands open and protected the child.

The long knife, like electricity, went straight into Zhao Meng’s back. The long knife penetrated Zhao Meng’s chest, and blood dripped from the tip of the knife. Zhao Meng kept his standing posture and said with the last trace of strength, “Chen Li, run!” Then he fell to the ground on his knees.

The child named Chen Li glared at BI Lufeng with hatred and turned to get into the crowd… Bi Lufeng suddenly remembered that Chen Li was the child he met at Chen Bainian’s house.

Zhao Meng’s sacrifice to save people makes Bi Lufeng’s pleasure of revenge far from what he imagined. Chen Li’s hatred was always shaking in front of him, which reminded him of the year when he was nine.

People, do you really need hatred to live?

Part four

It snowed heavily in the sky, and Bi Lu Feng walked on a familiar path. For ten years, the former bijiabao has changed its name and surname, and even the village name has been changed to Hujia village. At the intersection of the path and the official road, there stood a thin figure of a child. Bi Lufeng recognized that the child was Chen Li.

“Looking for me?” Asked Bi Lufeng.

Chen Li nodded.

“Want revenge?” Bi Lufeng smiled.

Chen Li nodded again: “I’ll take you to see Lin er. If you’re not his opponent, he’ll kill you for me.” Chen Li’s voice is very calm. He doesn’t look like a child. What makes a child grow up quickly? Hatred?

Chen Li is right. Maybe this is the way Chen Liyi can think of. Bi Lufeng decides to follow Chen Li to find Lin er. he doesn’t want to lose this opportunity, even if it may be a trap.

Qingcheng Mountain Road, snow knee deep, a large and a small string of footprints, leading to an open space behind the mountain. On the other side of the open space stood a Taoist. Chen Li pointed at the Taoist with his hand: “he is Lin ER!”

There was not much snow on the Taoist, and there was no trace of him around the open space. The Taoist did not seem to be standing, but floating on the snow.

The Taoist saw Bi Lufeng and nodded slightly.

“Are you Lin er?” Bi Lufeng asked.

The Taoist shook his head: “Lin Er has been dead since I stepped into Qingcheng Mountain 13 years ago. My Taoist name is Xuanji.”

Bi Lufeng draws the knife. This Xuanji is Lin Er, who just escaped into Taoism. There was a cold wind blowing. What was colder than the wind was Bi Lufeng’s blade. The sabre is divided into seven paths, both virtual and real. It cleaves to Xuanji.

Xuanji gave a clear roar. His body was very long. He didn’t retreat but entered. He bullied his body and rushed at BI Lu Feng. Bi Lufeng’s blade is outward. Seven blade movements are condensed into one. He changes splitting into stabbing and goes straight to Xuanji’s throat. With this move, Bi Lufeng completely ignored his own safety and only wanted to take Xuanji’s life. However, the dust in Xuanji’s hand swept out and wrapped the long knife like an eye. Bi Lufeng only felt the knife stabbing into the cotton. Bi Lufeng didn’t dare to return to the knife. With the power of blowing the dust, the blade suddenly turned and turned upward, but unexpectedly, the strength of the knife suddenly loosened.

Bi Lufeng stabilized his figure. Looking at Xuanji again, he was still floating on the snow without leaving any trace. And Bi Lufeng’s feet were full of messy footprints. A master can win in a flash. Bi Lufeng knew at this time that he could not take revenge today. On the contrary, as Chen Li said, he was going to die here.

Xuanji did not pursue the victory, but said in a loud voice, “it’s really Bi’s Sabre technique. If you are the descendant of Bi Xiaotian, you can kneel down. ”

Bi Lufeng didn’t think that Xuanji would humiliate him at the moment. He was angry. He held the knife in his hand and bullied the body again. He wanted to work hard with Xuanji. Xuanji’s body fluttered and let him go to a nearby tomb. The dust swept the tombstone. The snow was flying on the tombstone, but the inscription on the tombstone was immediately visible: the tomb of great Xia Bi Xiaotian.

Xuanji pointed to the tombstone and said, “only those who kneel in front of the tomb are qualified to know the truth of Bi Xiaotian’s murder ten years ago. Are you still hesitating? ”

Bi Lufeng looked at the tombstone, suddenly bent his knees and knelt in front of the tomb.

Part five

Xuanji sighed: “ten years ago, bijiabao was slaughtered. Everyone said that Lin Er of the giant wood Gang took crazy revenge with the remnant. But only Lin Er knows best that the man who killed Bi Xiaotian is not him at all. ”

Bi Lufeng raised his head in front of the grave and looked at Xuanji strangely.

Xuanji smiled miserably: “the world wronged me and humiliated me. I will never explain. It’s gratifying that heaven has eyes and has left the descendants of the Bi family. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to know the truth. ”

“What is the truth? Why didn’t you tell me just now to humiliate me when you beat me? ” Bi Lufeng gripped the long knife again and stood up slowly.

“If I told you that Lin ER was not the one who killed Bi Xiaotian before I defeated you, would you believe it? Now, let me tell you who the real killer is! ” At this point, Xuanji’s face became solemn. He waved a dust brush and hit a snow covered stone pier in front of the tomb. The stone pier cracked, and a skeleton rolled out of the stone pier. This was originally a hollow stone pier, which broke under the soft dust blow.

Xuanji pointed to the skeleton and skull: “this person is called juexing golden tooth in the Jianghu. Although he killed Bi Xiaotian, he is still not the real murderer!”

The tooth bed of the skull is inlaid with several gold teeth! Yes, those gold teeth are still shining in Bi Lufeng’s memory. This man killed Bi Xiaotian, but if he is not the murderer, who is the real murderer?

Xuanji looked up at the sky, sighed again and talked about the reason.

In those years, the Jumu Gang rose up because they were dissatisfied with the imperial court’s exorbitant taxes. It’s a pity that they are all reckless in the Wulin, so they not only failed to become king, but also plunged the people into war. Bi Xiaotian destroys the giant wood sect, which can be regarded as defending the country. Then, with benevolence and righteousness, Bi Xiaotian begged the court to pardon the “bandits” of Jumu Gang, and repeatedly promised that he would ensure the safety of one side. Although Bi Xiaotian has little righteousness, he doesn’t know the darkness of politics. Although the imperial court agreed to bi Xiaotian’s request, it secretly believed that Bi Xiaotian didn’t kill the giant wood gang in order to consolidate his position and let the imperial court throw away the rat. In the following three years, Bi Xiaotian treated people in Wulin with kindness and virtue, leaving countless reputations. The imperial court was even more suspicious of Bi Xiaotian. It was afraid that he would rebel like the giant wood Gang one day because of his plump wings. Therefore, it sent someone to bribe the thirteen way gold medal killer led by Jue Ming Jin Ya and wash Bi family castle with blood to eliminate future troubles.

Speaking of this, Xuanji’s eyes were filled with tears: “ten years ago, bijiabao was slaughtered. I remember bixiaotian’s kindness and righteousness of preserving the Jumu Gang brothers, breaking the precepts and going down the mountain to collect his corpse and set up a tomb for him. Then he chased the murderer thousands of miles and killed Jue Ming Jinya. But… Did you say that the real murderer who killed your father was this killing tool? ”

Bi Lufeng’s long knife fell to the ground. He finally realized that his knife, no matter how fast, seemed so small and powerless at the moment. The blood on his hands was not the blood of his enemies, but as innocent as the people in bijiabao. Do you have time to look back now?

Bi Lu Feng stood between the wind and snow. Suddenly, a stabbing pain came from his waist. He bowed his head and saw Chen Lizheng insert a small dagger into his waist. This stab, although not deep, has exhausted all Chen Li’s strength. In Chen Li’s eyes, there was the same hatred as Bi Lufeng.

The two were deadlocked in the snow. Finally, Bi Lufeng reached out and lovingly touched Chen Li’s head, and suddenly smiled. Smiling, two lines of clear tears flowed down his face.

This is his first tears in ten years. Tears flow through the cheeks, with a trace of warmth; It flows into the corners of my mouth, which is clearly bitter and astringent.

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