Martial arts novel: Blood knife print

Story 1

Xiao Si is the killer of the blood knife sect, so he has a tattoo of a blood knife on his arm. After Xiao Si became a gold medal killer, he felt that the leader Mo was old and should hand over the “blood knife seal”.

As long as you get this seal, you are the leader of the blood Sabre sect. It’s natural. Any killer in the blood knife sect must go all out to complete the task as long as he receives a letter with the seal of blood knife. If you can’t finish the task, there is only one ending, death. Has anyone tried to disobey the order of the blood knife seal? Yes, but these people later became dead and didn’t get lucky.

Blood knife print

Xiao Si decides to kill Lao Mo and can get the seal. However, it is not easy to meet mo. Lao Mo disappeared. No one knew his whereabouts. Unless he takes the initiative to see you, it’s useless to find it. Now, Xiao Si is waiting for Lao Mo’s next task. Every time he completes the task, Lao Mo will come and take the dead man’s head. This is the only chance to see mo.

The white headed pigeon fluttered its wings and fell down. Xiao Si knew that Lao Mo had news again. The letter is very simple. There is only one person’s name and time, that is, the name of the person killed and the time to complete the task. This is Lao Mo’s consistent style.

Xiao Si frowned deeply. The letter says: wood, winter solstice.

In the blood knife gate, wood is also one of the gold medal killers. Everyone knows how fast a wooden knife is. No one can tell how fast it is. Wood never makes a knife easily. Those who can feel how fast his knife is are already in a different place. Wood is called wood because he seldom talks. One of his favorite words is: why talk about things that can be solved with a knife? Wood is also characterized by simplicity. It is just a killing machine and never considers other things.

Xiao Si once asked mu, do you want to be the leader of the blood Sabre sect? Wood looked at Xiao Si strangely and said: I can only kill.

Now the name of the wood is covered with the blood knife seal, so Xiao Si must complete this task. This mission is more dangerous than any mission since Xiao Si’s debut. But Xiao Si knew it was not impossible to kill wood. Yes, wood is a good killer, but wood is not smart enough. Wood can only kill people, nothing else. If you are wise, there should be no problem.

Xiao Si has a heart than wood. He never reveals his real strength, which makes it easier to confuse his opponents. This is also a secret of Xiao Si’s wandering in the Jianghu. He never tells anyone this secret.

It’s hard to say who loses and who wins when we really confront wood. Maybe if you kill the wood, you will have a chance to meet Lao mo. Xiao Si thought of this and smiled.

Story 2

Why did Mo kill wood? This is the first question that junior four should clarify. You want to be the leader of the blood Sabre sect, so you should be careful in everything you do.

It’s not difficult to find an old man. It’s not difficult to find wood. Every killer has a fixed residence to facilitate Lao Mo’s contact.

The wooden house was not difficult to find. When Xiao Si arrived, there was only an empty house left. Another hobby of wood is women. Xiao Si found the Xinghong building again. There was a girl named a Lian in the Xinghong building. She was a good friend of wood.

The wood is not in the apricot red building. Xiao Si paid the procuress enough silver and went into ah Lian’s room.

A Lian came over like a snake and was pushed away by Xiao Si. Xiao Si doesn’t like being close to strangers. He feels dangerous. This is the sense of self-protection he developed as a killer.

A Lian was wronged and looked at Xiao Si with tears. Xiao Si didn’t look at ah Lian, but took out a ingot of silver and put it on the table and asked, “where is the wood?”

Seeing the silver, ah Lian smiled again. Ah Lian said, “the enemy hasn’t come for more than a month.”

The fourth asked, “where has he gone?”

A Lian shook her head: “I don’t know. I just heard that he has found a new lover and is still a good family woman. Maybe she eloped?” with that, a Lian giggled. As she accepted the silver, she withdrew to the bed and waved to Xiao Si. Xiao Si got up and left.

There are only seven days left in the winter solstice. Is it because wood is alert and hides.

Xiao Si came to long street. When the sky is cloudy, there will be a heavy snow. Xiao Si walked along the long street. A beggar in quail clothes approached Xiao Si. When the beggar was one step away from Xiao Si, Xiao Si’s knife had pointed to the beggar’s throat.

The beggar did not panic, but raised his wooden bowl and said, “Sir, give me some small money?”

Xiao Si took out a ingot of grain silver in his other hand, which was ten Liang, put it into the bowl and said coldly, “take me to see your boss.”

The beggar grinned, showing his yellow teeth, turned and walked away. Xiao Si followed him, came to a tall mansion and went in through the back door. The grandeur of the mansion is no less than that of any large family. There are many beggars standing in the hall. In the middle of the hall, there is a beggar who is also unkempt.

Xiao Si hugged his fist: “I’m asking to see the long street beggar. I have a problem.”

The long street beggar laughed: “what do you want to inquire about?”

The fourth replied, “I want to know where Lao mo of the blood knife door is?”

As soon as the long street God beggar’s face changed, there was no smile on his face. He shouted in a deep voice, “see off!” several beggars were about to come forward. Xiao Si waved to stop and said with a smile, “the long street God beggars are everywhere. They say that there are no things in the Jianghu that the God beggars can’t find out or people that the God beggars can’t find. It seems that this statement is false.”

The divine beggar snorted coldly, “no! I can find the old mo of the blood knife sect, but after I find it, I don’t know if I have life to tell you. If there’s nothing else, please go back.”

Little four nodded and said, “be frank! Then I’ll step back. I want to ask about the recent whereabouts of the wood of the blood knife door. You can only make a price for the silver.”

The beggar nodded.

Story 3

Three days later, Xiao Si got the news from the divine beggar.

More than a month ago, there was a small family surnamed Liu. There were four members of a family, three of whom were slaughtered and their heads were different. This was done by wood. But the buyer wanted the lives of the four Lius, but one less. This man is the new daughter-in-law of the Liu family. It is said that he looks like a flower and is extremely beautiful. The buyer therefore questioned that the new daughter-in-law was captured by the wood of the blood knife door, so he wanted to ask the blood knife door for an explanation. But the wood has escaped.

The beggar also heard that Mu Mu recently fled to Xunyang city with a graceful woman and rented in an ordinary courtyard in Xunyang city.

After hearing the news, Xiao Si thought of what ah Lian said. It seems that all this is true.

This wood, because of its lust for women, will not become a weapon. It seems that the reason why Lao Mo wants to kill wood is clear. Breaking the rules of the blood knife door is an inevitable result. Xiao Si couldn’t restrain the faint excitement in his heart. His excitement was not because he found the wood, but because the plan in his heart was finally about to begin.

Xunyang city is hundreds of miles away from here. If you travel day and night, you can reach it in two days. There is still time.

Xiao Si began to rush to Xunyang city. Snowflakes finally fluttered in the sky, and a heavy snow was blowing in succession.

Story 4

According to the clue given by the divine beggar, it is not difficult to find the wood.

Xiao Si arrived at Xunyang city and found a small courtyard rented by wood. Xiao Si did not act rashly. He must succeed in this war.

Xiao Si hid behind the hospital and observed all day and night. The heavy snow kept falling on him. He didn’t move and let the heavy snow completely cover him.

Wood is also very cautious. Wood knows the rules of the blood knife door. It’s impossible not to guard against it. Wood didn’t leave the yard until after night to buy supplies in Xunyang city.

At the winter solstice, it gets dark very early, and the wood leaves on the snow.

Xiao Si came in from the window. He took a deep breath and stepped on the snow in the backyard without leaving a trace. He knew that although wood had a simple mind, it was an experienced top killer. He can’t be a little suspicious.

Xiao Si jumped over the window lattice and entered the house. There was a beautiful woman in the room. The woman was bound. When she saw Xiao Si, she almost wanted to cry. Little four put her finger on her lips. The woman stopped and looked at little four in horror.

Xiao Si told the woman that he came to save her. But her captors must be killed before she can escape. The woman nodded suspiciously.

The house was quiet again, so quiet that the sound of snow outside could be heard. Little four drew his knife and hid behind the door. He was ready to use it quickly when the wood lifted the curtain of the door. Even if the wood has a faster knife, it’s too late.

Outside the yard, there was a sound of stepping on the snow, creaking. Xiao Si held her breath and the wood came back.

The wood entered the room, but the wood did not enter the inner room immediately, but stood still.

Xiao Si waited attentively. Now, he can’t be a little distracted. All the waiting is for the last blow. Xiao Si even ignored the voice of the woman behind him.

The footsteps of wood approached again, the curtain of the door moved, and Xiao Si’s knife quickly split out like lightning. Everything was as short as lightning and flint. Xiao Si hit the target. Xiao Si clearly saw the wood cut by him.

Yes, what Xiao Si cut was only a piece of wood. A wooden stick to lift the curtain. The stick was broken and the curtain hung down again. Xiao Si saw the expressionless face of the wood behind the curtain.

A stabbing pain came from Xiao Si’s ribs. A dagger pierced him in the ribs.

The short sword was very fast. The woman holding the short sword had retreated to the other corner of the room and looked at Xiao Si quietly. There was a sneer of ridicule around her mouth.

The blood instantly soaked Xiao Si’s cotton padded clothes. Xiao Si felt that the temperature of his body was falling sharply. He felt cold.

Finally, Xiao Si’s knife fell to the ground. He was too cold to have any strength.

The wood finally came in.

The fourth envoy asked with his last effort, “why is this?” the wood didn’t talk, and the wood didn’t like to talk all the time.

Instead, the woman chuckled. The woman said, “do you know who killed the Liu family? Yes, it’s me, the new daughter-in-law of his family. I hate them.”

Xiao Si: “but what does this have to do with me?”

The woman replied, “I don’t have money to buy a killer, so I have to join the blood knife sect to pay off my debt. And you are the first task for me to join the blood knife sect.” after that, the woman stroked her sleeves and there was a blood knife tattoo on her arm.

Xiao Si was very cold. His lips were very pale: “task?”

The woman nodded happily and took out a letter with the name of Xiao Si and a blood knife seal: “unexpectedly, I killed the gold medal killer of the blood knife door for my first mission.”

Xiao Si finally understood that the goal of this action was not wood. Mo had already understood everything, but he was not sure that he could successfully kill Xiao Si, the gold medal killer, so he set up this game to catch Xiao Si off guard. Lao Mo’s ultimate goal is Xiao Si.

If Xiao Si doesn’t pay full attention to the wood alone, if Xiao Si notices that there is a knot in the rope tied by a woman, if… There is no if.

The wood slowly drew out the knife and finally said, “Xiao Si, you shouldn’t want to get the blood knife print. We are just killers and are not suitable to be the leader.”

Xiao Si blinked. He felt his body light. He finally knew how fast the wooden knife was. Xiao Si’s head fell a few steps away. He saw his body shaking and falling down, and blood gushing from his headless neck.

Xiao Si finally heard a cough outside the window. It was Lao Mo’s voice. Xiao Si slowly closed his eyes. The heavy snow was still floating all over the window, silent.

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