Martial arts novel: Border capture rates

The three Kunlun Eagles looked at each other, and the blood eagle shook his head in disbelief. Pointing to the clay fetus of the ghost image in the hall, Sha Qingtian said, “the mechanism to open the secret hole is on the ghost image. Now I’ll open it for you!”

The Kunlun three eagles exchanged glances and made way for a passage. Sha Qingtian jumped onto the table, stretched out his left hand and pulled out all the sharp ghost teeth in the mouth of the mud fetus. When the last ghost tooth was pulled out, there was a loud noise in the ghost image’s belly, and many steel needles were sprayed from the ghost image’s navel. Sha Qingtian suddenly flashed to one side. The upper bodies of the Kunlun three eagles were full of blue poison needles, and they all became hedgehogs!

 Border capture rates

Sha Qingtian looked at the Kunlun three eagles and fell to the ground with a proud sneer on his face. Ling Xiaotian helped Sha XiuXiu out from behind the ghost statue. When Sha Qingtian saw Ling Xiaotian holding Sha XiuXiu, it was like seeing a ghost in hell. His voice trembled and said, “Why are you here?”

Ling xiaotianleng said with a smile: “if you don’t kill all the thieves, I, the third grade Constable of the imperial court, won’t die in peace!”

The war between the song army and the Liao army in Yanmen pass is very tight now. The crazy Sha Qingtian and the Kunlun three eagles robbed the urgently needed military pay of the song army on the front line. For a time, the morale of the front-line defenders was low. They even lost the battle and captured Ling Xiaotian. Only then did the imperial court send them to the border pass to investigate the case.

Sha Qingtian got the military pay alone and buried 800000 liang of silver in the secret cave of ghost tooth villa. Finally, he locked all his more than 30 disciples underground. They became the sacrificial objects of the military pay.

Ling Xiaotian found ghost tooth villa through clues. Although he didn’t know where the entrance of the secret cave was, he knew that these scum would come back sooner or later. He had been waiting for this opportunity today.

As soon as Sha XiuXiu saw her father, she shouted, “Dad, that 800000 liang of silver is military pay. Why do you risk universal condemnation, why do you want to betray the country, why?”

As soon as Sha Qingtian saw Ling Xiaotian approaching, he roared, “XiuXiu, I’ll tell you the real reason!” after roaring, his right hand raised, and the three or four ghost teeth in his hand suddenly hit out. Ling Xiaotian suddenly flashed, and there were still two ghost teeth right in Ling Xiaotian’s chest.

Ling Xiaotian had ghost teeth in his body and threw Sha XiuXiu to the ground. Sha XiuXiu’s acupoints solved themselves. He struggled to stand up and said to his father, “that’s the military pay of the Song Dynasty. What about the more than 30 disciples of the sect? Have they all been killed by you?”

Sha Qingtian nodded slowly. Sha XiuXiu shouted, “although our five Jue sect is not a famous sect, it can’t betray the country!”

Sha Qingtian took a waist token from his arms. It was a wolf’s head waist token of the great Liao kingdom. He sneered: “who says Sha is from the Song Dynasty, I am from the Liao Dynasty to the letter. Child, although your mother is from the Song Dynasty, you also have half of the blood of the great Liao kingdom!”

Ling Xiaotian fell to the ground with blood in his mouth. Pointing to the proud Sha Qingtian, he said: “ghost tooth villa began to decline 30 years ago, and the five Jue sect began to rise in the Jianghu ten years ago. I doubt you are the owner of ghost tooth villa in those years!”

Liao Taizu coveted the Central Plains as early as several decades ago. He sent Sha Qingtian to Yanshan to set up guiya mountain villa for the purpose of collecting information about the great song dynasty. Until ten years ago, the song and Liao countries officially went to war, Sha Qingtian gave up the guiya mountain villa suspected by the northern Song court and established the five Jue sect to collect information about the great song dynasty. This time, he robbed the pay of the song army, Is part of the action to cooperate with the Liao army.

Sha Qingtian said fiercely, “Ling Xiaotian, you accept your life today!” he was about to do it. As a result, Ling Xiaotian’s life. He didn’t want Sha XiuXiu to cross the knife and stop him: “you’ve killed enough people. Ling Xiaotian has been seriously injured and fell to the ground. You’d better give him the pay of the song army!”

Sha Qingtian gnashed his teeth and scolded: “nonsense, XiuXiu, we are Liao people! Kill them, and our father and daughter can fly away with this pay!”

Ling Xiaotian pointed to Sha Qingtian and scolded, “old devil Sha, you robbed that huge military salary for the Liao state, but you actually want to swallow it alone. You’re really mean!”

Sha qingtianleng smiled and said, “you’re still a ghost, but Sha has no time to accompany you!” he picked up a ghost tooth from the ground, jumped onto the mud statue, and stabbed the ghost tooth into his fingertip. He put the bloody fingertip into the mouth of the mud statue. With the inflow of blood, the mud statue actually moved. He saw it turn left three times, and then turn right three times, It moved away from its original position and finally exposed a steel plate under its feet.

Ling Xiaotian, who pretended to be injured, saw the ghost image move away, shouted and suddenly threw Sha XiuXiu to the ground.

Before Sha Qingtian could open the steel plate on the cave door, he saw a yellow smoke blowing out behind the ghost image. With a loud bang, the ghost image was blown to pieces.

Ling Xiaotian had already put gunpowder behind the ghost statue. He once suspected that the entrance of the Tibetan Silver cave was under the ghost statue, but there were many mechanisms on the ghost statue. He really didn’t know how to remove the ghost statue, so he pretended to be seriously injured and fainted. The gunpowder lead behind the ghost statue was tied to the ground. As soon as the ghost statue moved, the gunpowder was ignited – the thatched cottage was blown up, sand, stone and straw, Flying all over the sky. Sha Qingtian was blown into the air. When his broken limbs fell back to the ground, there was nothing like human body.

From the blasted roof, a large plaque of the original villa was dropped, with four vague characters “guiya villa”.

Ghost tooth mountain villa turned out to be a tragic mountain villa. There are no invincible ghost teeth in the Jianghu in ghost tooth mountain villa. There are only conspiracy and evil here!

The end of any evil plot is bound to end in tragedy. Ghost tooth villa was lit by a fire by Ling Xiaotian. Together with Sha XiuXiu, he loaded 800000 liang of silver into more than 20 carriages and went straight to the border with the help of the state government officers and soldiers!

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