Martial arts novel: Broken blade lice

During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a famous Huo family knife shop in Mai county. The shopkeeper of the knife shop was Huo Jinyang. Recently, the local plague broke out. Huo Jinyang fled to Lucheng with his son and walked to the door of a family. He suddenly felt cold and fell in front of the door.

Hearing the news, the servant of the family opened the door and saw a dark child crying with a man on the ground. Lucheng people had heard of the plague in Mai county. The servant was trying to drive them away. At this time, the master came out. He tried the man’s breath and said, “there’s still breath. How can I Li gengpei see death in front of my house?” he resolutely helped the patient into the house.

Broken blade lice

God helps good people. Three days later, Huo Jinyang not only didn’t pass the plague to the Li family, but woke up under the careful care of Li gengpei. Huo Jinyang struggled out of bed, dragged his son, knelt in front of Li gengpei and said, “Shaofu, remember this man in front of you and repay him when you grow up!” Huo Shaofu nodded and said, “remember.”

Li gengpei hurried forward to help the father and son. At this time, a little boy, about the same age as Huo Shaofu, ran in from the outside. Li gengpei said, “this is a dog. He is six years old and his name is Li Miaoqing.”

Huo Jinyang took his son and said, “Shaofu, this is the son of our life-saving benefactor. Keep it in mind.” Huo Shaofu nodded again.

At this time, Li gengpei waved and a servant came forward with a waist knife. Huo Jinyang’s eyes lit up and said, “is this my knife?”

Li gengpei replied, “exactly.” he carefully took the knife from his servant and solemnly put it in front of Huo Jinyang’s bed. “I’ve been keeping it well while you were in bed.”

Huo Jinyang asked suspiciously, “why didn’t you pull out the knife?”

Li gengpei said, “how can I? How can I spy on the knife without the owner’s permission? There are violations.”

Huo Jinyang was more and more excited: “how do you know the rules of watching knives? Are you…”

Li gengpei was more certain, and hurriedly bowed his hands and said, “are you really the descendant of Huo’s knife? This is the Li’s knife shop!”

It turned out that there were countless knife shops in the world at that time, and the most famous ones within a thousand miles were Li’s knife shop and Huo’s knife shop.

At this time, Huo Jinyang pulled out the scabbard with a clang and handed it to Li gengpei, saying, “in the face of his benefactor, the Huo family knife has no secret.” Li gengpei quickly asked his servants to hold a Li family knife and handed it to Huo Jinyang: “please give me more advice, brother Huo!”

Both of them are experts in making knives. They soon saw the subtlety of each other’s knives and were full of praise. Suddenly, Li gengpei felt warm in his heart and said, “since you are destined today, your father and son don’t go. They are wronged to live here. The knife goes into the scabbard and hides the knife. Li Huo will be a family in the future.”

Huo Jinyang was killed and exiled in a foreign land, but he met this old-fashioned Li gengpei. He thought it was fate arranged by God, so he agreed. Since then, Li Huo’s two families have become one, learning from each other’s strengths to make up for their weaknesses. The forged knives are even more extraordinary, and the plaque was renamed “Li Huo knife shop”.

Many years later, Huo Jinyang and Li gengpei died one after another. Huo Shaofu and Li Miaoqing who grew up took over Li Huo Dao shop. However, the forging knife industry is gradually depressed, and fewer and fewer people buy knives. Li Huo’s knife shop is almost out of business.

That day, Huo Shaofu suddenly bowed his head and came to Li Miaoqing and said, “this is not the way to go on. We’d better divide up and do our own work…”

When Li Miaoqing heard this, he wanted to separate his family! The knife edge of my father’s generation is cut off like this? Although he could not bear it, seeing that Huo Shaofu insisted, he agreed: “you are from a foreign country. There are no roots and leaves here. Leave the house to you.”

Who thought Huo Shaofu was insulted and said angrily, “no, this is the Li family’s house. Give it back to you. I’ll go out and open a knife shop myself. I’ll have nothing to do with your Li family from now on.”

Li Miaoqing was stunned: he not only separated, but also opened another knife shop. This is to play against him!

What’s more irritating is that Huo Shaofu’s reopened knife shop is just across the street from Li’s knife shop. You can hear the sound of forging knives in Huo’s knife shop when you close the door. This drama is so heartless

That day, shortly after the Li family knife shop opened, a man came in. Isn’t this Huo Shaofu, the shopkeeper of the Huo family knife shop? I haven’t seen each other for more than half a year after the separation. What are you doing here today?

Hearing the sound, Li Miaoqing greeted Huo Shaofu from the back room and found that Huo Shaofu’s face was darker. Just about to greet him, Huo Shaofu said coldly, “bring me a knife.” Li Miaoqing was stunned, but she still motioned the waiter to bring the knife. Huo Shaofu pulled out his sword and took a cold look at the shining steel knife. He left a ingot of silver on the cabinet, picked up the knife and left.

Huo Shaofu opened his own knife shop, but he came to buy Li’s knife. Why? After a while, the servant who went out to inquire about the news ran back and said, “shopkeeper, it’s bad. Huo Shaofu threw the knife he bought into the river!”

Hearing this, Li Miaoqing seemed to understand something and smiled bitterly.

A few days later, Huo Shaofu came again. After entering the door, he still bought a knife and left. Then he went to a family’s vegetable garden and threw the knife into the cesspit. The servant was angry: “this is deliberately spoiling our Li family’s knife! I’m a vicious villain. I won’t sell it to him anymore.”

After hearing this, Li Miaoqing said with a bitter smile, “if you buy a knife and destroy it, what you throw is the Huo family’s own silver. How can a businessman open his mouth and refuse to sell it?”

After that, Huo Shaofu came to the Li family knife shop every three or five times to buy knives, throw knives and humiliate knives. The guys couldn’t see it anymore, but Li Miaoqing was still not angry and didn’t worry. He still collected money to sell knives. However, the guys found that the shopkeeper sold Huo Shaofu either the leftover goods with insufficient heat or the rusty knives ready to be returned to the furnace.

That day, Huo Shaofu came to buy a knife again, but this time he didn’t throw it away. Instead, he pulled out the scabbard and stood at the door and shouted, “come and have a look. This is the world-famous Li family knife. It’s rusted into scrap iron and sold. It’s not deceiving the world.” sure enough, the scabbard knife was black and looked covered with rust stains.

Unexpectedly, Li Miaoqing calmly took the knife in Huo Shaofu’s hand and asked the servant to carry out a bucket full of black soup. Then he inserted the rust knife into the bucket for a moment and pulled it out. Then he knocked the blade with the scabbard, and one rust spot fell down. Then he knocked it again, and another rust spot fell down, until all the rust spots fell off, and the whole knife immediately glittered.

It turned out that the rust spot was wrapped on purpose. The edge of the knife was wrapped by the rust spot. It was hidden and hidden. After removing the rust spot, it was sharper and winning by surprise. Li Miaoqing said lightly, “this is the essence of my Li Jia Dao.”

Huo Shaofu wanted to buy a knife, but he brought shame on himself. He became angry with shame. “Clang” pulled out the Huo’s knife and said, “do you dare to compare the knife with me? Don’t be the surface of donkey dung and eggs!”

Before Li Miaoqing answered, the crowd first shouted, “how bullying! Compare with him and make him convinced!”

Now, Li Miaoqing has no way back. First, someone took out the copper money and piled it on the ground, which was soon cut off by the knives of Huo and Li families; Then, a pair of elm windlass was carried and cut off respectively; Someone brought another iron bar with a thick bowl mouth. Huo and Li “Shua Shua” twice. The blades of the two knives entered the iron, and the depth of the two knives was equal. It seems that the knives of Li Huo and his family are really indistinguishable. For a moment, they don’t know how to compare.

At this time, a lazy local dog came from the river. Li Miaoqing’s eyes lit up, grabbed it, stretched out her hand to look for it in the dog’s hair, pinched out a tick with a big grain of rice, turned the blade upside down, and put the tick on the blade. The tick crawled along the blade. Before reaching the center of the knife, it had been cut in half by the waist and landed on the ground.

Huo Shaofu didn’t expect Li Miaoqing to have this skill. He stubbornly did it, but the tick walked all over the Huo family’s blade and landed on the ground intact. Huo Shaofu’s black face gradually turned earthy. He sighed and left ashamed. Only then did the crowd burst into a cheering voice. But Li Miaoqing looked at Huo Shaofu who was getting away, but he looked puzzled

Since then, the reputation of the Li family Dao has spread widely, especially the unique skill of “breaking lice with a wandering blade” has been passed on. People come to buy the Li family Dao in an endless stream, but the Huo family Dao shop is left out in the cold.

Li Miaoqing often looked at the Huo family knife shop from a distance, and her heart became more and more dignified and uneasy. Suddenly one day, the closed shop door of the Huo family opened, and there was a cry. It turned out that the plague accumulated by Huo Shaofu had relapsed and died.

“Deserved it!” said the Li’s man, “who let him hurt others and not benefit himself in order to rob business…”

“Shut up!” Li Miaoqing suddenly shed tears. He realized that no wonder Huo Shaofu’s face was getting darker and darker. It turned out that the plague he had contracted had relapsed. Huo Shaofu knew that time was running out, but he didn’t forget his father’s childhood advice, so he deliberately went to the Li family knife shop to fight and compete with the knife. He didn’t hesitate to destroy his family business and carry a bad name, just to spread the Li family knife. Because this “wandering blade breaking lice” is the unique skill of forging knives taught by Huo Jinyang to the Li family.

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