Martial arts novel: Capital punishment

When the three men appeared in front of him, they were silent and ghostly. With a dark red light on their backs, their faces were hidden in the dark and blurred. They all wore long white robes. When they hung their hands, their wide sleeves almost dragged to the ground, took a high white hat, and stood there quietly, but it gave people a feeling of uncertainty, No one can think of the white Impermanence in Town God’s Temple.


The man in white took out a roll of paper from his sleeve, opened his hands and read it selfishly. The sound was not high, on the contrary, it was a little low. In this strange and gloomy place, it simply escaped. The rustling sound was like the wave of a camel’s whip and slapping in the air outside the Great Wall desert. It was the sound of complete stabbing. The people in white on both sides of him stood with their hands down and lowered their eyebrows. No one paid attention to his reaction, as if it was just their business and had nothing to do with him.

Martial arts novel

He didn’t understand those words. They were four parallel and six li articles that only reading people could do, but his name and “it’s difficult to write down the sins of the bamboo in Nanshan, and there’s no fault in gathering the iron in Kyushu”, “the king’s law has privacy, let you do wrong, and the way of heaven is extremely public, so don’t miss the net”, but he understood them. At the end, the sentence was even more clear: “crime according to the law, It should be sentenced to capital punishment “.


Hearing this, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know where this was and who these people were in front of him. However, it was clear that these people wanted to kill him. He rubbed his temples and asked vaguely, “who are you?” When he asked this question, his body had moved like taking off and bullied the man in white. His left hand gathered his fingers into his palm with the sound of wind and thunder, and his right hand turned his fingers into a grasp, forcing the air to hiss. There is no doubt that the “gale thunder palm” and “Heaven devil grasp” practice to his heat, enough to see bricks and stones as rotten wood. In people, they are broken bones, tendons, flesh and blood, and rarely miss.


The three men in white were no more than four feet away from him. They stood still after they appeared. This surprise attack was targeted and closed their eyes. Besides, he also sent out two “green bee needles”. People in the Jianghu know that he is a strange man who betrayed Tang clan. He is a disciple of Tang Buhuan. Tang clan’s concealed weapons are strange, accurate, poisonous and can’t be provoked, You can’t touch it or connect it.


The two “green bee nails” shot at the people in white on the left and right sides, just to stop them, while the fierce “gale thunder palm” and “Heaven devil grasp” all went to the people in white in the middle. If they want him to die, he wants them to die first. He could see that among the three, the white man in the middle should be the main one. As long as he subdued him in one fell swoop, he could get away from this ghost place.


He always looks at things accurately, so he can get wind and rain in the Jianghu, turn rivers and seas, and let him toss. He made the speed of concealed weapons, his own speed, the strength of his palm, the power of grasping and the time of action exactly. As he expected, the three people in white had no time to respond and could never make mistakes.


The three men in white did not move, but when he hit his expected position between his fingers, they were still less than four feet away from him. The white man in the middle slowly rolled up the paper in his hand and put it in his wide sleeves, while the white men on his left and right sides still stood with their hands down, as if everything had never happened. They were standing there and had not moved. It just seemed more erratic, more like ghosts coming out of the nine Yin nether world than ghosts coming out of the nine Yin nether world.


The ghost like lightness skill was something he had never seen before. Before he stopped, a wall suddenly appeared in front of him without a sound. He didn’t know whether it came out of the ground or fell from the roof. The unstoppable “gale thunder palm” and “Heaven devil grasp” were buckled on it. A very heavy sound made his hands ache faintly. At this time, the two “green bee needles” hit the wall, and the sound of sting fell to the ground, proving that the wall was made of iron.


So he was cut off from everything.


“Who are you? What is this place! ” He cried, the pain in his hand subsided, and no one answered. Turning around, his heart slowly extended a trace of terror, because he had seen his place clearly. It was a narrow small room, which was clear at a glance under the dark red light. He shouldn’t be here.


In my memory, I still stay in Tianxiang building, drinking and laughing. Why are I here now? In his mind, he finally remembered that in the lights of Tianxiang building all night, he cut off the broken head of “parting in white clothes” with a sword, and the blood gushed out of the neck cavity where he lost his head. The red was really strange, but it was just to make up for this place full of blood.


He laughed and drank all the wine in the glass, threw the glass and reached for the woman who had been paralyzed by fear. There was only this woman left in the Tianxiang building. No one could stop him. If he wanted to stop him, he would kill God when he met God and Buddha when he met Buddha, and the dead would bear the crime. But at that moment, he saw the lanterns, two lanterns pasted with white paper. The candlelight was a quiet and green color, which reflected the two black characters on the lanterns very cold, “division” and “punishment”.


The lanterns were carried in the hands of two people. There are two lanterns, but there are three people. They are white clothes and white hats. They are floating and long. It seems that they are not coming from the world outside Tianxiang building.


In his mind, he still remembered that the man in white looked up and smiled at him. The smile was clearly beautiful and warm, but in the Tianxiang building in the blood pool purgatory, in front of the blue lanterns, it was like the God of death looking back at mortals. After a smile, he was captivated.


Then, he didn’t remember anything. When he woke up, before he had time to make any reaction, three people in white appeared in front of him. He didn’t know whether these three people were the three people in Tianxiang building, because their faces were blurred in light or dark, and the impression was only white clothes and high hats, Like a wandering soul who can’t return to the yellow spring. They took out a piece of paper, read the words on it, sentenced him, dropped an iron wall and trapped him in the room.


This is as like as two peas in a room. There is a four square cage in front and back, not to mention doors or windows. Apart from that, it is exactly the same as the layout of the rooms in a general inn. A thin bed is an old quilt, and a porcelain pillow with many wounds. There is a table in the middle. On the table are teapots and cups, two chairs, and a basin rack. There is a copper basin. The top of the rack is horizontal, holding a small copper mirror. The only surprise is that there is still a puppet standing in the corner. It is a puppet of the same size as a real person. It is so lifelike that it is also dressed as a servant and holds a plate across its hands, which is about for people to put clothes.


There was a sword on the chair, three feet long, two fingers wide, with a fish swallowing mouth and a bronze sheath. It was his own “seven color sword”, which was inlaid with seven seven color gemstones. He hurried forward and picked up the sword in his hand, regardless of anything else. Anyway, without this sword, he could not make himself the “Liangsheng sword” that had cut off dozens of heads, The assurance of getting out of trouble from this ghost place is at least three points less. But there was a doubt in his heart: even though these people in white wanted to kill him, why did they leave his sword here?

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