Martial arts novel: Han Li Zhong practises strange tricks foolishly

“Go ahead” is a martial art. Go ahead. Besides the eighteen martial arts, it’s more powerful than the eighteen martial arts. If you don’t believe it, please listen to a story.


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Li Zhong. His ancestors left more than ten mu of thin land. The family worked hard day and night, and their life was very moist. His family has always been good people and often bullied by villains. When Li Zhongchang was twelve or thirteen years old, his father discussed with his mother: “I’ve had enough of being a coward. Although our Zhonger is a little stupid, he has great strength. Tell him to learn some

Martial arts novel

Martial arts, support the door! ” My mother nodded and said yes. So his father prepared a gift and sent Li Zhong to Fandong gate in Bihe town a hundred miles away to learn martial arts.


Fan Dong has practiced good martial arts in Shaolin temple since childhood. He is very famous in the Jianghu. Many people come to learn martial arts. This year, fan Dong accepted 100 disciples.


Among the 100 disciples, Li Zhong is the youngest and the least impressive. He is short, simple and clumsy. The master saw that he was a child of a poor family and had little heart, so he didn’t teach him seriously and sent him to burn fire and firewood every day.


Li Zhong thought: chores must be done by someone. Even if you delay learning martial arts, it’s the same to learn more years. So he did a good job. He finished his chores every day and practiced with his senior brothers. However, Li Zhong is really not smart. As soon as he lifted his manual foot, his senior brothers laughed. Li Zhong said in his heart: what are you laughing at? You practice ten times and I practice a hundred times. If you don’t believe it, you can’t practice it! Others laugh, he doesn’t laugh, practice more energetic!


After three years, it’s time for the disciples to graduate. When the disciples left, master fan Dong gave each disciple a weapon and taught them unique skills. Ninety nine disciples have left, leaving only Li Zhong.


Li Zhong said, “master, I’m stupid. I haven’t learned anything in the past three years. Let me learn more years!”


Fan dong thought to himself: a twisted silk head is a knot in the wood. If it is not sharp and round, it will not become a tool. It will be useless to study for another ten years. He said, “no, Li Zhong, you have to leave school after three years. Go back!”


Li Zhong knelt down and begged bitterly. Fan Dong said he wouldn’t take him in. Seeing that the master was so determined, Li Zhong could not force him to stay, so he asked the master to give him a weapon and teach him martial arts.


Fan Dong shook his head and gave nothing. Li Zhong knelt before him and refused to go.


Fan Dong was bored and said in his heart: you are the material for begging. Give you a dog beating stick! So he took a wooden stick, played around, threw it in front of Li Zhong, stamped his feet and said, “go!” Then he closed his eyes, leaned back on the chair and ignored him.


Li Zhong was very happy and thought to himself: Shifu treated me well! He not only gave me weapons and sticks, but also taught me how to swing a stick and stamp my feet. This skill of “go ahead” is not in vain for me to learn martial arts for three years. He kowtowed three heads to his master, picked up the stick and went home happily


Seeing that Li Zhong came back, both parents were anxious to ask, “son, what have you learned in the past three years?” Li Zhong said, “learn!” My parents said, “go ahead. What kind of martial arts is it?” Li Zhong said, “master, treat me well. I’m the only one who teaches martial arts. Ninety nine senior brothers haven’t learned it!” My parents were too happy to close their mouths.


From that day on, Li Zhongbai worked hard all over the world and practiced early in the morning and night. He danced with a wooden stick, swung it, stamped it, and shouted, “go!” He practiced during the day and at night. He practiced over and over again. At first, he broke a wooden stick a few days, and then he broke one a few times. At the beginning, he used a wooden stick weighing several kilograms. A year later, it was replaced with a wooden stick weighing 70 or 80 kilograms. In the third year, it was replaced with a large iron stick weighing more than 200 kilograms.


After ten years of hard training, Li Zhong became a young man in his twenties. He swung a big iron stick, “whirring” the wind sounded. He saw no one and could not splash water; The ground trembled when the foot stamped, the dust rose everywhere; Drink “go”, which means where to hit and hit. There was a big stone on the hillside in the west of the village, which was big enough to be a house. One day, Li Zhong played to the rise. He hit the stone with a “boom”. It seemed that a mountain cannon was fired. The big stone suddenly bloomed, and the broken stones flew all over the sky. The viewer was so scared that he stretched his tongue and couldn’t take it back for a long time. No one dared to bully the local ruffians, hooligans and bullies within dozens of miles. Li Zhong likes to fight against injustice, especially against villains and vent his anger for good people. Everyone in this area respects him.


When Li Zhong’s parents saw that others praised his son for his promise, they couldn’t close their mouths. They said, “our loyal son is good. Master fan Dong taught us well!” Parents often say to Li Zhong, “son, it’s time to see the master!” Li Zhong also misses Shifu very much. Every time he goes to Shifu’s house, he always brings a package of gifts, carries them with a big iron bar, and carries them on his back.


Bihe town often sets up a challenge arena for martial arts competition. This year, a big man from Shandong, named Shen Kui, was eight feet tall. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He had thick eyebrows and strange eyes. His nostrils were facing the sky. He had black flesh and pimples all over, like a black evil spirit. He occupied the challenge arena and said he wanted to meet the heroes of the world.


Fan Dong’s ninety-nine disciples came. Everyone wanted to show his hand in the challenge arena. Fan Dong was not allowed to go. He said, “people go to the Jianghu to perform just to make a living. Why should we care?” In fact, he thought to himself: those who come are not good, and those who are good do not come. If they lose, will they not damage my reputation? So they insisted on not allowing the disciples to challenge. The disciples were so anxious that they were itching.


Shen Kui has been challenging for three days. There are also several people who have been challenging. They were kicked down by Shen Kui just after reaching out. No one dared to go to the challenge arena again.


Shen Kui waited for another three days. Seeing that no one was playing the challenge, he laughed and set up two big wooden signs on both sides of the challenge arena. He wrote “art dominates the world” and “Weizhen Bihe”.


The people in Bihe town were very angry. They went to find fan Dong and asked him to fight Shen Kui and earn face for Bihe town. Fan Dong just smiled and shook his head, but refused to go out.


People said they couldn’t move fan Dong, so they went to find his disciples. The disciples have long held their breath. They all think that Shen is too arrogant. They look at people through the crack of the door and look down on them. It’s a shame not to beat him down! With the encouragement of the people, they went to challenge without telling their master.


Fan Dong’s disciples are going to challenge! The news caused a sensation in the four townships. All the people who came to see the excitement ran to Bihe Town, and the challenge arena was immediately filled with people.


Shen Kui was really powerful. He threw 99 disciples of fan Dong off the stage. Some broke their arms and some broke their legs.


At this moment, fan Dong was so anxious that he couldn’t sit still. If he didn’t save face in person, how would he stay here in the future? He changed his clothes and came to the stage. His toes jumped up into the challenge arena. The people under the stage saw that fan Dong went to the challenge arena, “wow” clapped his hands and shouted in unison. Everyone said, “the veteran will go out and win.”


Seeing this situation, Shen Kui knew that the comer was not good, so he was extra careful. After saying a few polite words, the two of them began to fight, fist and foot to meet each other, move and jump, and each showed his unique skills. The people under the stage looked silly, all stretched their necks, opened their mouths, and their eyes were round. The two of them fought for more than 100 rounds, regardless of victory or defeat. Fan Dong was able to fight. He saw a loophole and flew to Shen Kui’s belly


When the son kicked, Shen Kui dodged and reached out to grab fan Dong’s leg. Fan Dong hurried to close his leg, but it was too late. Shen Kui slapped him on the sole of his shoe and fell off the stage. Fortunately, there were many disciples and caught him. Although he didn’t hurt himself, he was sweating and panting, so he couldn’t go to the challenge arena.


The spectators suddenly cooled down and said, “fan Dong can’t win. Shen Kui has no ‘enemy.”


Shen Kui laughed on the stage and said loudly, “find someone with ability! my


I haven’t even made a fraction of my martial arts skills! ”


Fan Dong and ninety-nine disciples, look at me, I look at you, one by one dejected.


At this time, Li Zhong arrived and said, “master, I’ll go up and pick him up!” Ninety nine senior brothers laughed and said, “what martial arts do you know?” Li Zhong said, “master taught me to go. I’m almost done!” Fan Dongzheng was angry and scolded, “don’t embarrass me. Go!”


When Li Zhong heard the master say “let’s go”, he thought he was asking him to go to the challenge arena. He respectfully put the gift package in front of fan Dong. As soon as the iron bar was pounded, he jumped onto the challenge arena with a sound.


The spectators vented their anger and were about to go. When they saw someone on the challenge arena, they surrounded him with “cheerleading”, and talked about it one after another: “I didn’t expect to kill Cheng Yaojin on the way!” Someone said, “fan Dong can’t do it, and Li Zhong is a buckwheat skin beater – not stick to the board.”


Seeing Li Zhong’s stupidity, Shen Kui didn’t pay attention to him at all. He elongated his voice and said, “boy, you dare to challenge like this?” Li Zhong smiled and said, “try it!” Shen Kui said, “it’s not worth your life to kill someone in the challenge arena!” Li Zhong smiled again and said, “I’m relieved when you say so!”


The people under the stage listened and said, “I’m afraid this man is crazy!”“ Not a madman, but also a fool! ” They all sweat for Li Zhong.


When Shen Kui saw that Li Zhong was holding the guy, he picked up a pair of black tiger copper hammers, one 50 Jin and two 100 Jin. At one stroke, he put on a posture, said “please,” and called Li Zhong like Mount Tai.


Li Zhong swung the iron stick, stamped his foot, and roared “go”, which was like thunder, shaking everyone’s ears. With a stamp of his foot, the challenge arena flickered. The iron bar went down, “clang”, and beat the pair of black tiger copper hammers hundreds of feet away. Shen Kui fell off the challenge arena on his back and lay on the ground with his feet facing the sky. He couldn’t get up for a long time.


For a moment, the chin and palm of the stage clapped like the wind, and the shouts of cheering could be heard more than ten miles away.


Li Zhong jumped out of the challenge arena with an iron bar, saluted fan Dong and said, “master, that guy is afraid that he is a man with a paper stick and can’t stand a stick.”


Ninety nine senior brothers gathered around Li Zhong, congratulated him and asked him how he had practiced such good martial arts. Li Zhong said, “I’ll go according to what the master taught me. Practice every day!”


Ninety nine disciples complained to the master: “go, why don’t you pass on such good martial arts to us?” Fan Dong’s face was green and red for a while. He moved his mouth, but he couldn’t speak.

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