Martial arts novel: Jianghu glutinous rice chicken

He was the best in the world.

He’s dying.

The last words of a dying man are meaningless, but he is the first in the world, so what he said before he died must be meaningful.

Some people say that sentence implies the location where the treasure is buried, others say that sentence implies the secret of invincibility.

Only Lin Yi knows that sentence does not refer to treasure or secret script, because he is the first son in the world.

Jianghu glutinous rice chicken

Although Lin Yi was sure that his father had no treasure or secret script, he also didn’t understand what that sentence meant.

So he asked once the second in the world, now the first in the world. Once the second in the world is the best friend in the world, the first younger martial brother in the world, and Lin Yi’s martial uncle.

Martial uncle Lin came here to avoid the pursuit of Jianghu people, and to ask what his father meant by his last sentence.

Martial uncle said he didn’t know, but he knew who knew.

Lin Yi asked who knew.

Martial uncle put his sword around Lin Yi’s neck and said that if a person’s secret doesn’t even know his best friend, his only son must know it.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly. He knew that Jianghu was dangerous, so in this world, he only trusted his father and martial uncle. Now it seems that only himself can be trusted.

So Lin Yi was locked up in the dungeon of cangjian mountain villa.

The leader of Tibetan sword mountain villa was originally Lin Yi’s father’s master, that is, Lin Yi’s Shizu, so Lin Yi met Shizu.

But the leader of Tibetan sword mountain villa is now a martial uncle, so Lin Yi is the Shizu he saw in his cell. Lin Yi always thought Shizu had died six years ago. Now he knows that Shizu has been locked up in the dungeon by Shishu for six years.

Six years in a dungeon equals six years of torture, and six years of torture equals six years of keeping a secret.

Shizu said that as long as he didn’t tell the secret, martial uncle wouldn’t kill him. As long as martial uncle didn’t kill him, he would have a chance of revenge.

But Shizu wanted revenge. One secret was obviously not enough, so Shizu needed Lin Yi’s secret. In this way, Shizu had two secrets and an opportunity to revenge. So Shizu asked Lin Yi what he meant before he died.

Lin Yi said he didn’t know.

Shizu said, think about the glutinous rice chicken I made for you when you were a child.

As soon as Lin thought of the delicious glutinous rice chicken and the delicious bamboo dumplings, he said, I know my father is talking about the burial place of a treasure.


You can’t get out now.

I’ll be out soon. I spent six years digging a hole here and I can get through to the outside today.

really The treasure is buried in the willow garden.

Shizu said, it really looks like the style of my apprentice.

Martial uncle said, it really looks like my senior brother’s style.

Martial uncle suddenly appeared, as if he had been here all the time.

Shizu said, I did what you said. I want to eat chicken ass.

Martial uncle threw a chicken ass to him and said, I wanted to kill you six years ago. You said you would be useful. I didn’t kill you. You were right today.

Lin Yi said, so I’m only worth a chicken ass?

Martial uncle said, no, you are worth a treasure. Now people all over the world want to get this treasure and want to kill you. Only I can keep you, so you can only cooperate with me.

Lin Yi said, kill me when you get the treasure?

Martial uncle said, no, I won’t kill you, just as I won’t kill your Shizu.

Lin Yi said, and then I have to expect you to give me a chicken ass every day?

Martial uncle doesn’t speak, default.

Lin Yi said that I not only remember the glutinous rice chicken when I was a child, but also the bamboo dumplings when I was a child.

Martial uncle asked, what do you mean?

Lin Yi said, you can cheat me if you give me bamboo dumplings, so Shizu who gives me glutinous rice chicken can also cheat me, so I didn’t believe Shizu had a secret at the beginning, let alone that he could escape immediately.

Martial uncle said, so?

Therefore, there is no treasure at all. Even if there is, it will not be buried in the willow garden. Even if it is buried in the willow garden, I don’t know which tree or corner to bury, because it was made up by Lin Yi.

Lin Yi said, so even if you know I may have made it up, you will search Liuyuan, because you know that if my father has a secret, he will put it in Liuyuan. You catch me just to confirm your guess. But Liu Yuan can’t be searched if martial uncle wants to. Even if you are the first in the world now, you can’t.

Because Liuyuan is her territory. And she is the prince’s daughter.

Although you don’t want to search, you still need to search. So martial uncle took Lin to Liuyuan. Shizu also wanted to go. Shizu said he would be useful, and martial uncle agreed.

The willow garden is not big, and the willow garden is very big. It’s not big because the willow garden is really small for a royal palace. But for the lonely girls in the garden, the willow garden is very big.

The girl asked, what are you doing here?

Martial uncle bowed down and said to meet the princess.

The girl said, the princess has no guests.

Martial uncle said, I brought my son who was once the best in the world to visit the princess.

Once the best in the world and the princess were friends and enemies. Because they used to be lovers, since they broke up and became friends, they were enemies. Now the enemy’s son has come, so the girl dare not report it.

After a while, the girl came back with a thousand elite soldiers.

Martial uncle asked, what do you mean? Don’t say there are 1000 people here. Even if there are 10000 people, you can’t stop me as long as I want to go.

The girl said, then you go, but Lin Yi has to stay. You can’t stop 10000 people if you want to go, but if you want to take people, 100 people can let you die here.

So martial uncle can’t take Lin Yi away, but he can’t let Lin Yi stay here. Leaving Lin Yi is tantamount to leaving an enemy. So martial uncle made a move. He didn’t want to take Lin Yi away, but wanted to kill him.

Martial uncle is the best in the world now, so he can’t empty his hand. If he doesn’t empty his hand, he will die. So Shizu died and Shizu blocked Lin’s palm.

Shizu said to Lin Yi before he died, think about glutinous rice chicken. I said I would be useful.

Lin thought of the delicious glutinous rice chicken and found that there was another person he could trust in the world. It was good.

Martial uncle couldn’t hit, so he had to run away. He didn’t understand why the princess did this.

Lin Yi didn’t understand, so she asked the girl.

The girl said that the princess and once the best in the world are enemies, but the princess and once the best in the world’s son are relatives, because the princess and your mother love the same sisters and can’t worship because of the identity gap, which is the princess’s lifelong regret.

Lin Yi asked his father what his last words meant. Lin Yi thought it was not his friends but his enemies who knew a person best.

The girl said, the princess doesn’t know, but the princess knows who knows.

Lin Yi asked who knew.

The girl said that there was a female shopkeeper who opened a tavern in Linjia village.

Linjia village is so small that no one knows that it was once the first birthplace in the world.

The tavern is also very small, as small as only two tables, one running room, one shopkeeper, one busboy, one cashier and one woman.

The woman said, “I’m running here, the shopkeeper is me, the porter is me, and the cashier is me. My guest, what would you like to eat?”?

Lin Yi asked, what about the cook?

The woman said, it’s still me.

As soon as Lin looked at the woman, maybe he thought of Shizu, or maybe he just wanted to eat glutinous rice chicken.

Lin Yi asked, can you make glutinous rice chicken?

The woman said, yes.

Lin Yi eats glutinous rice chicken and finds that it tastes the same as what Shizu gave him when he was a child.

Lin Yi asked, do you know the master who was once the best in the world?

The woman said, No.

Lin thought for a moment and said, do you know the former owner of Tibetan sword villa?

The woman shook her head.

Lin Yi said again, where’s Wang Ergou?

The woman said, you’re talking about the old man. He used to be a regular customer here. He came to eat glutinous rice chicken every day. He didn’t have any money. He exchanged broken books for my glutinous rice chicken. I haven’t seen him for five or six years. How is he now?

Lin Yi said he was dead.

The woman said, oh, the world is dead every day. Again, did you leave anything before you died?

Lin Yi said that he asked me to eat glutinous rice chicken and asked me to make up for the money of glutinous rice chicken.

The woman asked, what’s your name?

Lin Yi said, “my name is Wang Er. I’m his grandson.”

The woman said that since he died and settled the money owed for glutinous rice and chicken, I can’t read the book he left here. I’ll give it to you, but I have to find something to pad at the corner of my table.

The woman moved two tables and picked up three books from the ground.

There are three books, one is da Yan Jue, one is Jue Ming sword, and the other is Tong Tian Quan. They are all lost peerless martial arts.

Lin Yi thought that only one of the three books could be invincible in the world. Shizu said he had secrets and didn’t lie to me.

Although Lin Yi was very happy, he didn’t forget his purpose.

Lin Yi asked, do you know who was the first in the world?

The woman said, No.

Lin Yi asked, do you know Daniel Lin?

The woman said, yes, Daniel Lin is a friend of mine. He wants to learn martial arts and be a great Xia all day. Is he all right now?

Lin Yi said that he was also dead.

The woman said, oh, he was going to go out of the village to learn martial arts. I stopped him and asked him if he would stay and open a tavern with me. He ignored me and left without looking back. If he promised me, he would not die so early, and I could run more.

Lin Yi was shocked and asked, do you want to know what he said before he died?

The woman asked what to say.

Lin Yi said that it was a sentence, but in fact it was just a word.

The woman asked, what word?

Lin Yi said, OK.

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