Martial arts novel: Lethal piano sound

In the early years of the Republic of China, there was an antique shop called “xiaoyaxuan” in the west of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. The boss Chen Yan was a fat man in his forties. He usually smiled and treated people very kindly,. However, in the antique industry around Hunan, he is a well-known figure. No matter the antiques of Ren Dynasty and Ren Dynasty, if you ask him to appreciate them, you can tell them all at once. The fakes can’t escape his eyes, which is called “divine eye Chen”.


In the winter of that year, heavy snow was flying and the wind roared. A young scholar named Liang Zifei appeared in Shaoyang City. He was wearing a thin green shirt and carrying a strange ancient Qin. He walked lightly to the door of “xiaoyaxuan”, took off the strange piano on his back, sat on the snow more than feet thick, and played it. What’s more, every time he played a paragraph, He would take out a black oil paper folding fan and brush it on his body, as if he were not in the cold wind and snow, but in the hot June weather.

Lethal piano sound

Some time ago, Chen Yanzheng bought an authentic painting of Tang Yin’s spring outing from a poor businessman in the capital at a high price. He was ecstatic and took it out every day to enjoy it carefully. This day, he was looking at the painting when he suddenly heard someone playing the piano outside his house. The music was flat and light, but the sound of the piano was round and harmonious. As soon as he heard it, he knew that the piano was by no means vulgar, so he quickly put away the painting and walked out of the door. Instead of ignoring him, Liang Zi still concentrated on playing the strange piano in his hand,. Chen Yan curiously stepped forward and stared at the piano. It didn’t matter. He was almost so excited that Chen Yan jumped up,. It turns out that the strange Qin is an out and out ancient Qin of the Han Dynasty. There are not many left in the world. Chen Yan saw that Liang Zifei’s clothes were vaguely shabby and his face was vegetable colored. He guessed that he might be a poor child of a family. He found himself to sell the piano, so he said bluntly: “brother, playing the piano at the door of the shop must not be just due to elegance!” Liang Zifei still ignored him. Chen Yan said, “brother, the piano looks old, and I love antiques very much. I wonder if you are willing to give up your love and sell it to me?”


At the end of the song, Liang Zifei said coldly: “Sir, when he saw me sitting in the snow, he didn’t ask me if I was cold, but he kept thinking about my piano. This is not the way to treat guests.” Chen Yan blushed and felt very ashamed, so he invited Liang Zifei into the store. Liang Zi was not polite, so he put away his piano and followed Chen Yan into the door.


Two people sit down. Chen Yan asked his family to fry a few small dishes, scald a pot of wine, report their names to each other and chat. Unexpectedly, they were very speculative as soon as they talked, and they felt sorry to meet each other. Seeing that Liang Zifei was wandering in a foreign land alone, but his speech was good, Chen Yan wanted to get to know him: “brother, do you come to Shaoyang for business or do you have other things to do?” Liang Zifei drank a mouthful of wine, and his face was a little sad. He said, “I’m a family from all over the world. I just want to eat a bowl of rice in your place today. I can’t talk about business.” Chen Yan was delighted: “this is the best. I have a seven-year-old child. He is usually very naughty and willful. I don’t know if my brother is willing to accept him as a student and teach him to read?” Liang Zifei did not think about it, so he readily agreed.


In this way, Liang Zifei lived in “xiaoyaxuan”. He usually taught Chen Yan’s son to practice calligraphy and read Tang and Song poetry. When he was free, he talked with Chen Yan about poetry, calligraphy, piano painting and antiques, and often had amazing opinions. One day, Chen Yan took out the painting of Tang Yin’s “beautiful woman’s spring outing” and showed it to Liang Zifei. Liang Zifei held the painting, studied it, exclaimed, and then said, “this painting is worth a thousand liang of gold!”


A few days later. One day, Chen Yan was chatting with Liang Zifei in the store. Suddenly, he walked into two big men from the door. As soon as he entered the door, he shouted that he wanted to buy the picture of beautiful women stepping on the spring. Chen Yan arched his hands and said, “unfortunately, you two, the picture of beautiful women stepping on the spring is my private collection and is not for takeout. However, there are many other famous calligraphy and paintings in the store, The two wanted to… “Unexpectedly, the two big men took out a small gold knife with a weight of about one or two from their pockets without waiting for Chen Yan to finish, stabbed it on the counter, and then arched their hands and said,” the deposit will be put here in the shopkeeper first. Three days later, our master will come to pick up the painting and hope the shopkeeper will keep it first. ” With that, they strode out of the door and left.


Chen Yan was stunned for a long time before he hurried to see the little gold knife on the table. When he saw that his face changed greatly, he blurted out: “Damascus gold knife!” It turns out that this Damascus golden Sabre is the most famous and powerful bandit leader in southern Hunan. There are more than 200 guns under his hand. In his early years, he only fought against the rich businessmen of the government and never disturbed the common people. He is also a hero. Unexpectedly, the golden dagger has suddenly become cruel in the past two years. As long as he likes something, he will try his best to get it, even ordinary people. The small gold knife weighing one or two is the mark and voucher for him to pick up the goods.


Misfortune came from heaven. Chen Yan couldn’t help being silly. He walked around the house in a panic and fidgeted. Liang Zifei was calm and said with a faint smile, “brother Chen doesn’t have to panic. I have a way to help you return his golden sabre.” After hearing this, Chen Yan looked at Liang Zifei suspiciously.


Nothing happened for two days in a row. On the third night, Liang Zifei opened the gate of the courtyard and drank with Chen Yan as if nothing had happened.


When the cold moon was in the air, Liang Zifei smiled at Chen Yan and said, “the moon is clear and the wind is high. Brother Chen is interested in listening to my little brother play a song?” Chen Yan Mu ran nodded. The sound of the piano was loud. But the sound of the piano is very different from that in the past. At ordinary times, the sound of Liang Zifei’s piano is always smooth and calm. This time, the sound of the piano suddenly became like thousands of horses running together, like lightning and thunder. It seemed that dark clouds were pressing towards Shaoyang City… At the climax of the play, someone suddenly shouted at the door. Then, more than a dozen masked men in black walked into the yard. The first one must be the golden dagger.


Chen Yan’s face turned white, but Liang Zifei was calm and comfortable. He was still playing the piano as if there was no one else. He stopped for a long time, smiled coldly at Damascus golden Dao and said, “master, how do you think my music is playing?” Damascus golden saber stared at the strange piano in Liang Zifei’s hand. Like five thunders, his whole body was shocked. With a wave behind the hand net, he disappeared with a group of people. Liang Zifei laughed, and Chen Yan was confused for a moment. They sat for a while, and there was a roar outside the door. Damascus gold Dao came back with dozens of big men holding fast guns. Liang Zifei was already angry: “Liang wanted not to kill here today. You don’t think I’m afraid of you.”


Damascus golden saber laughed wildly and said, “I know you will come to me sooner or later. You almost bluffed me just now. I don’t believe you will ambush here tonight. There are thousands of troops… Besides, how can you escape dozens of fast guns under my command no matter how good your martial arts are? How do you kill me? ” Liang Zifei flicked the strings and sneered: “it takes thousands of troops to kill your dog? Liang will send you to the West with only a broken piano today! ” With that, his hands swam quickly on the strings. The sound of the piano is like a surging wave on the shore, sometimes flying sand and stones, sometimes beautiful and moving… A group of people can’t help being crazy. After a while, the sound of the piano stopped, and then look at the golden dagger. It was bleeding from seven orifices and died on the spot. Liang Zifei didn’t lift his head and said, “listen, if someone does evil in the name of my golden dagger and makes an idea of shopkeeper Chen in the future, the end will be the same as this person. Do you understand?” A gang of bandits were stunned there for a long time. They nodded together, then picked up the body of the fake golden dagger and swarmed away.


Seeing all this, Chen Yan was like a dream. Faintly, he heard Liang Zifei say, “brother Chen, don’t panic. I tell you now, I’m the real golden dagger. I’m also here for the picture of beautiful women stepping on the spring, but I don’t have the heart to start. It’s fate for you and my friends. Painting, I don’t want it. Say goodbye, and see you later! ” Then he put on his back the murderous strange piano and flew out of the door. When Chen Yan woke up and chased outside the door, the cold street was empty.

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