Martial arts novel: The story of magic lamp and servant

Cooking wine and reading the Three Kingdoms, heroes came on horseback in troubled times. Children’s love and women’s love intertwined with families and countries all over the world into a song. It’s a thousand years. Looking back now, how much love and hate are like smoke, and sun Shangxiang’s figure is hidden in the hazy smoke. Her name is widely known, but her story is not only as simple as that heard by future generations, but also a legend behind it

Without Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, sun Shangxiang was just a woman who had been mentioned by others, because there were few descriptions of her in the official history – in the 14th year of Jian’an in the Eastern Han Dynasty, sun Shangxiang, who was just a young man, married Liu Bei, who was tens of years older than her. This marriage had no love, just because of political needs. The two talents were combined, and then the alliance between the two countries broke down, Sun Quan took her back to Soochow and broke off relations with Liu Bei. Since then, sun Shangxiang has also disappeared in history. No one knows what her final outcome is. It is nonsense that she threw herself into the river for Liu Bei. However, although there is no record in the official history, we can still see her later from the clues. And all this has to start with one person, Lu Xun.

Uncover sun Shangxiang: marry Liu Bei first, and then have children for Lu Xun

In the history of the Three Kingdoms, if sun Shangxiang only saw the first half of his life and not the second half, Lu Xun was just the opposite. Lu Xun’s first half of his life seemed to have been hidden by the white fog. He didn’t know who he was. What he was known was that he married at the age of 33, and his wife gave birth to his son Lu Kang at the age of 43, Lu Xun’s wife, whose name is unknown in history, only knows her surname is sun, known as Lu Sun. This is also Lu Sun’s family, most likely sun Shangxiang. Why are you say that? And look down.

When Sun Quan laid down Wu County, he established the base in Wu County, which is Lu Xun’s hometown. The Lu family is a famous family in the local area. According to Sun Quan’s character, they would definitely make friends with him at that time. Therefore, it is not difficult to speculate that in the years before Lu Xun left office at the age of 21, he must have known the sun family, and he must have known sun Shangxiang.

Martial arts novel

As we all know, Lu Xun was almost an invincible military God in the second half of his life. It is often lamented that he achieved great success late, but if you carefully read the history books, you will find that Lu Xun did not achieve great success late. Lu Xun’s name of God King is not a false name. The conquest of Shanyue also shows that his talent is not mediocre, but why has he been buried for a long time? Because his talent was deliberately ignored, I have to add that Lu and sun had a contradiction as early as sun CE attacked Lujiang. As soon as Lu Xun entered the scene, he was immediately sent to Haichang by Sun Quan. It was a place where the people could not make a living, and he stayed for seven years. Seven years at that time, men who aspired to seven years could be famous all over the world. When Lu Xun began to emerge, he was appreciated by Sun Quan, and Sun Quan began to put him in important position. He finally made progress. Unfortunately, at this time, it was after sun Shangxiang divorced and returned to Wu.

Since then, it is not difficult to speculate that Lu Xun and sun Shangxiang probably had a relationship. That relationship germinated when they were young, but before it could take root, sun Shangxiang became a political victim. They were happy with each other, but how could fate make people happy. Sun Shangxiang married Liu Bei, and Lu Xun didn’t talk about marriage until sun Shangxiang broke with Liu Bei, or the sun Liu alliance broke down. At this time, they met again.

Of course, at this time, someone will ask, since the Lu family and the sun family had a grudge earlier, Sun Quan has always hated Lu Xun and married sun Shangxiang to him? Because Sun Quan is a politician. In Sun Quan’s eyes, Lu Xun has talent, and Sun Quan doesn’t trust him. Now, sun Shangxiang returns, and Sun Quan also needs talents. If sun Shangxiang marries Lu Xun again, he will not only complete a relationship, but also win over Lu Xun. Why not? Moreover, judging from Lu Xun’s unwavering loyalty to Sun Quan in the latter half of his life, Sun Quan’s idea is obviously right.

Sun Shangxiang is the younger sister of the Lord Wu and the wife of Liu Bei. Logically speaking, she is also a role in history. She does not exist. After returning to the eastern Wu, there is no record. Lu Xun, at least, later became the prime minister. It is impossible for his wife not to leave any records in history. However, in history, sun Shangxiang, Lu Xun and Lu Xun’s wife are vague. Coupled with the subtle changes in the relationship between Sun Quan and Lu Xun, perhaps the only thing that can explain all this is that Lu Xun did marry sun Shangxiang. Of course, this process also took effort. First, sun Shangxiang had to “die” and she must “disappear” in history. Second, Lu Xun’s wife can’t be bright all her life, which is greater than history. This is why, when we look at history again, we always feel that there is something between them, but we can’t say anything.

In fact, there are always rumors about sun Shangxiang’s later marriage to Lu Xunyi, but it can only be seen in unofficial history, but sometimes unofficial history is not unreliable. It can tell us a lot of things that the official history did not tell us. For example, the hero Zhao Yun in our heart, there are not too many records of his achievements in the official history, which are almost supplemented by unofficial history, So unofficial history sometimes provides us with a lot of imagination, and those imagination is not necessarily untrue.

Sun Shangxiang is really a distressing woman. She was born in troubled times and her marriage can’t be controlled by herself. If she was with Lu Xun in the end, it would be a kind of happiness.

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