Modern Chinese Short Story: The old man in the movie theater

A movie theater owner recently opened a movie theater in a county in the western region. On the first day of opening, he put up a sign: This movie theater is showing “A City Full of Gold” today, with a ticket price of one hundred. Seventy years old and above are free.
When the movie was shown to the elderly in the cinema at night, the boss came to the front of the cinema to take a look and was amazed that all the people lined up in front of the cinema were over seventy years old. After the movie was finished, the boss lost money and did not receive much money for the tickets. He went to inquire about the movie and learned that the county was a famous longevity city with a large number of elderly people.

The old man in the movie theater
The boss thought he couldn’t go on losing money like this, so he put out a publicity sign at the second screening of the movie: The cinema was showing “The City is Full of Gold” today, with a ticket price of 100. Free for the elderly over ninety years old. Soon after the sign was put out, the boss went to the exit when the movie broke up and regretted it. He did not expect that there were too many long-lived elderly people in this county, and there were especially many elderly people over ninety years old, and half of the audience were over ninety years old who came to see the movie for free.
After showing the movie twice, the boss had lost a lot of money, and he could not pull down the publicity sign soon, or he would get a reputation of not keeping his word. When the boss was at his wits’ end, a movie theater employee came to him and said, “Boss, I have a way to stop all the free movie-goers from coming!” The boss was so happy that he asked the fellow to do it immediately.
The boss ran to the outside of the cinema and saw that the billboard was still outside, and it still said: “The cinema is showing “The City is Full of Gold” today, and the ticket price is 100. Ninety years old and above are free, but need to be accompanied by their parents to watch.

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