The best knife in the world

Since Jiang Xiaosuo was granted the title of “the best sword in the world” by the emperor five years ago and a residence was granted by the emperor, there has been no peace in Jiang’s house. There are an endless stream of challenges in the Jianghu, including young people who want to be famous and crazy, and famous swordsmen who have become famous in middle age.

Although people in the Jianghu are not interested in the things sealed by the emperor, it is a happy thing to defeat the “best knife in the world”. However, no one knows how powerful Jiang Xiaosuo’s Sabre technique is, because few people can break through the desperate Sabre of Tianba, the emperor’s four grade sword guard “Yidao town in China”. If you can’t even beat someone’s watchdog, what qualifications do you have to challenge the first in the world? Even those who are qualified to see the first knife have never appeared in the Jianghu again.

The best knife in the world

On this day, a young man dressed in sloppy clothes patted the gate of Jiang’s house.

The servant who opened the door looked at the young man’s clothes, covered his nose with his hands, waved his hands and said, “Stinky beggar, get out of here! We don’t have leftovers. Young people don’t learn well. ”

The young man raised his head. His eyes were clear and bright. He arched his hands and said, “I’m not here to beg. I just want to see the best knife in the world.”

The servant stopped talking and took the young man into Jiang’s house. There has never been a shortage of young people who don’t know how to live or die these years. The housekeeper doesn’t even bother to ask his name.

Tianba is sitting lazily under a pomegranate tree in the front yard. The pomegranate flowers on the tree are blooming red. From a distance, it looks like a mass of blood that can’t be opened. He has a ruthless knife that makes him famous.

The young man whispered, “I’m not looking for you.”

Tianba suddenly smiled. He had seen more young people than his servants. Naturally, he knew what young people were thinking. When he was young, was he not so arrogant and stubborn?

The two fought. The heartless Sabre is a heartless sabre. The young man actually uses a broken Sabre to accept the move. The broken Sabre is sentimental and turns the heartless feelings of the heartless Sabre into continuous love.

Tianba suddenly jumped away and said, “I lost.”

The young man smiled: “can I find the best knife in the world?”

Tianba takes the young people to the backyard. There is a small house in the backyard. It is simple and simple, which is incompatible with the magnificent momentum of the front yard.

The young man looked confused. Does the best knife in the world practice knife in this small house every day? If you work hard, you will gain a lot. No wonder no one has won him in five years.

In the room sat an old man with no knife in his hand. Does the world’s first knife no longer need a knife?

The old man said to the young man, “I’m not the first knife in the world.”

Looking at the stunned young man on his face, the old man explained the reason.

It turned out that in recent years, Japanese pirates have been rampant in Southeast China, but the leaders only care about their own enjoyment and never care about the suffering of the common people. The people in the Wulin are in their own ranks and do not want to get involved in the affairs of the imperial court, which makes the Japanese pirates more and more arrogant. Several loyal officials in the court couldn’t see it anymore, so they came up with such a plan: all the Wulin heroes who came to challenge the “best knife in the world” were left by them and quietly sent to various provinces along the southeast coast. One trained the local people to fight back against the Japanese pirates spontaneously, and the other was incorporated into the army to participate in the war against the Japanese pirates.

As the saying goes, learning the arts and martial arts can be sold to the emperor’s family. In recent years, many Wulin experts have participated in the Anti Japanese struggle, so the situation has greatly improved and the situation in the southeast has been slightly stable.

After listening, the young man said, “after all, I’m here to challenge the first knife in the world.”

The old man said, “I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed to see you.”

The old man took the young man to the ancestral hall of Jiang Fu. He saw a kitchen knife wrapped in yellow silk on the central table. It turns out that the first knife in the world is actually a kitchen knife. That Jiang Xiaosuo is just an experienced Royal chef!

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