Martial arts novel: The Legendary Story of Hukui Stone

Outside the Chaotian Gate of Chongqing, at the foot of Tu Mountain on the south bank of the Yangtze River, there is a huge Hukui Stone. According to legend, there was a great flood in the ancient times. At that time, the sky was filled with water and the water with the sky. Crops were drowned and houses were washed away. Hiding in

Outside the Chaotianmen Gate of Chongqing, at the foot of Tu Mountain on the south bank of the Yangtze River, there is a huge Hukui Stone.

The Legendary Story of Hukui Stone

Legend has it that there was a great flood in ancient times. At that time, the sky was connected to the water and the water was connected to the sky, and it was a vast ocean. Crops were drowned and houses were washed away. People hiding on the top of the mountain called for help day and night, begging the emperor of heaven to repel the flood and save them from death. The people finally moved a god named Father Father. He got hold of the “resting soil” treasured by the emperor, and with the help of the scops and the tortoise, he drove back the flood and saved the people.


When the emperor found out about this, he was angry and ordered his servant Zhu Rong to kill Father Jiu. The land was flooded again after the recovery of the “resting soil”. Although Father Jiu was killed by the brutal Emperor, his heart of loving people and insisting on justice did not cool down, and finally became his son, Dayu. Dayu descended from heaven to earth and went to Jiangzhou (now Chongqing). He met with the female slave of the orphaned nine tails of Tushan, and they fell in love and married. On this day, which was the fourth day after his marriage, Dayu came to Phoenix Mountain to check the water situation. The water gods were making waves and the Yangtze River was lapping at the sky. I saw a gray-haired old man, holding a girl, walking with difficulty, the girl pointed to a peach tree and shouted, “Grandpa, I’m hungry, pick me a few peaches to eat!” The old man stumbled forward and just climbed up the peach tree when a vicious wave came and washed away the old man and the young …… When Dayu saw this sight, he thought to himself: If this goes on, how many families will be swallowed up by the flood! So he determined to channel the world’s flood waters into the sea. He was so worried that he quickly turned around and went home, and confided his ideal to the mountain woman: “O mountain woman, I have to go far away to dredge the nine rivers, are you willing to let me go?”


The mountain woman was reluctant to leave, but sent Dayu down the mountain. From the Lotus Mountain via the present Jue Lin Temple and Xuan Tan Temple, all the way to the beach by the river. The Great Yu was transformed into a rhinoceros with a single horn on its head, the tip of which was like a sharp blade. Then down the river, poking rocks to build mountains, shoveling mud for soil. After Dayu left, Tushan woman stood under the stone slope every day, looking at the direction of Dayu far away, crying more than ……


Time flies, Dayu water treatment is three years. It was dusk this day, Dayu returned to the foot of Mount Tu, looking far away from home, only to see a bright light shot out of the cave. Ah, the mountain girl is still waiting for me! He was going upstream to start walking when he heard the loud sound of the river lapping against the mountain rocks. When he looked back, he saw that the water was flowing smoothly in the upstream area, but the downstream flood was still overshadowing the sky. Dayu’s heart trembled: how can I go home if the river is not fully dredged? So he turned into a rhinoceros again and jumped into the flood.


Dayu had just left, Tushan woman felt strange: how, the roaring river has become so calm? She ran out of the cave, standing on the hillside to look out, only to see a rhinoceros is poking stones downstream. She understood: this is her husband! She stood on a rock by the river and cried out with deep emotion, “Yu! Come back soon!”


Three years later, Dayu completely cured the flooding of the Yangtze River. He also arrived in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, where he is now. Then, with a joyful heart, he returned to the foot of Mount Tu for the second time, only to see the cave still lit up and to hear the song of longing. Dayu could not help but quicken his pace. However, as he approached his home, a gust of mountain wind blew and said to Dayu, “Did you know, Dayu? Word of your water cure has reached the heavenly court, and the emperor has ordered the mountain spirits and water monsters to move a witch mountain, and block the Yangtze River, so go and unblock it!” Dayu was filled with anger: “Damn you, Emperor! No matter how many mountains and hills you bring, you can’t stop me from draining the river.” He turned around and left home again without hesitation.


Tu Shan woman heard familiar footsteps coming from outside the cave and hurriedly went out to look around. The sound of footsteps turned into the loud sound of arching mountains through rocks. Tu Shan woman ran again to the place where she had called out to Dayu the previous time. Strangely enough, the rocky slope was even higher than before. It turned out that the dragon king was touched by Tu Shan’s deep love for Dayu, and the dragon king sent the turtle to squat there so that Tu Shan could look up high.


One day after this, when the Tushan woman was resting in the field, she stood on the slope as usual, with her hand on the pergola, staring at the river with wide eyes, thinking of her loved ones: Yu, the Yangtze River is clear, you should have come back long ago. Suddenly I saw a man coming from afar. Tall, broad shoulders, thin face, two thick black sword eyebrows, flashing a pair of wisdom eyes. Ah! It was none other than her Da Yu! The lady of Mount Tu was overjoyed to see her husband return. She pulled Dayu and said, “I finally got you back, go home!” “I can’t, there are still Lok, Fen, Wei and Huai rivers to be dredged, people are still suffering!” “Look, the rocks have worn out thick calluses on your hands, you are too tired.” “Isn’t my body sturdy?” “Your clothes are torn and should be mended; your straw shoes are rotten, it’s time to change a pair.” “Alas, time is precious!” Dayu stroked Tushan woman’s shoulder, and then said, “I will never go home until the world is flooded.”


After comforting his wife, Dayu walked away without looking back.


The woman chased after Dayu, but gradually she lost sight of him. She stood by the river and saw a rhinoceros breaking the waves in the center of the river. She cried out, “Yu, I’ll stand here and wait for you forever!”


And so she waited and waited for 999 days, crying out every day, “Yu, you come back!” As time passed, the woman turned into a stone. The stone is still covered with patterns, like the long hair of the mountain woman, which floats in the river, and the waves wash her body. The rushing river cries out for her day and night: “Yu, come back!”

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