Wuxia Story: Black Snowdrop

Congratulatory gift

After the eight strings of 100 firecrackers were released outside the gate of the Chaoyang Villa, a layer of snow-like confetti was suddenly spread thickly on the green stone bricks.

The door was wide open, and more than ten large red lanterns were raised on the laurel trees, rocky hills and corridors in the courtyard, with the word “Guan” on the lanterns reflecting the light in a happy way. In the courtyard, twenty-one tables of banquets were seated in an airtight manner, and all the heads were pressed in black. Servants and maidservants shuttled in and out, hot dishes and fragrant wine pulp were constantly served to the tables, the aroma of wine and meat mixed with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, really intoxicating.

Xiao Mu was holding a glass of wine and did not say anything, but Wu Hao, the seventh senior brother beside him, said loudly: “Today, my master has been re-elected as the martial arts master of the three southwestern provinces, which is a great joy that has never been seen in the martial arts of the three provinces. My brothers and I would like to drink a toast on behalf of my master to thank you all for your support of our Chaoyang Villa. Don’t worry, as long as my master is here and Chaoyang Villa is here, we will have a good life in the martial arts of the three provinces!”

The crowd shouted, “Master Guan is highly respected and righteous, and his re-election as the Master is expected by all!” “Master Guan’s skills are superior to those of the others, and his Green Dragon Sword Technique is so perfect that we are naturally convinced!” “The three provinces are fortunate to have an alliance leader!” ……

Wuxia Story

Xiao Mu and Wu Hao drank three cups in a row, then, Wu Hao, who has always been quite popular, was pulled into the banquet, while Xiao Mu walked out of the courtyard door.

Outside the courtyard, there was no night watchman, and all the soldiers had gone to drink. The Chaoyang Mountain Villa is the honor of the martial arts in the three provinces, at the moment the masters in the Villa are like a cloud, who else does not know what to do to cause trouble?

Not far from the villa is a small lotus pond, lotus leaves began to wither, hanging in the wind crunching and swaying. In the distance, the mountains are undulating, filled with blue fog. The moonlight is very bright, the shadow in the moon looks really like a tree, if there is really a thousand years lonely god in the moon, then is she also looking at the ground also lonely Xiao Mu?

Ten years ago, master Guan Chaoyang defeated the former three provinces martial arts alliance Tian Zhengyu, ten years after the reconvening of the martial arts conference match for the marshal, defeated the challenge of the Qingcheng faction master Yu Da, point Cang faction master Luo Hanfeng, butterfly springside butterfly fairy Li Jianghong, these three were defeated a number of masters, martial arts is very powerful, but they have all lost under the master’s Green Dragon knife. Master’s blue dragon knife method is indeed more and more exquisite, although Xiao Mu as a disciple, familiar with the knife method moves, but see those moves by the master to make, still feel dazzled, heartbeat increased.

Guan Chaoyang is forty-nine years old, and his tall body is well maintained, with no signs of fattening. Xiao Mu through the boiling crowd, vaguely heard the master’s loud laughter. The twenty-one tables in the courtyard are seated in the three provinces of the sects of the disciples of the children, the Chaoyang Villa, the gathering of the six tables in the Hall of fine seats, hospitality to the various sects of the master and the famous people, the master and Xiao Mu’s five brothers are in the hall to sing and drink. Life must be happy, a man has come to this point in the master, indeed, can be happy to drink. But Xiaomu does not know why, the noise and laughter coming from the mountain villa, but he is inexplicably disappointed.

“Xiaomu, Xiaomu, come and help me drink a few cups ……” This is the seventh senior brother Wu Hao calling him from the courtyard. Wu Hao is a year older than him, but he was initiated first, Wu Hao usually calls him “Sixth Brother”, but Wu Hao is already drunk, and when he is drunk, he will call him by name.

Instead of saying yes, Xiao Mu walked slowly toward the stone stairs leading down the hill to the west of the courtyard. He drank a few cups of Luzhou Daqu, the wine was fragrant and strong, a rare and good wine indeed, and he already felt his body limbs warm and his face glowing. He does not know how to drink, not even very good at anything, and he has only learned twenty to thirty percent of his master’s most masterful Green Dragon Blade Technique. He knew that his brothers were secretly blaming him, and his eldest brother Guanshan and second brother Guan Yue were especially unhappy with him, they were his master’s sons, and they were afraid that he would one day disgrace the Chaoyang Villa.

Xiao Mu has just turned twenty and has been initiated for seven years. When his parents died, kind-hearted neighbors sent him to the Chaoyang Villa as a servant, so that he would not worry about three meals, and not worry about being bullied by others. Because he was clean and neat-looking, and did not like to talk, he soon let the second young master allocated to do the personal attendant. Follow the second young master’s life is not easy, the second young master is proud of tight, a bad will slightly show fist, let the underlings to follow the big suffer. But although Xiao Mu is not smart, not too stupid, and know their own life, especially tolerant, so the days are still day by day down. Sometimes the disciples of Guan Chaoyang practice martial arts, holding towels to serve the second young master he also had to be present, but he was born with little interest in martial arts, since they will not take advantage of the opportunity to steal learning. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first of these is the one in which the person who is the youngest disciple of Guan Chaoyang is the same age as Xiao Mu, and his father is the late former martial arts leader of the three provinces, Tian Zhengyu, who, despite his privileged background, does not have any attitude, and is particularly close to Xiao Mu, and often finds opportunities to play in one place. On that day, the second young master Guan Yue and his disciples had a fight, the young Tian Qiuwu will learn the two moves of the Qinglong knife dance a mess, the irritated Guan Yue angrily whistled a knife cut to Tian Qiuwu face. This knife cold light dazzling, the momentum is harsh, a little short of control, Tian Qiwu will be seriously injured. At that time, Xiao Mu did not think anything,  an arrow step rushed forward to pounce on Tian Qiwu, heard the crowd screaming, he reached out to touch his face, see the hand full of blood, this is to know, his left face has left a long knife wound. Because of this knife, his fate changed – Guan Chaoyang accepted him as a disciple. Guan Chaoyang said, a person’s martial arts is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to have a chivalrous and courageous heart. Bad martial arts can be diligently learned and practiced, but poor character is very difficult to become good.

Xiao Mu suddenly smiled faintly. Master is really a kind man, he does not like to practice martial arts, martial arts skills are low, the master does not blame him, let him love to practice it. Guanshan, Guan Yue’s martial arts is a family tradition, naturally extraordinary, the rest of the brothers are practicing hard, but he noticed that occasionally, the master looked at them, as in a few stupid cows and horses as helpless. They are in the jianghu wind, pretending to be extraordinary, how do they know that everyone is for the Chaoyang Villa, for the golden face of Guan alliance and all the courtesy?

On the stone level slowly came a person, a gray clothes light, the footsteps are also light. Xiao Mu just saw him when he was still tens of steps away, and when he wanted to gaze closely, the man was already in front of him.

The visitor is a teenager, with a beautiful body, a pale face, and two eyes so black that they glow. He grinned, revealing a mouthful of neat, snow-white teeth, and said, “Dare I ask if this is the Chaoyang Villa?”

Sunrise Villa is more than ten feet in front of him, the lights are bright, the noise is like thunder. Without waiting for an answer, he said, “This must be it. Are you a member of the villa? I have come here to congratulate Lord Guan on his wedding, please introduce yourself. In his left hand, he held a silver box with a large piece of lustrous jade embedded on it.

When a person becomes a martial arts master, it is inevitable that there will be people who will come to cling to him. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The young man smiled and said, “I will give my name when I meet with the alliance master Guan.” He looked dashing and slightly reserved, obviously thinking very highly of himself.

Xiao Mu thought he thought he was a guardsman, so he didn’t mind and said, “Please come with me.”

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