Wuxia Story: How did she die

Long ago, there was a family surnamed Li outside the southern suburbs of the capital. The Li family talks about wealth. Men and women, young and old, like to dance guns and stick. It can be regarded as a famous Wulin family. Member Li has many sons and daughters. One of the four young ladies has not married yet, but she may have married the son of a big boxer in Lingnan. Although she has not met, she will get married soon.


Li Yuanwai thought he could enjoy happiness from now on, but unexpectedly, his daughter suddenly died strangely. Early that morning, people found that Miss Si was covered with wet thick yellow paper and suffocated in the boudoir with intact doors and windows and self locked inside. The fourth young lady was dressed neatly and looked quite calm. There was nothing unusual about her, but her left hand was placed on her left shoulder. There were no signs of fighting in the room, and none of the jewelry was lost. Everything at the scene made people believe that she committed suicide, and the newly written brief suicide note was found—— It seems impossible for the four young ladies who stay at home to have enemies, and the possibility of robbing money and sex has been ruled out.

How did she die

In his early years, member Li was an old Jianghu man and was suspicious. The more others think of suicide, the more he doesn’t believe it. He thought, although the fourth daughter has excellent martial arts and is unlikely to be plotted against, does she have reason to commit suicide? Is it necessary to cover your nose and mouth with yellow paper with water? Such a method of death is simply torture, and the process of suffocation is extremely painful; Therefore, in most cases, as long as the hands and feet are not bound, suicide will be forcibly stopped. When Li Yuanwai thought of this, he couldn’t help but say in a cruel voice: “it can’t be suicide! I must find out the murderer“


Li Yuanwai is well-informed, but he still can’t imagine that a normal person can hold his breath until death. Breathing is a human instinct. If the fourth daughter has this skill, there’s no need for yellow paper. If he did, who would it be? He couldn’t understand it, so he invited Hu bugui, who is known as the first divine catcher in the world.


At noon the next day, the fat man Hu bugui arrived with the coroner. The coroner was busy for a long time. The autopsy result was suffocation. There were no traces of hands and feet bound by ropes. There were no internal injuries and diseases on the body. It also ruled out the rumors about the four young ladies’ unmarried pregnancy. Hu buguian sat in the master’s chair, sipped his tea and said slowly, “I’ll go to the lady’s room alone for a while.”


After a long time, Hu bugui went out and called the maid and mother around Miss Si to enter the room one by one. It was getting late. Hu bugui asked to see member Li and said his findings after an investigation. Hu bugui said that the case has the following doubts:


1、The buckle inside the door and window doesn’t explain anything.


Hu Bu GUI found that the bottom of Miss’s bed was quite clean, there was no dust on the floor, and there was no spider silk between the bed board and the wall. The murderer may still be in the room after killing, just hiding under the bed or hanging under the bed board. When the servants hit the door, screamed and ran to tell the news in the morning, they escaped. According to the maid, the scene was really chaotic at that time. The male servants were afraid to enter the room due to etiquette and law, and Zhu Yuanwai and other martial arts experts had never been in the room. She also said that miss four loves cleanliness, so the room is often cleaned, and the bottom of the bed is always clean.


Member Li only nodded.


2、The cause of death was indeed suffocation covered with yellow paper.


The first is confession to support this conclusion. Secondly, Hu bugui learned that when she found the body of miss four, the yellow paper on her face and nose was concave and dry, which was obviously caused by miss four’s breathing before she died.


It was dark outside, and there was silence in the dark. Hu Bu GUI felt a little cold.


3、What is the motive for death?


Hu bugui analyzed that if it is suicide, the reason is inseparable from a word of love. It is understood that the fourth young lady has a high heart and has no lover so far. She is not very satisfied with the marriage at present. If it was a homicide, the reason is also estimated to be related to the marriage. Perhaps someone was worried that Miss Si’s refusal to marry would cause trouble and affect the reputation of both sides, so she was killed.


Member Li’s vulva was gloomy and listened carefully, but he didn’t answer.


4、How did miss four die? How to cover the yellow paper? This is the most critical point, Hu does not return.


We know that when he kills, if there is no external force to control his hands and feet, press his head and the thick wet paper, the dead will not sit and wait to die. Therefore, either the deceased was drugged and couldn’t wake up, or the deceased was hit with all the major acupoints in his body. From the field situation, the possibility of overpowering drugs is almost zero, and it can only be acupoints. The same is true of suicide.


There was a puzzled look on Li Yuanwai’s face. Hu does not return to the Tao. After death, Qi and blood stop running. After a day, the meridians are flexed and relaxed, and the acupoints are released early. Therefore, there are no signs of congestion and acupoint restriction during the autopsy. The fourth young lady may have been hit with acupoints and could not move. Hearing this, Li Yuanwai’s face changed and said anxiously, “so he killed me! Who’s the killer“


Hu bugui was still relaxed and said, “the murderer should reach out and sniff in order to know whether lingai is dead or not. If he was smart enough, he would take away the yellow paper on Ling AI’s face. In this way, the cause of death is even more elusive. However, the Yellow mounting paper on the scene remained intact“


“It’s more likely to make love point acupoints. She first lay on the bed, covered her face with wet yellow paper, and carefully pasted it. Because everyone can hold their breath for a short period of time, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable at this time. She can calmly point the key points of her whole body. According to my guess, she should first point the acupoints and dumb acupoints at the head and neck, then point the important acupoints in the lower body, seal the acupoints on her right arm, and finally point the shoulder well acupoint on her left arm. Ling AI is left-handed, so when people found her body, their left hand was placed on their left shoulder, and the posture was quite unusual. I also found a nail print on the Yellow mounting paper. I think it was left by Ling AI when she ordered acupoints on her face through thick paper. If he kills, the killer must first point Ling AI’s acupoints and then paste yellow paper. There will be no nail prints on the paper“ Hu said again.


Member Li nodded frequently, shook his head and said, “suicide, alas.” His expression was quite strange, as if mixed with disappointment and surprise, as well as a kind of confused sadness. When he learned the truth and lost his enemy, he was at a loss, and the grief began to really spread. He obviously believed Hu bugui’s investigation and inference.


On the way home, the coroner asked, Constable Hu, the young lady will die if she wants to die. Why is it so complicated? Hu bugui sat comfortably in the soft sedan chair and said, I ask you, how many decent ways can a woman with first-class martial arts commit suicide?


Well, if you throw yourself into a river or a well, you won’t die. Hanging yourself won’t work. It’s hard to take poison and cut your veins. It’s OK to kill yourself, but it’s a good way to cut off your meridians.


Hu didn’t return. The young lady likes cleanliness and beauty, so she won’t choose the way of suicide and pulse cutting. Her martial arts are not good enough to solve acupoints and cut off meridians, but it is not easy to hang and take poison to death. In order to prevent the suicide process from being disturbed, the young lady specially buckled the doors and windows from the inside.


The coroner seemed to understand, but suddenly shouted, Constable Hu, if the murderer was an acquaintance of Miss, knew that she was left-handed, knew that her boudoir was often cleaned by servants, and knew that you might carry out reasoning and investigation in this way, so he skillfully set up a mysterious array that looked like suicide, deliberately didn’t take away the yellow paper, and specially left finger marks on the paper…..


The coroner felt a sudden shock in the soft sedan, and Hu bugui slipped down from the sedan in surprise.

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