Wuxia Story: Kill the king of hearts

Plot 1. Jianghu Secrets

In recent days, Lu Bancheng has not thought of tea and rice, and his life has encountered an unprecedented barrier. If this barrier is passed, it will be a good day for good clothes and food; If he can’t make it, he may become a completely lost dog.

Looking up at the daughter-in-law and son in the partial hall, Lu Bancheng sighed and walked out of the courtyard door into the street. If you want to say that you are also the number one person in huncheng, with good interpersonal relations and exquisite gambling skills for more than ten years, your “half city gambling house” has been the number one in the whole huncheng. Warlords, bandits and dignitaries from all walks of life are regular customers of the gambling house. As the business of the gambling house gets bigger and bigger, the waist of the road and half of the city gradually hardens and likes to pull out the top in case of trouble. However, the Xiao family, another rich man in huncheng, was not happy. The business of the Xiao family’s gambling house was run down sharply. Xiao Mazi, the leader of the Xiao family, is not a good kind. Relying on the support of director Wu of the police station, he has been looking for stubbles in half the city gambling house recently.

Kill the king of hearts

The two families are already in the same boat and are ready to fight. A few days ago, the two families clashed again in the theater. Pockmarked Xiao stamped his foot and arched his hand and said, “Lord Lu, you and I are also dignified people in this muddy city. Otherwise, our two sons run gambling houses, so we will win or lose on the gambling table. If anyone loses in five days, we will not only give up his gambling house, but also leave muddy city with his daughter-in-law and children. We are not allowed to step into muddy city from now on!” At that time, Lu Bancheng was competitive, coupled with a group of lively arch fires in the theater, he immediately agreed.

Now think about regret. If you lose, the half city gambling house you worked hard to run will change its brand name. Moreover, it is not easy to take root in one place in these years of chaos. In terms of gambling, they are equal. However, since Xiao Mazi has put forward it, he must have a certain victory. Lu Bancheng thought that he must think of a way to win without losing, otherwise he will fall into a big somersault this time.

In his distress, he suddenly saw a wandering Taoist at the corner of the long street, 50 or 60 years old, with a pinch of goatee. “Count the past, the future, the past and the present”, the old Taoist shouted constantly. When Lu Bancheng was about to leave, the old Taoist priest said, “benefactor, I think you’re worried because you’re worried. How about the old Taoist performing a trick to relieve your boredom? The name of this trick is’ two dragons playing with pearls’.”

What is “two dragons playing with pearls”? This is a set of magical folk skills. It only needs two porcelain bowls, one green and one yellow, two small balls, and two wooden sticks. Each of the two porcelain bowls covers a small ball. The performer uses a wooden stick to cross tap the bottom of the bowl back and forth. The bystander can guess which bowl is covered with cyan glass ball and which is yellow glass ball. Onlookers watched the performer put the glass ball under the porcelain bowl, but they often couldn’t guess.

While talking, the old Taoist had set the porcelain bowl, put two small balls of green and yellow on the bottom of the bowl, and took out two wooden sticks with thick and thin fingers. A flying dragon was engraved on each stick, which was very interesting. Knock the bottom of the bowl back and forth with two wooden sticks. The faster you knock. Lu Bancheng guessed dozens of times, but he didn’t win once. Obviously, it looks like a yellow ball, but when it is opened, it is a green ball, but when it is opened, it is a yellow ball. Finally, Lu Bancheng was discouraged. The old Taoist stopped and said with a smile, “the old Taoist knows that the donor is worried. He must want to find a way to win without losing.”

As soon as Lu Bancheng heard that the other party might really be a Taoist, he quickly told Xiao Mazi about the gambling fight and begged the old Taoist to offer advice to ensure that he would only win but not lose. They came to a private room in the restaurant. After they had enough to eat and drink, the old Taoist told him that they had learned strange skills. As long as they did it according to their own methods, they would be able to win without losing at the gambling table.

Half the city was very happy. The old Taoist said it was a secret skill handed down by his ancestors. Just as all things in the world have spirituality, there is also a god named “the king of hearts” in playing cards. “The king of hearts” is the spirit of all playing cards. Anyone who gets it can use it freely and win every bet.

When a newly dead person is buried, a deck of playing cards is buried with the dead. After the dead were buried, they came back on the third night. At 12:00 in the night, when Yin and yang are transferred, the old Taoist priest sets up an altar, and the “king of hearts” will appear. At this time, as long as someone kills the “king of hearts”, when he gambles in the future, he will automatically change the cards he wants in his mind.

Lu Bancheng just saw the unique skill of the old Taoist “two dragons playing with pearls” and saw his words. In order to save his family and life, he decided to fight the “king of hearts” in order to win the bet. It happened that Uncle Li in the city was out of breath and was preparing to be buried. Lu Bancheng only needs to spend some money to secretly take care of the servants of the Li family and move their hands and feet when they are buried.

When everything was ready, it was the third night in the twinkling of an eye. At about twelve o’clock, the old Taoist priest set up a Dharma altar next to Uncle Li’s tomb, put up eight command flags around it, chanted words in his mouth, handed Lu Bancheng a sword and said, “come to the tomb and the ‘King of hearts’ will come out immediately. As soon as you see it, you will kill him immediately. That’s it!” Lu Bancheng took the sword and nodded.

It was dark around the grave. Lu Bancheng, holding a lantern in his hand and a sword in his hand, fell in the grass. Just before 12 o’clock, I suddenly saw a white smoke rising from Uncle Li’s grave, and then a man in armor jumped out, his face white and terrible. Seeing this, Lu Bancheng trembled, ran a few steps, and stabbed the “king of hearts” in the abdomen with a sword. Hearing a scream of “ah”, the “king of hearts” struggled and fell down.

Half the city was trembling with fear. How dare you look back and run away. Suddenly, it lit up all around. Only a familiar voice shouted, “half the city, you killed someone. Where are you going?”

Plot 2. A clever plan

Half the city was stunned. Suddenly, several policemen with guns appeared around, led by director Wu and pockmarked Xiao of the police station. A policeman wiped off the makeup on the face of the “king of hearts” and said, “report to the director, this is Uncle Li’s son, Li San, who has died.” pockmarked Xiao gloated and said, “Lord Lu, you killed someone. I’m afraid you’ll have to squat this time.” director Wu said “take it away”, and the two policemen came forward and handcuffed Lu Bancheng.

Half the way back to the city, he roared, “pockmarked Xiao, you dog, how dare you frame me?” pockmarked Xiao clapped his hands. The old Taoist hurriedly walked over with a smile. Xiao Mazi said proudly, “Lu Bancheng, you are a murderer now. You can’t live for a few days. I’ll let you die more clearly.” then he told the whole story.

Long before they set up a gambling game, pockmarked Xiao had planned it. While ordering the old Taoist to lure Lu Bancheng, he found Li San on the other side. Uncle Li has just died. Li San is a famous filial son. He is looking for Taoists all over the city to do great things and surpass the soul of his old father. Xiao Mazi strongly recommended the old Taoist priest and asked Li San to dress up as the “king of hearts” three days after his old father was buried. He said that this could help his old father redeem his sins and the dead soul could rise to bliss forever. Li San was the most filial person, so he agreed in a muddle headed way.

In order to win the bet, half the city here listened to the old Taoist and killed the “king of hearts” disguised by Li San. Xiao Mazi had already made an appointment with director Wu. When he waited for a killer in half the city, he got stolen goods and was charged with murder.

Xiao Mazi took out a silver ticket, put it on the table and said, “Lord Lu, I’ll add another 200000 ocean.” the crowd opened with a “wow”, and their eyes fell on Lu Bancheng.

Lu Bancheng looked at each other and took out four 50000 silver tickets from him and spread them on the table. This is all his wealth. Pockmarked Xiao smiled and said, “happy! Master Lu, as soon as the cards are revealed, one of us will leave huncheng. Well, shopkeeper Wang, go and bring a pot of wine. I’ll touch Master Lu and give each other a farewell.”

Shopkeeper Wang brought the wine long ago. Xiao Mazi said, “Lord Lu, you are several years older than me. According to the rules, I should call you big brother. I’ll give you a bowl of water and wine here to show my respect.”

Lu Bancheng looked at the bowl of wine on the table and felt that there was a problem in the wine. Just as he hesitated, Xiao Mazi said, “Lord Lu is afraid there is something wrong with this wine?” then he picked it up and drank it. Lu Bancheng still hesitated. Pockmarked Xiao said, “the big guys are watching. Lu still won’t appreciate it?”

Half the city couldn’t. He picked up the wine and was about to drink it up. Suddenly, he ate a fried chestnut on his forehead and took away the wine bowl in his hand. I don’t know where a drunken old beggar came out. He was carrying the bowl of wine in his hand. He said drunkenly, “smelly boy, how dare you rob uncle’s wine. I’m impatient.” as soon as he tilted his neck and was about to pour it down, he was staggering and unstable, and a bowl of wine was spilled on the table. As soon as shopkeeper Wang saw that the table was all wet, he had to suggest that the gambling game be suspended and cover their cards in a sieve cup. He ordered the waiter to coax the old beggar out quickly, and then wipe the table with a rag.

After a cup of tea, they sat down again. Lu Bancheng said, “come on! Let’s show our cards.” they almost opened their cards at the same time. Xiao Mazi shouted, “my card is plum blossom Q.” but everyone laughed. When Xiao Mazi looked at the table, his card turned into a heart 8, and plum blossom Q was Lu Bancheng’s card!

Lu Bancheng was also surprised, and then said with a smile, “I’m willing to admit defeat. Mr. Xiao, accept it!” pockmarked Xiao sat motionless. It was clear that his card was plum blossom Q. how could he suddenly become a heart 8? The outcome was decided. Lu Bancheng proudly asked his entourage to accept the silver ticket on the table. When he went out, he said, “Lord Xiao, don’t forget the original gambling appointment, so as not to make the old and young men of huncheng laugh. I don’t want to see you in huncheng tomorrow morning.”

Out of the teahouse, Lu Bancheng ordered his followers to go first. He wanted to be alone. On the gambling table just now, my card was clearly a heart 8. How could it turn into a plum Q in the blink of an eye? After crossing the stone bridge, Lu Bancheng was about to go home. Suddenly, a voice said, “benefactor Lu, did you win at the gambling table just now?”

Lu Bancheng turned around and saw that it was an old Taoist who cheated himself a few days ago. The old Taoist smiled and said, “I know you must be wondering. I’ve been drowned in the lake by pockmarked Xiao. How can I still be alive now? Unfortunately, God didn’t accept me. That day at the bottom of the lake, I touched a stone and grinded the rope with a stone to get back my life.” Lu Bancheng thought of the old Taoist’s layout to harm himself and said sarcastically: “Oh? That Taoist priest is really lucky.”

The old Taoist priest was not angry and said, “benefactor Lu, I lied to you before, but I just saved your life. We’re even.” Lu Bancheng pointed to himself and wondered, “you just saved my life?”

The old Taoist priest then said the thrilling moment on the gambling table just now. In fact, when pockmarked Xiao knew that Lu Bancheng had been released, he decided to kill him, bribed shopkeeper Wang and played tricks in their licensing. In this way, pockmarked Xiao could win without losing, but he still refused to rest, and put a chronic poison in the bowl of wine. When shopkeeper Wang brought it up, pockmarked Xiao knew that Lu Bancheng was afraid of wine The question refused to drink, so he drank a bowl first to dispel Lu Bancheng’s doubts. But the poison was put on the bowl. Xiao Mazi’s wine bowl was no problem, and Lu Bancheng’s was coated with colorless and tasteless poison. After the old Taoist escaped from death, he secretly monitored Xiao Mazi’s every move and had figured out his plot, so he disguised as an old beggar and grabbed the wine at the critical moment , he also deliberately spilled wine on the table, making the gambling impossible.

The old Taoist continued, “do you remember the trick of ‘two dragons playing with pearls’ when I first saw you? When I robbed your wine, I changed your cards in the chaos on the court.” Lu Bancheng was in a cold sweat when he thought about it. He hurried to take him home and thank him again. The old Taoist shook his head and said: “No, I’ve been cheated for most of my life. I’ve learned a lesson after this robbery. Almsgiver Lu, I’d like to advise you here: you can’t win a bet for a long time. Take care!” after that, I hummed and walked away.

Lu Bancheng thought about it for a while. After returning home, he sold his valuable belongings overnight, dismissed the servants, and got into the carriage out of the city with his family. His daughter-in-law was reluctant and said, “half city, we really want to go?” Lu Bancheng nodded and said decisively: “Yes! Pockmarked Xiao is insidious and supported by director Wu. Now the world is chaotic. I’m afraid he’ll take revenge if he loses the bet.” he immediately ordered the coachman to beat his horse out of the city.

With the sound of “driving”, the carriage began to drive quickly towards the city gate. As soon as I walked a short distance, I saw thick smoke blowing not far behind me. I just heard a mess around, like someone shouting fire. Half the way, I opened the corner of the curtain and looked back. It was my house where the smoke came from.

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