Wuxia Story: Legend of Wu Sheng

Jianghu life is gorgeous, with fast horses, light fur and beautiful wine. How many hot-blooded teenagers have attracted. Young master Yang has a rich family and doesn’t have to work hard for his livelihood. If he stays at home, he will become a scholar and poet who recites poetry and Fu like the eldest son, but he has no hesitation to step into the Jianghu.

The duel between top experts is definitely a big event in the Jianghu. The story of the five masters Hua Shan discussing swords has been spread in the Jianghu for decades. Even after hundreds of years, it is still talked about with relish. Yang ER was lucky. He caught up with such a once-in-a-century event soon after he entered the Jianghu.

 Legend of Wu Sheng

It turned out that just a few years ago, a demon named crazy Yanluo appeared in the Jianghu. He did all kinds of evil, but his martial arts were extremely high. Some famous heroes in the Wulin tried to get rid of evil, but they all failed. Even the first Mingdao master of Shaolin Dharma Hall who claimed that his martial arts had been improved died under his sword. The whole Wulin is about to face a catastrophe. At this time, Wu Sheng, who had lived in seclusion for many years, resolutely went out of the mountain and agreed with crazy Yama to decide on life and death at the top of Mount Tai on July 15.

Wu Sheng never lost before he lived in seclusion, so he got the title of Wu Sheng. Similarly, crazy Yama never lost after Wu Sheng lived in seclusion. The duel between the two masters in the world is naturally a sensation in the Jianghu. Everyone wants to see it, not to mention a contest between justice and evil.

As soon as July came, countless people began to gather in Mount Tai from all directions. Among them, there were not only heroes wandering the Jianghu, but also many smart businessmen. Businessmen will not miss any lively scene, especially the duel between the two experts. The people who go to watch the war are all Jianghu giants who spend a lot of money, which is their opportunity to make money. But the most profitable is the local businessmen in Taishan.

Wangyue building is a restaurant in Tai’an City. Because the location is not very good, the business has always been light. But after July, there are many friends here every day. Those who come late can only find a seat after the previous group of people eat well. However, people in the Jianghu have more or less such grudges. In the past, people from all over the world may not be able to meet them. Now when they meet on a narrow road, there will inevitably be friction and conflict. That day, Huainan gang and Cao Gang worked in Wangyue building. We need to use the knife here, and half of the guests left immediately. All of them are businessmen. They come to make money, but they also know that if they are injured by mistake, this trip will become a loss making business. Those left are people from the Jianghu. People in the Jianghu think they are heroes. If they are afraid to avoid this storm, what face will they have to gain a foothold in the Jianghu in the future? Yang Er also thought he was from the Jianghu, so he didn’t go. Instead of going, he pretended to be leisurely and drank and ate food calmly.

While talking, there was a fight over there. The tables and chairs fell down in the restaurant, and the cups and plates flew sideways. One cup even flew past by wiping the tip of Yang er’s nose. Yang ER was still in shock, but he was suddenly pulled away from the restaurant. When he waited outside, Yang Er saw that he was a dirty old man with gray hair. He couldn’t help feeling grateful, but he pretended to be angry and said, “old man, why did you pull me out?”

The old man smiled and said, “young man, I know you are brave and not afraid of this scene, but didn’t you come to see the martial Saint duel with crazy Yama? What’s the meaning of their fight? It’s better to find a place to have a few more drinks. What do you think?” this remark not only complimented Yang Er, but also made a decent explanation for his leaving the place of right and wrong, It made him very useful. He couldn’t help but say happily, “that’s right. What’s your name, elder?”

The old man shook his head and said, “I’m just a nobody. You won’t know my name if you don’t say it.” Yang ER was even happier this time. When he first entered the Jianghu, he was lonely and unknown. He really felt inferior in front of those famous Jianghu heroes. Now he met an unknown person like him, and he immediately felt relieved. Sure enough, he took the old man to another place and had a few drinks. Later, Yang Er learned that the conflict in Wangyue building turned into a scuffle, killing and wounding more than a dozen people, and most of the casualties were not from Huainan gang and Cao Gang.

July 15, sunny, cloudless sky. Yang Er got up early in the morning and went up the mountain. He wants to climb the Zhongtian gate before the sun comes out. It’s windy on the mountain, so he won’t feel too hot. Of course, if he goes early, he can still occupy a good position. But he didn’t expect that he was still late. When he arrived at the 18th set, it was already overcrowded. People who went up the mountain could only squeeze and move their feet. Even people with lightness skills could not use them at all. It can be seen how sensational the duel was. It seems that the whole Jianghu people gathered here.

However, when Yang ER was about to reach the South Tianmen gate, the people above returned. At this time, Yang Er knew that the decisive battle between Wu Sheng and crazy Yama was actually July 14. Now the battle has already ended, and crazy Yama has also been killed by Wu Sheng. So it seems that the two of them played a big joke on the whole Jianghu. People came from all directions for one

Seeing this vast war, who knows, it just got a result. At first, like many people, Yang Er felt fooled, but he thought carefully that Wu Sheng and crazy Yama were helpless to do so. Imagine so many people rushing up the mountain. Mount Tai is extremely overcrowded and noisy. How can they concentrate on dueling. Master duel is the most taboo

If you are distracted, you may never have a chance to be distracted again, because you are dead, not to mention hurting the innocent.

Nevertheless, Yang er’s mood is still a little lost. When the world’s two masters fought a duel, he finally bowed to the grand meeting, but what should he say when his children asked about the duel? Can it be said that when he arrived at Mount Tai all the way, he just went to the 18th set and didn’t even see the face of wusheng and crazy hell? Fortunately, however, his loss was soon made up for. Just a few days after he left Mount Tai, he found that someone in the market was selling a booklet about the World War I between Wu Sheng and crazy Yama at the top of Mount Tai. It seems that there are other experts in the Jianghu. Although the martial saint and crazy Yan Luo stole a change on the duel date, they still saw through it. They not only saw the duel, but also wrote

Come out and share with the Jianghu people. Yang Erru got the treasure, quickly bought one and read it with relish.

The pamphlet says that in the early morning of July 14, the sky was clear and clear, and two figures stood opposite the top of Mount Tai. The one with black clothes, black hair and black beard is crazy Yama, and the one standing opposite him is wusheng, who is white and has white hair and white beard. They stood motionless, as if they had turned into two stone statues, but within ten feet of them, the weeds had gradually withered and yellow, and the small stones on the ground were cracking and turning into powder. There was a little Taoist in Yuhuang temple. He was uneasy about his morning class. He slipped out quietly to play. When he saw two people standing motionless on the top of the mountain, he was very curious and wanted to come and have a look. But before he came to him, he felt that the clothes in front of him were broken, flying in the air like a butterfly, and even the chickens were exposed. He was so scared that he hurried back to escape.

This is the murderous spirit that destroys people in the invisible. Wu Sheng and crazy Yama seem to be standing still. In fact, the battle has already begun. This competition of internal power is also the most dangerous. The party with weak internal power has no possibility to retreat, so he can only wait for his internal power to dry up and die. In fact, when the little Taoist came, Wu Sheng had the upper hand, and crazy Yama’s forehead was sweating, but Wu shengzhai was kind-hearted. He was afraid of hurting the little Taoist and took back his internal power a little. Crazy Yan Luo would not miss this hard won opportunity. He immediately screamed and jumped back, out of the internal power range of the martial saint. So this time, the little Taoist saved the life of crazy hell.

However, as long as he doesn’t compete for internal power on the spot, the party with weak internal power will not necessarily lose. He can also make up for it with exquisite moves. Of course, crazy Yan Luo will not admit defeat at this point, not to mention his internal power is only slightly inferior to the martial saint. Only hear a dragon sing, crazy hell sword is out of scabbard. The martial arts of crazy hell comes from a martial arts secret script he accidentally got. The secret script was written by a martial arts wizard 200 years ago. All the records in it are not the best and most exquisite martial arts in the world. However, he has only studied for a short time, so his internal power is slightly inferior to that of the martial saint. However, no one can surpass him in terms of the subtlety of the moves, especially the Yanluo sword technique, which is infinitely powerful. The first Mingdao master of Shaolin Dharma hall died under this sword technique.

The shadows of the swords spread all over the world. For a time, the sky and the earth lost color. There were only two colors left between the heaven and the earth. The white one was the sword light and the black one was the shadow of the sword. The martial saint was surrounded like a small boat in the rough waves.

Looking at Wu Sheng again, he was really like a boat in the wind and waves, drifting with the waves in a dense sword light and shadow, but he let the wind and waves rise and sat firmly in the fishing boat. It seemed very dangerous, but he always saved the danger properly. The martial saint can dissolve any subtle moves into the invisible Tai Chi. Tai Chi stresses that four or two pounds are pulled, and there are moves to win without moves. Therefore, the martial Saint seems to be on the defensive in this battle, but it is not easy for crazy Yama to hurt him.

Everything has both positive and negative aspects, and the same is true of Yama sword. Although the power of Yan Luo sword is incomparable, it also consumes real Qi. After this round of fierce attack, the crazy Yan Luo’s real Qi has been gone. He also felt that he could not delay any longer, and finally used the unique skill in the sword technique. This unique skill has a long name, called “the king of hell wants you to die in the third watch. Who can keep people until the fifth watch”. No one in the world can escape the arrest of the king of hell, so this move must be killed and there is no solution. Wu Sheng couldn’t solve this move, and he didn’t solve it. His body suddenly flew up, and took a turn in the air. At the moment when the long sword was about to reach him, he hid behind a stone wall. The huge stone wall, which had stood for millions of years, collapsed with a loud bang like a thunderbolt, and Wu Sheng threw out his sword in this piece of sand and stone, and hit the crazy hell at once.

Crazy hell is dead. Wu Sheng did not walk away, but dug a hole to bury him, and even shed a few heroic tears. In fact, when fighting, the martial Saint saw that the martial arts of crazy hell came from the martial arts script 200 years ago. He knows that by practicing the martial arts in that secret script, he can quickly become a top expert, but his mind will become crazy. So, crazy Yama is actually a victim.

Seeing this, Yang Er couldn’t help boiling blood. He praised the martial saint’s peerless skill and compassion, as well as the crazy Yama Festival. Without such a powerful opponent as crazy Yama, how can you set off the supreme martial arts of the martial saint who is arrogant in the world? How can we achieve this wonderful legend? Yang Er suddenly had an uncontrollable impulse to tell the legend to others for everyone to share. He held a person, no matter who it was, and spoke passionately. But the man didn’t seem interested. He turned his eyes and left after listening to two sentences. Yang ER was unwilling and grabbed another man. This time, the man reacted, but he pointed to the opposite side and asked Yang Er to go by himself. Yang Er went to the other side and saw that it was a teahouse. A storyteller was telling stories vividly. What he said was the decisive battle between Wu Sheng and crazy yanluotai mountain. Yang Er knew that the war had already swept the Jianghu. No wonder no one wanted to listen to him.

Yang Er came out of the teahouse dejectedly, but he was overjoyed to see the sloppy old man who pulled him out of the Wangyue building passing by in a hurry. He knows that the old man likes drinking, especially the wine invited by others. As long as he invites him to drink, he can’t listen to him. He took a few steps to hold the old leader and said, “Sir, we met again. Maybe this is fate? In that case, how about I buy you a few more drinks?”

There seemed to be something wrong with the old man. He looked a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of good wine and was pulled into a restaurant by Yang er. Yang Er ordered wine and vegetables and began to tell the old man. After hearing this, the old man stared at Yang er with derision and said, “how can you believe the story told by the storyteller?”

Yang Eryi was stunned, unconvinced and said, “how can this be a story? Think about it, the martial saint and crazy Yama are the top experts in the world, and the duel between them must be thrilling. Therefore, I believe that the contents in this booklet are true and written after someone witnessed the duel.”

The old man said, “but what I heard is different from what you said.”

Yang er said, “Oh, what did you hear?”

The old man said, “all I know is that this decisive battle did not happen, because before they started to fight, the martial Saint sneaked in and killed the crazy hell with a sword.”

Yang Er cried, “it’s impossible! Wu Sheng is a great master. Is he the kind of person who secretly makes attacks? Won’t he be laughed at by heroes all over the world?”

The old man said, “what’s to sneer at? The martial saint’s trip is not a martial arts competition, but to subdue demons and eliminate evil. The important thing is to achieve the goal, so why care about the means. Besides, crazy Yan Luo was trying to sneak attack the martial Saint at that time, but the martial saint was so fast.” Yang Er would not agree with the old man’s statement. He was about to continue to refute. Suddenly, a clear voice came from outside: “great hero, great hero, don’t go.”

Yang Er doesn’t know who the great hero is. The old man flustered and said, “no, the great beauty has come. I have to go quickly.” he left the table in a hurry and didn’t forget to drink up the wine in his glass before he left. Yang ER was stunned. He didn’t expect such a slovenly old man to have such a loud name. So, what is the number one person who is called the great beauty? At this time, the great beauty had entered the restaurant. Yang Er could hardly help laughing. It turned out that the so-called great beauty was a withered old woman who lacked two front teeth. He knew that the old man and the old lady were joking with each other. The old lady went to Yang ER and said, “where’s Wu Sheng?”

Yang Er stunned and said, “wusheng? What wusheng?”

The old lady said, “Wu Sheng was drinking with you just now. Dare you say you don’t know?” Yang ER was surprised that the sloppy old man was Wu Sheng? But on second thought, thinking that the old lady was still joking, she couldn’t help laughing and said, “mother-in-law, you’re joking a little too much.”

The old lady didn’t look like joking at all. She said angrily, “what’s the joke? I’m Shangguan Jiuniang never joking.” at this time, Yang Er suddenly remembered that there was a woman named Shangguan Jiuniang in the legend of wusheng, and there was a deep-rooted love between them. Then he knew that the old man was indeed Wu Sheng. Then of course, what he said about killing crazy hell with sneak attack is also true, and what is written in the pamphlet and told by the storyteller are fucking nonsense. In fact, on the other hand, the people who write brochures and storytellers are also businessmen, because they also want to make money. The decisive battle between wusheng and crazy Yama gives them a good opportunity to make money. How can they miss it.

As for why Wu Sheng ran away after meeting Shangguan Jiuniang, another Jianghu legend will appear soon. However, Yang ER was already discouraged and was no longer interested in caring about things in the Jianghu.

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