Wuxia Story: Liu San Kwai

During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Li Mingxiao, governor of Xunyang, took office. Every new official wants to make a big move when he takes office. Magistrate Li thinks about it and thinks that the top priority is to punish thieves. Because of successive years of disasters, the current emperor only focused on cultivating immortals and seeking Tao. The treacherous minister Yan Song was the current emperor, regardless of the life and death of the people, even hungry people everywhere and rampant thieves, Xunyang house is no exception. On his way to the post, he also encountered the patronage of thieves. A strong donkey carrying luggage was stolen in the post house, which made him very angry.

Before his ass was stable, the magistrate posted a notice in the whole area to catch the thief and offer a reward for silver, so that the thief had nowhere to hide.

This move really worked. Within ten days, the government office caught hundreds of thieves, large and small. For a moment, magistrate Li was a little floating.

 Liu San Kwai

This day, magistrate Li went to the court to ask about the case. He was shocked. He was about to call the guards to take the prisoner to the court. Suddenly, he felt that something was missing around him. When he looked down, he was surprised that the big seal on the case had disappeared! That’s good. If an official has no seal, he is the poor people. What else can he try? It’s a taboo to lose your seal at the beginning of taking office.

“Leave the hall!” magistrate Li shouted and hurriedly went into the inner room, which only stunned the Yamen servants under the hall. Magistrate Li secretly told the martial master about it. Then they looked for it in the government office. But they were allowed to overturn the whole government office without finding the official seal. So, is it the thief’s revenge? This official seal is the lifeblood of magistrate Li’s residence. It is always around. Which thief has such a high ability to steal it quietly around him?

It seems that this matter should not be publicized. We can only look for it secretly. Magistrate Li sent his confidants to inquire in the city one after another, but after a while, there was no news.

On the third day, someone reported to magistrate Li, and someone asked to see him outside the door. Magistrate Li is bothered. He asks who he is. His subordinates say he is a man in shabby clothes. Magistrate Li even said to kick the man out. My subordinates nodded and went away, but after a while, they came back in a hurry. They said that the man would not go and asked him what he had to do. He insisted on seeing the magistrate and telling him about important things, which was related to his future and life. Hearing this, magistrate Li was surprised: did the man send the news of the official seal? He immediately stood up and said to his subordinates, “come on, please let him in!”

The visitor was small, short and black. As soon as he saw the magistrate, he knelt down and said, “the sinner Liu San paid a visit to the Lord and committed the theft of the seal. I really have no choice. I hope the Lord will forgive me.” as expected, he was a big thief of the theft of the seal. Magistrate Li was burning with anger and was about to ask someone to tie him up. But on second thought, he stopped thinking and asked solemnly: “Why did you steal the official seal of the government and return it to the government quickly?” Liu San said with a smile, “I’m not going to send it to you?” magistrate Li hurried down to ask where the official seal was, regardless of his identity. Liu San did not answer magistrate Li’s question, but said: “Since ancient times, there have been gentlemen who have been on the beam. They are not extremely hungry. No one thinks of the heart of stealing. Now the more than 100 thieves caught by adults will harm hundreds of people’s lives?” magistrate Li didn’t understand: “it’s my duty to catch thieves, punish thieves and eliminate harm for the people. Why worry about hundreds of lives?” Liu said: “My Lord only knows one, not the other. Each of these more than 100 people has a home. If you catch him, his family will starve to death. At that time, it will be my Lord’s sin.”

Magistrate Li was originally a man of understanding. He wanted the local people to live and work in peace and contentment when he took office to catch thieves. Now he was explained by Liu San, and he felt it was reasonable. The people all over the world had plenty of food and clothing, and naturally there were no thieves in the world. But he was really angry about Liu San’s theft of his official seal, and repeatedly asked Liu San to hand over his official seal, but Liu San asked magistrate Li to release the arrested people. Li The magistrate said who could believe that he was the one who stole the seal? It might be fake or not. At this time, the martial master next to him came and said a few words in magistrate Li’s ear. Magistrate Li nodded and said: “Since you claim to be the person who steals the seal, how about we prove your ability? We have a gold chain in our hand. If you can steal it in half an hour, you will win, and we will release you immediately. If you lose, be careful of your head!” said magistrate Li, raising the gold chain in his hand.

Unexpectedly, Liu Sanyi was so frightened that he knelt down in front of magistrate Li and begged for mercy. Seeing this situation, the martial Master said contemptuously, “there’s only such ability, liar!” magistrate Li was very disappointed and said angrily, “pull it out and tie it!” Liu San grabbed magistrate Li’s arm and begged him to be merciful. Magistrate Li threw his hand and threw Liu San on his back. Liu San patted the dust, stood up and said to magistrate Li, “Sir, see if the gold chain on his arm is still there?”

The magistrate Li raised his sleeve and was stunned! Liu Sanyang raised the gold chain in his hand and handed it to the master and said, “give it to your excellency to see if it’s his original thing?” the magistrate Li and the master were restrained. Then he said politely to Liu San: “I hope the strong man will hand over the official seal, and we’ll release people immediately.” Liu Sanha said with a big smile, “what’s not the official seal in the lobby?” When they looked up, they saw the official seal sitting on the table. They couldn’t help sighing: “God thief, it’s really God thief!”

Lee Kwai Fu did not break his promise, and he put all the people he had arrested. He also employed Liu three in Xunyang prefecture to manage the theft of the whole government. Liu three was originally a poor family. Only because his parents died, he was alone in the street and wandered on the road of thieves. Because he was quick and quick, he called Liu San a fast hand. Then the more than 100 little thief was forced to go on the road. I remember Liu San’s life-saving kindness and listen to his lessons. Although they will do those things, they never cause any trouble. It shows that they just pick up some surplus food from the mouth of the rich to solve the temporary famine.

On this day, Liu Sanzheng was walking in the street. He saw a lot of people gathered in front of the pawnshop. He also went to see the excitement. He saw a big man with a fierce face arguing with shopkeeper sun of the pawnshop. Porcelain pieces were broken on the ground. It turned out that the big man was going to come to the pawnshop to be the porcelain pot. When they fought, they accidentally fell and broke the pot. They were arguing about whose fault, so they gathered a lot of people to watch the excitement The big man had a foreign accent, and he was accompanied by a small thin man. After arguing, shopkeeper sun thought he was unlucky. Who said he broke it in his shop? Besides, it was unclear who missed it first when handing over, so he had to lose a hundred liang of silver.

They took the silver and went away.

This Xunyang mansion is the throat of the Yangtze River. The traffic is complex and changeable. Liu San, with his keen sense of wandering the Jianghu for a long time, saw that the two outsiders acted suspiciously, especially the thin boy, wearing long clothes and wide robes. There seems to be a suspicion of foreign objects inside. Is it because they have any business? Liu San was surprised and quietly followed the two people.

Sure enough, after they swaggered through a street, they ran quickly. At this time, Liu San had an eight point grasp and just followed.

When they arrived at the dock, they stopped and stepped into a tavern. Liu San also went in and ordered a pot of wine and two dishes of dishes. He sat opposite them and drank alone. After a while, Liu San was drunk. He came to their table with the smell of wine and shouted, “brother, the water on the river is cold. Drink more wine to relieve the cold. I respect my brother!” the big man pushed his hand: “Which is your brother? Don’t be crazy here.” Liu San stumbled and spilled all the wine in the wine cup on the thin boy nearby. Liu Sanlian said he was sorry and wiped the thin boy’s long shirt with his own clothes. After wiping, Liu San still sprayed wine in his airway: “if you don’t drink, don’t be so angry!” he said and staggered out.

As soon as he got out of the tavern door, Liu San touched the things in his sleeves and couldn’t help laughing proudly. After a while, the two people also came out of the tavern and hurried onto the big ship on the dock. Just as the ship left the dock, Liu San suddenly came out of the dark and shouted to the two people, “brother, see if you have lost anything?” The thin man suddenly touched his chest and his face was mutagenesis. Liu three stood on the pier and sneered, “brother, you don’t call yourself too much. You dare to work on Kwai Liu San’s territory and go back to practice.”

Liu San came out of the dock, turned the corner and ran into Constable Wang in the government office. Constable Wang asked him if he saw two foreigners. Liu San said, “yes, they just left the dock.” after hearing this, the constable stopped. Shopkeeper sun in the back sat down on the ground and cried, “it’s over, it’s over, it’s a treasure worth 5000 Liang.”

Liu San calmly took out a Golden Toad from his sleeve and said, “shopkeeper, don’t cry first and see if the baby is this?” shopkeeper sun grabbed it with both hands, held it in his arms, looked carefully, nodded repeatedly and said, “yes, yes, it’s my baby back!” Liu San told them what had happened. Constable Wang was very surprised. Shopkeeper sun couldn’t help kowtowing to Liu San.

Kwai Fu heard sit up and take notice of Liu’s three incidents. Liu’s story was passed on by twenty. In addition, Li can’t help but show off a few words in association with other officials. Not only did he know that there was a quick hand thief in Liu’s three, he also got into Beijing.

Now you’re in trouble.

This day, magistrate Li asked Liu San to send a post to Wang Shanren in the city. People came and went in the street, which was very lively. But suddenly, Liu San’s heel was trampled by a young man. The young man quickly made amends and squatted down to lift Liu San’s heel. Liu San was about to say no, but suddenly he felt something different. When he touched it, the post disappeared. Liu San sighed a good skill, but he squatted down and patted it The young man stood up and saw that the post had been pinched in Liu San’s hands. He did not hold hands and said, “admire Kwai, and you are a fast hand.”

Liu San was very confused and thought that the young man seemed to have a capital accent. The trick just now was just a test for himself. So why did he joke on himself when he came from a long distance? It seems that he still knows himself very well. What’s the purpose? But Liu San tolerated himself and didn’t follow the young man.

When Liu San finished his errand and returned to the government office, he was surprised to see magistrate Li respectfully drinking tea with the young man. When magistrate Li saw Liu San, he quickly said, “Liu San, meet the Beijing emissary!” Liu San was about to salute. The Beijing emissary laughed: “no, we didn’t salute on the street.” Liu Sanzheng was about to step down. Magistrate Li shouted, “slow down, there’s another important thing to tell you.” at this time, I saw that jingcha adult’s face changed, took out a document and read it out in the lobby.

Listen, Liu San’s face is dim. It is the Kwai Yi in the capital who has seen Liu San’s quick hand and ordered him to go to Beijing in a hurry. After reading, the king of Beijing ordered him to say, “Liu San, get ready for it. We must start early tomorrow morning, and we must not delay the journey.”

Liu San knelt down and said, “I’ve been in Xuncheng for so many years, but there are still some trivial things that can’t be settled. I hope you will be kind enough to stay for three days, and you won’t miss the trip after three days.” the Jing Chai adult was also frank and granted Liu San’s request. Later, magistrate Li patted Liu San’s shoulder when he saw Liu Sanchang’s sigh: “You’ve done meritorious service in our house for many times, but this time we don’t dare to let you go. It’s hard to break your life. However, before we leave, we have a word to send you. After all, the capital is the land of kings. It’s better to be careful in everything.”

Liu sanchao bowed deeply to magistrate Li, and then strode out of the door.

In these three days, jingchai accompanied magistrate Li’s residence to the downstream of Xuncheng City, but he was also happy.

Three days later, Liu San didn’t come as promised. Instead, a little beggar handed a letter and a wooden box to magistrate Li. He said that Liu San gave him one or two silver the day before yesterday and told him to send it to the government today.

Magistrate Li was startled. Lord jingcha angrily said, “what a trick, Liu San?” Magistrate Li opened the letter and handed it to jingchai. It said: Liu Sanben is a humble man, and he really doesn’t dare to climb up. Besides, he has done many shameful things over the years, and he has long wanted to stop. Today, he cut off two fingers and handed it to the adult to work up. Since then, the villain has gone away from home, hid his name and become an ordinary people who keep his own place.

When I opened the wooden box, there were indeed two slender broken fingers inside.

Since then, Liu San’s whereabouts have disappeared from Xuncheng.

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