Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 1

In the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, there was a mysterious flying thief in Xinyang Prefecture. His martial arts are superb. He comes and goes without trace. He is called “shadowless Xia”. He not only specially attacked corrupt officials and stole their bribes, perverted the law and plundered property to the poor, but also showed no mercy to the green forest heroes who robbed their homes and blocked the way, as well as the gang leaders who colluded with black and white and dominated the party to collect “protection fees” and “filial respect money”.

The local government and black and white both hated him and vowed to catch the flying thief and break him into pieces to relieve their hatred. However, because he came and went without a trace, there was no sign before he took the shot, and he never left any trace afterwards. Although the government has sent famous people to catch and track for many times, many experts in the black and white road have also sent them to find and catch. When he arrived, he not only didn’t know whether the flying thief was male or female, but he was always rare, and even didn’t see his figure. Even the poor people he had helped just got up the next morning and suddenly found some gold and silver treasures flying by his bedside pillow out of thin air.

The mysterious identity and superb martial arts of the shadowless man made those corrupt officials and “Heroes” get stuck in their throat, and made the prefecture magistrate very angry at that time.

Shadowless man

He was born in an aristocratic family. He was able to write and fight. When he was young, he won the first place in the Wenxiang and Wuxiang examinations, and later became a scholar. It is said that the black tiger fist is perfect, smashing stones, knocking down trees, and no one in Fangyuan Prefecture and county can beat it; Articles, calligraphy and painting are also well-known locally. At the beginning of his career, Mo Dahun was also ambitious. He wanted to sweep away the filthy atmosphere of officialdom, but he was alone and ran into walls everywhere. Slowly, he lost his spirit. Since he was ostracized by treacherous officials and took office in the poor and evil place of Xinyang Prefecture, he has seen through the officialdom and simply drifted with the tide.

First, he met friends through literature and solicited a large number of local celebrities, true or false; He also made friends with Wu Hui and became brothers with the “Heroes” around him. The local gentlemen and merchants were afraid to curry favor with him. In this way, they flocked to him. Throughout the year, there is an endless stream of gifts in front of the house; On New Year’s holidays, weddings and funerals, people who sent filial piety and salute gold broke the threshold.

He quickly became rich in this poor place, soaked in wine courts and brothels all day, and involuntarily lived a greedy and extravagant life.

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