Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 2

He spent all day socializing, enjoying and corrupting. Of course, he didn’t care about politics. Up to the three-year drought, hungry people everywhere and thieves flocked, he still collected money and did not pity his subordinates.

His son Mo Jun advised him, “Dad, in the year of great disaster, many people starve to death by eating grass roots and bark; some sell their children and women, and their families are ruined. Many innocent young girls are ruined by rich gentry because their parents are unable to pay rent and taxes. They are also sold to brothels around the country to pay their debts. How many martyrs should there be in Xinyang Prefecture? You should take measures quickly and face the imperial court When applying for relief, we should organize rich families to borrow money to help the victims tide over the difficulties. In addition, we should take the lead in doing good, donate rice grain and set up porridge sheds to provide relief to the victims in all directions. If you ignore government affairs and do not reduce taxes, the consequences will be unimaginable! ”

Mo Jun is mo Dahun’s only son. Since he was born, he has been regarded as the apple of his family’s eye. He invited Mo Jun the best private school teacher and the best martial arts teacher. But Mo Jun has studied for several years. In addition to writing a few crooked poems and saying a few crooked theories, he has never been enlightened in the eight part essay. When it comes to martial arts, he even remembers his own black tiger fist flower shelf. Mo Dahun saw him It’s hard to make a big thing, so he has to go.

Shadowless man

Mo Jun ran away from home when he was ten years old because of fighting with Mo Dahun. He didn’t come back until eight years later. Although Mo Dahun didn’t like Mo Jun, he was his own child, even flesh and heart. He spent a lot of money to donate a county magistrate for his son, but his son didn’t want to go to office. Mo Dahun had no choice but to ask for second place. He trained him to run the family and wanted to cultivate him into a rich gentry. Mo Dahun Let him go to collect, but often the account is written off without cash; let him manage the business, and always lose money.

Once, a group of farmers protested against donations and made trouble in the house. Seeing that there were no Jianghu experts, Mo Dahun asked him to calm down and let him experience. Unexpectedly, he could go out of the door and kowtow to people. An old man in his 70s, who was staggering, grabbed him and pushed him to eat mud. Mo Dahun saw that he was rotten, so he had to die He turned Jackie Chan into a tiger and ignored him. He let him go to bed early and get up late to kill time.

Unexpectedly, Mo Dahun didn’t care about his son, but his son took care of him. Especially in recent months, Mo Jun always told him off, accused him of many wrongs from time to time, and often nagged some depressed words about losing his family and wealth.

Mo Dahun was getting more and more annoyed with his son. Seeing that he interfered with himself, he immediately got angry, “The tax is determined by the top, and the completion is my political achievement. Why should I reduce it? My family property is earned by my ability. Why should I give it to others for free? I concentrate on collecting money for you. You’re not comfortable enjoying your success. You have to give some ideas from time to time. Are you in a panic when you’re full?”

Mo Jun said, “Dad, have you ever heard of the shadowless man? Are you so worried about your promotion and wealth that you are not afraid of him coming to you regardless of the life or death of the people?”

The great rammer angrily said, “I don’t know any of the officials at all levels and the ministers in the court. Who is unconvinced by me? A little thief, does he dare to break ground on me? What shadowless Xia, I’m looking for him! I’m afraid he won’t come!”

Good words don’t work well, bad words work well. At midnight the next day after the father and son quarreled, the shadowless Xia really came to the modahan house.

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