Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 3

At midnight that night, Mo Dahun woke up from his sleep and asked what had happened. The bodyguard rushed in and reported to him, “Sir, the firewood room and kitchen are on fire! You can rest and save it.”

Mo Dahun often contacts Jianghu people and has some Jianghu knowledge. He immediately feels that something is wrong. “In the middle of the night, the lights went out early. How could there be a fire for no reason, and two places at the same time? Did someone really come up with my idea? Who dares to catch lice on the tiger? Is it the shadowless great Xia who has not been brought to justice?” thinking of this, he turned over with a cold hum, took out his sword at the head of the bed and rushed out of the door. His four bodyguards also rushed out and followed closely.

After a week’s inspection along the wall of the villa, Mo Dahun asked the guards of the guard house everywhere. They all said that they saw a fire in the firewood house, but there was no shadow outside.

Mo Dahun was worried and took the bodyguard to see the vault. The vault was quiet and there was no movement, but there were no guards. Four bodyguards searched around and found two lying warriors in the trees. Knowing the bad things, and regardless of whether the two warriors were alive or dead, Mo Dahun kicked open the empty warehouse door and took the lead in.

Shadowless man

There was no messy scene in the warehouse, let alone the trace of struggle. Only the iron cabinet for collecting gold, silver and jewelry was opened, and all the gold, silver, jewelry and silver tickets in it were missing, with a value of no less than 56000 liang of silver.

What’s more irritating is that there is a post left in the cabinet, which reads, “continue to collect money, fish and flesh the people, come back next, and you’re welcome! Shadowless Xia.” Mo Da tamp lost nearly one-third of his savings at once, and the degree of anger can be imagined. On the one hand, he ordered the warriors in the mansion and the constables in the Yamen to seal the city and search; On the one hand, he quickly informed all guild leaders and Wulin people to set up checkpoints, increase sentries, encircle, chase and intercept at the gates and paths in and out of Xinyang; At the same time, the state garrison was mobilized to help search and arrest all suspicious people.

As a result, the whole towns and villages of Xinyang prefecture have made chickens fly and dogs jump, like a pot of Laba porridge. Captains, soldiers, warriors and tyrants all over the country burn, kill, plunder and spoil women in the name of arresting snitches, which makes the suffering of the people worse. The great ram wanted the shadowless man and made trouble for three days and nights. He was exhausted. This morning, he had just got up and was about to read the anti-theft files reported by various places. A warrior slipped up and ran up, “Sir, something’s wrong, something’s wrong!”

“What’s up?”

“Madam, she, she…”

As soon as Mo Dahun heard that something had happened to his wife, he ran to the upstairs where his wife lived.

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