Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 4

The door of the lady’s residence was wide open, the two maids sat upright by the bed, and the lady lay on her side at the head of the bed. The scene was the same as usual.

“What’s the matter, shouting?”

The knight who reported the news spit out half a sentence that he had not finished just now, “dead, dead!”

Mo Dahun fought a cold war involuntarily. He bent over and looked carefully. He saw that his wife was not hurt and looked the same.

Knowing that someone had ordered the sleeping acupoint, he patted it with his hand and untied the acupoint.

Madam woke up and saw many people standing in the room. She didn’t know what had happened. She asked in surprise, “Sir, what are you doing here?”

“Madam, don’t you know anything about what happened here?”

“What’s up?”

Mo Dahun pointed to the open cabinet door and said, “madam, look at the cabinet. Is there anything else?”

The lady looked at it and jumped out of the bed. “Oh, where’s my jewelry box? Where’s my gold and silver jewelry? And where’s more than 10000 liang of silver notes?” she roughly ordered the lost things and collapsed on the ground.

Mo Dahun untied the acupoints of the two maids and carefully surveyed the scene. It was easy to find a note on the dresser. Mo Dahun picked it up and looked carefully. The note said, “warning again, if you continue to disturb the people and do evil, you will lose your son Jue Miao! Shadowless Xia.”

Shadowless man

Mo Dahun inquired about the two maids who had been acupointd. Unexpectedly, none of them saw how the shadowless Xia came in, how he ordered his acupoints, and how he took things. He interrogated the soldiers guarding the courtyard one by one. Unexpectedly, no one found that someone had crossed the wall into the courtyard, let alone that someone could see whether it was a man or a woman.

Great tamp could not help but sink in his heart. He could no longer despise this shadowless Xia. The house has a nine foot high wall and a guard tower. There are sentries on the wall and patrolling warriors in the hospital. Moreover, his wife comes from a martial arts family and has a pair of lancets; The two maids are the disciples of the lady, and their martial arts are quite good. Ordinary thieves and bandits can’t help it. But this shadowless Xia unexpectedly flew into the air and knocked down three Wulin experts in an instant. You can imagine how superb his martial arts are!

Mo Dahun didn’t dare to despise it any more. He appointed an effective constable to solve the case within a time limit and offered a reward of 5000 liang of silver to catch the shadowless thief. At the same time, he hired Wulin experts of various sects to stay in the mansion secretly and assist in patrolling and guarding the courtyard at night. He was determined to catch the shadowless Xia and break thousands of corpses when he came again to dispel his hatred.

Great rammer spared no effort to catch the shadowless Xia, which made it even harder for the local people. Wanted everywhere, he has to allocate funds; The hired Wulin experts have to be paid a lot, and they have to eat and drink; After being stolen twice in a row, two-thirds of his property has been lost, and he is reluctant to go out with money. In order to catch the shadowless Xia, Mo Dahun skillfully set up various names such as “public security fee” and “bandit suppression fund”, and apportioned the expenses according to the head. In addition, a group of corrupt officials and local tyrants and evil gentry have increased their weight layer by layer in the name of corruption and self enrichment, which makes the common people Huanglian, who is already in deep water, soak in bitterness, add bitterness to bitterness, and life is better than death. Great tamp has long lost his humanity. There is no life or death of the people in his heart. He spared no expense to rebuild the courtyard and set up hidden weapons everywhere; At a high price of 1000 to 5000 taels of silver, more than a dozen talented people and Wulin experts with special functions were invited to the hospital, including Hua Gang Chuan Yunyan, cult skeleton head, green head of bieshan mountain, old Ni Mei Da Niu, night owl eye, shunfenger Wu Jiao and so on.

More than a dozen Wulin experts, more than a hundred warriors, together with the original guards, soldiers, open sentries, dark posts and mechanism chains in the courtyard, guarded a courtyard with a diameter of less than 100 meters like an iron bucket. It was clear how many little birds flew in and out every day, but the shadowless Xia still got his hand, and no one saw how he came in and committed a crime.

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