Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 5

The shadowless man’s success time is still just after noon. That night, there was no moon, and the blue sky was decorated with a few stars. Wu Jiu, who was in charge of monitoring on the tree, suddenly heard the strange sound of birds spreading their wings and taking off, so he gently pulled the silk thread in his hand.

The silk thread is connected to the little bell around the latent experts. When the silk thread moves and the little bell “tinkles”, we find the situation. Following the wind, Wu Jiu issued an alarm, and more than a dozen potential Wulin experts flew out with a “Shua” like the resident bird. At the same time, warriors and soldiers lurking all over the wall and roof stood up and lit the torches together. For a moment, the house was as bright as day, and the cry shook the sky. The formation was not to say that it was an ordinary hero with flesh and blood, that is, an expert who became an immortal and a monster who didn’t eat human fireworks. He had to fall down in fear, or at least have to fight a thrill and shiver.

The first to find the target is around the night cat’s eye. The eyes around are brighter at night than during the day, and the mosquito legs can be seen clearly. He was lying behind the ridge of the roof. When he received the alarm, he had found a fist sized white shadow on the roof where Mo Jun, the son of Mo Da ram, lived opposite. Mo Jun lives in a bungalow. The hidden place around is the roof. The white shadow rises straight from Mo Jun’s roof, just parallel to Zhou’s position. Although Zhou Chu saw that the white shadow was just a bird, he had been lurking for many days and found nothing. Now he finally encountered something unusual. How can he let it go easily? He seized the opportunity and also wanted to show his means. He raised his lightness skill, put his body back and forth, and took off to the flying bird.

The speed around is very fast, but the bird is faster. Flying around, the bird’s wings tilted, made an arc, raised its head and ran up. Although ZhouChu lightness skill is good, it is practiced the day after tomorrow and has limited functions. He jumped into the air and used eight steps to catch cicadas. After eight steps, his feet and hands were no longer scratched. He couldn’t rebound by force, so he had to fall down.

The body fell around, but the heart was unwilling. He felt a marble in his arms and sent it to the birds while falling to the ground.

There was a scream in the air and a white feather floated down.

Shadowless man

Hua Gang’s chuanyunyan lightness skill is the best. Seeing some white objects floating in the sky at night, he thought it was the shadowless Xia who performed the shrinking Dharma. He was eager for reward and rushed up first.

Chuanyun Yan ran into the air and grabbed the white object. Green headed Cang rushed out from the opposite side of Chuanyun Yan. Although his lightness skill was poor, his internal skill was very strong. When he saw that Chuanyun Yan wanted to make his head work, he slapped the white object. The cloud piercing swallow soared into the air, and the green head gray hair palm at the same time. The white object was wrapped by the palm wind and hit the cloud piercing swallow’s chest. Chuanyunyan fell straight down from the air. She thought it was the shadowless Xia who attacked him and shouted, “let’s go together!” then the beautiful girl who came saw that green headed Cang was going to grasp the white object and threw away the soft whip. The white feather falls slowly, the green head is green and the hand is fast, and the whip tip is just wrapped around the neck of the hand. Green headed Cang fell to the ground, but he didn’t lose what he caught. All the experts rushed up and surrounded him tightly. When he stretched out his palm and everyone looked at it again and again, they knew that it was really a white feather on a pigeon.

As the pigeons soared from Mo Jun’s residence, the experts searched around Mo Jun’s residence. There was nothing unusual around Mo Jun’s house. When he asked about the warriors lurking here, they said they didn’t find anything else. Strangely, there was a world shaking cry in the hospital, but there was no movement in Mo Jun’s house. He didn’t even look through the probe and ask through the window.

The whole hospital was frightened at night, but he slept so well alone? Everyone felt abnormal, so they all went into the house to see. The door didn’t latch, the people pushed it in, the house was not messy, and there was no sign of anything unusual.

Mo Dahun thought that he stayed up all night to catch the snitch, but his son slept as usual. All kinds of resentment against his son accumulated at ordinary times could not help turning into anger and suddenly broke out. He kicked open the door of the inner room and shouted, “it’s earth shaking outside. You don’t stretch your head. You’re sleeping to death?”

Let Mo Dahun yell and scold, and Mo Jun lies in bed without saying a word.

Seeing that Mo Jun still ignored him in front of outsiders, Mo Dahun was even more annoyed. He took a big step, rushed to the bed, reached out to his son’s chest and grabbed it. He wanted to grab his son and beat him up. Unexpectedly, when he reached Mo Jun’s chest, he met a knife.

The great rammer screamed and asked people to hold the torch close and watch it carefully. Mo Jun, the only son, was lying in bed with a knife in his chest. He was dead. Mo Dahun picked up the note placed on Mo Jun and saw that it said, “it’s up to you. Regret it! Shadowless Xia.”

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