Wuxia Story: Shadowless man — 6

The partition wall can hear the wind ear of the needle landing, but I didn’t hear the sound of the shadowless man entering the hospital; At night, you can see the thousands of mile eyes of mosquito legs, but you can’t see the figure of the shadowless man flying in; More than a dozen famous experts in contemporary Wulin opened their eyes, but they couldn’t stop the shadowless man from killing people, and they didn’t even see the shadow of the shadowless man; What’s more, they yelled and went up side by side and made a unique move to snatch a pigeon feather? The joke was fresh enough, fell miserably enough, and lost face enough! A group of Wulin experts look at me and I look at you. They feel ashamed. They bow their heads and exit the door and leave quietly.

Seeing the fight with the shadowless man, he didn’t see the shadowless man, but he lost his family wealth and lost his only son. He collapsed on the ground and wilted like a frost beaten eggplant seedling.

Three days later, Mo Dahun and his wife were barely supporting Mo Jun’s funeral. An old man with white hair and young face rushed to the cemetery.

The old man took off his backpack and opened it slowly. A bluestone stele was displayed. On the stele were carved six big characters: the tomb of the shadowless great Xia. The signature below is: Shifu wuchenli.

Before the old man arrived at the cemetery, Mo Dahun saw his profound internal skill from his floating clothes; In front of him, hundreds of kilograms of bluestone steles were displayed, and he knew better that he was not an ordinary person. Losing his son, he stayed up all night, meditated, had a little regret for the past, and his temperament was not as domineering as before. He looked at the stone tablet. Although he thought that the old man was related to the shadowless man, or even the shadowless man came to make trouble, he was still calm and polite. He gave a fist salute. “May I have your name, sir?”

“No dust.”

“What is your relationship with the shadowless man?”

“Master and apprentice.”

“Where is the shadowless man now?”

The old man pointed to the coffin, “that’s it!”

Wuxia Story

Mo Dahun felt very funny. He didn’t know whether the old man really missed any false news or wanted to make trouble. He gave a wink to the bodyguard leader who followed him and asked him to be ready to catch people. On the one hand, he politely explained, “Sir, are you wrong? In the coffin is my son Mo Jun, who was killed by the shadowless man!”

The old man didn’t answer. He looked at him with sharp eyes, took out a note from his arms and handed it to him.

Mo Dahun took the note and fought a cold war first, because it was written in the same handwriting as the three notes left by the shadowless man. He hurried to watch the content, which read:


It’s hard to feel sad when you dip your pen in tears. When I wandered in the Jianghu, I was poisoned by strange poison. Shifu made efforts to cure the poison and took me out of the hands of the God of death. He also taught me martial arts and morality. He expected me to uphold justice, eradicate evil and promote my just teacher. But I have been down the mountain for several years and have made few achievements. I am already ashamed of my mentor. Today, I met my father who did evil again. He advised and warned me many times, but still didn’t want to repent. What should I do except that he is against filial piety and morality? Hesitation in advance and retreat, left and right difficulties, loyalty and filial piety to be complete, only self punishment as a warning, with blood to clean up private desires. When the flying book arrived, the disciple had returned to the West. I hope you take care and forgive me for failing to live up to my expectations!

Juner’s last pen.

After reading it, Mo Dahun was stunned like a fool. Since then, shadowless Xia disappeared into the Jianghu and no one knows

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