Wuxia Story: Shadowless man

Story one

In the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, there was a mysterious flying thief in Xinyang Prefecture. His martial arts are superb. He comes and goes without trace. He is called “shadowless Xia”. He not only specially attacked corrupt officials and stole their bribes, perverted the law and plundered property to the poor, but also showed no mercy to the green forest heroes who robbed their homes and blocked the way, as well as the gang leaders who colluded with black and white and dominated the party to collect “protection fees” and “filial respect money”.

The local government and black and white both hated him and vowed to catch the flying thief and break him into pieces to relieve their hatred. However, because he came and went without a trace, there was no sign before he took the shot, and he never left any trace afterwards. Although the government has sent famous people to catch and track for many times, many experts in the black and white road have also sent them to find and catch. When he arrived, he not only didn’t know whether the flying thief was male or female, but he was always rare, and even didn’t see his figure. Even the poor people he had helped just got up the next morning and suddenly found some gold and silver treasures flying by his bedside pillow out of thin air.

Shadowless man

The mysterious identity and superb martial arts of the shadowless man made those corrupt officials and “Heroes” get stuck in their throat, and made the prefecture magistrate very angry at that time.

He was born in an aristocratic family. He was able to write and fight. When he was young, he won the first place in the Wenxiang and Wuxiang examinations, and later became a scholar. It is said that the black tiger fist is perfect, smashing stones, knocking down trees, and no one in Fangyuan Prefecture and county can beat it; Articles, calligraphy and painting are also well-known locally. At the beginning of his career, Mo Dahun was also ambitious. He wanted to sweep away the filthy atmosphere of officialdom, but he was alone and ran into walls everywhere. Slowly, he lost his spirit. Since he was ostracized by treacherous officials and took office in the poor and evil place of Xinyang Prefecture, he has seen through the officialdom and simply drifted with the tide.

First, he met friends through literature and solicited a large number of local celebrities, true or false; He also made friends with Wu Hui and became brothers with the “Heroes” around him. The local gentlemen and merchants were afraid to curry favor with him. In this way, they flocked to him. Throughout the year, there is an endless stream of gifts in front of the house; On New Year’s holidays, weddings and funerals, people who sent filial piety and salute gold broke the threshold.

He quickly became rich in this poor place, soaked in wine courts and brothels all day, and involuntarily lived a greedy and extravagant life.

Story two

He spent all day socializing, enjoying and corrupting. Of course, he didn’t care about politics. Up to the three-year drought, hungry people everywhere and thieves flocked, he still collected money and did not pity his subordinates.

His son Mo Jun advised him, “Dad, in the year of great disaster, many people starve to death by eating grass roots and bark; some sell their children and women, and their families are ruined. Many innocent young girls are ruined by rich gentry because their parents are unable to pay rent and taxes. They are also sold to brothels around the country to pay their debts. How many martyrs should there be in Xinyang Prefecture? You should take measures quickly and face the imperial court When applying for relief, we should organize rich families to borrow money to help the victims tide over the difficulties. In addition, we should take the lead in doing good, donate rice grain and set up porridge sheds to provide relief to the victims in all directions. If you ignore government affairs and do not reduce taxes, the consequences will be unimaginable! ”

Mo Jun is mo Dahun’s only son. Since he was born, he has been regarded as the apple of his family’s eye. He invited Mo Jun the best private school teacher and the best martial arts teacher. But Mo Jun has studied for several years. In addition to writing a few crooked poems and saying a few crooked theories, he has never been enlightened in the eight part essay. When it comes to martial arts, he even remembers his own black tiger fist flower shelf. Mo Dahun saw him It’s hard to make a big thing, so he has to go.

Mo Jun ran away from home when he was ten years old because of fighting with Mo Dahun. He didn’t come back until eight years later. Although Mo Dahun didn’t like Mo Jun, he was his own child, even flesh and heart. He spent a lot of money to donate a county magistrate for his son, but his son didn’t want to go to office. Mo Dahun had no choice but to ask for second place. He trained him to run the family and wanted to cultivate him into a rich gentry. Mo Dahun Let him go to collect, but often the account is written off without cash; let him manage the business, and always lose money.

Once, a group of farmers protested against donations and made trouble in the house. Seeing that there were no Jianghu experts, Mo Dahun asked him to calm down and let him experience. Unexpectedly, he could go out of the door and kowtow to people. An old man in his 70s, who was staggering, grabbed him and pushed him to eat mud. Mo Dahun saw that he was rotten, so he had to die He turned Jackie Chan into a tiger and ignored him. He let him go to bed early and get up late to kill time.

Unexpectedly, Mo Dahun didn’t care about his son, but his son took care of him. Especially in recent months, Mo Jun always told him off, accused him of many wrongs from time to time, and often nagged some depressed words about losing his family and wealth.

Mo Dahun was getting more and more annoyed with his son. Seeing that he interfered with himself, he immediately got angry, “The tax is determined by the top, and the completion is my political achievement. Why should I reduce it? My family property is earned by my ability. Why should I give it to others for free? I concentrate on collecting money for you. You’re not comfortable enjoying your success. You have to give some ideas from time to time. Are you in a panic when you’re full?”

Mo Jun said, “Dad, have you ever heard of the shadowless man? Are you so worried about your promotion and wealth that you are not afraid of him coming to you regardless of the life or death of the people?”

The great rammer angrily said, “I don’t know any of the officials at all levels and the ministers in the court. Who is unconvinced by me? A little thief, does he dare to break ground on me? What shadowless Xia, I’m looking for him! I’m afraid he won’t come!”

Good words don’t work well, bad words work well. At midnight the next day after the father and son quarreled, the shadowless Xia really came to the modahan house.

Story three

At midnight that night, Mo Dahun woke up from his sleep and asked what had happened. The bodyguard rushed in and reported to him, “Sir, the firewood room and kitchen are on fire! You can have a rest and have saved it.”

Mo Dahun often contacts Jianghu people and has some Jianghu knowledge. He immediately feels that something is wrong. “In the middle of the night, the lights go out early, how can there be a fire for no reason, and two places at the same time? Does someone really have my idea? Who dares to catch lice on the tiger? Is it the shadowless great Xia who has not been brought to justice?” Thinking of this, the great rammer turned over with a cold hum, took out his sword at the head of the bed and rushed out of the door. His four bodyguards also hugged out and followed closely.

After a week’s inspection along the wall of the villa, Mo Dahun asked the guards of the guard house everywhere. They all said that they saw a fire in the firewood house, but there was no shadow outside.

Mo Dahun was worried and took the bodyguard to see the vault. The vault was quiet and there was no movement, but there was no guard warrior. Four bodyguards searched around and found two lying warriors in the trees. Mo Dahun knew bad things and regardless of whether the two warriors were alive or dead, kicked open the hidden vault door and took the lead in.

There was no messy scene in the warehouse, let alone the trace of struggle. Only the iron cabinet for collecting gold, silver and jewelry was opened, and all the gold, silver, jewelry and silver tickets in it were missing, with a value of no less than 56000 liang of silver.

What’s more irritating is that there is a post in the cabinet, which reads, “continue to collect money, fish and meat people, come back next, and you’re welcome! Shadowless Xia.” Mo Dahun lost nearly one third of his savings at once. He was so angry that he ordered the warriors in the government and the constables in the government to close the city and search. On the one hand, he quickly informed all guild leaders and Wulin people to set up checkpoints and increase sentries at the gates and routes in and out of Xinyang. At the same time, he also mobilized the troops stationed in the state to help search and arrest all suspicious people.

As a result, the whole towns and villages of Xinyang prefecture have made a scene like a pot of Laba porridge. In the name of catching snitch, captains, soldiers, warriors and gentry all over the country burn, kill, plunder and spoil women, which makes the suffering of the people even worse. The arrest of the shadowless man by Mo Dahun has been going on for three days and nights, which has exhausted him. That morning, he just got up and was about to read the book According to the anti-theft case file reported by the local government, a warrior slipped up and ran up, “Sir, something’s wrong, something’s wrong!”

“What’s up?”

“Madam, she, she…”

As soon as Mo Dahun heard that something had happened to his wife, he ran to the upstairs where his wife lived.

Story four

The door of the lady’s residence was wide open, the two maids sat upright by the bed, and the lady lay on her side at the head of the bed. The scene was the same as usual.

“What’s the matter, shouting?”

The knight who reported the news spit out half a sentence that he had not finished just now, “dead, dead!”

Mo Dahun fought a cold war involuntarily. He bent over and looked carefully. He saw that his wife was not hurt and looked the same.

Knowing that someone had ordered the sleeping acupoint, he patted it with his hand and untied the acupoint.

Madam woke up and saw many people standing in the room. She didn’t know what had happened. She asked in surprise, “Sir, what are you doing here?”

“Madam, don’t you know anything about what happened here?”

“What’s up?”

Mo Dahun pointed to the open cabinet door and said, “madam, look at the cabinet. Is there anything else?”

The lady looked at it and jumped out of the bed. “Oh, where’s my jewelry box? Where’s my gold and silver jewelry? And where’s more than 10000 liang of silver notes?” she roughly ordered the lost things and collapsed on the ground.

After Mo Dahun untied the acupoints of the two maids, he carefully investigated the scene and easily found a note on the dressing table. Mo Dahun picked it up and looked carefully. It said, “warning again, if you continue to disturb the people and do evil, you will lose your children! Shadowless Xia.”

Mo Dahun inquired about the two maids who had been ordered acupoints. Unexpectedly, none of them saw how the shadowless Xia came in, how he ordered his acupoints, and how he took things. He interrogated the soldiers guarding the courtyard one by one. Unexpectedly, no one found that a figure had crossed the wall into the courtyard, let alone whether someone could see it was a man or a woman, which was always less.

Great tamp can’t help but sink in his heart. He doesn’t dare to despise this shadowless Xia any more. His house has nine foot high walls, a guard tower, sentries on the wall, and patrolling warriors in the yard. His wife comes from a martial arts family, and a pair of lancets haunt. The two maidens are disciples of his husband, and their martial arts are quite good. Ordinary petty thieves and grass bandits can’t help it. But this Shadowless Xia, unexpectedly flew down in the air and knocked down three Wulin experts in an instant. You can imagine how superb your martial arts are!

Mo Dahun didn’t dare to despise it any more. He appointed an effective constable to solve the case within a time limit and offered a reward of 5000 liang of silver to catch the shadowless thief. At the same time, he hired Wulin experts of various sects to stay in the mansion secretly and assist in patrolling and guarding the courtyard at night. He was determined to catch the shadowless Xia and break thousands of corpses when he came again to dispel his hatred.

Mo Dahun spared no effort to capture Wuying Xia, which made it more difficult for the local people. He was wanted everywhere, and he had to allocate funds; he had to pay heavily for the hired Wulin experts, and he had to eat and drink well. He was stolen twice in a row, and two-thirds of his property had been lost. Moreover, he was reluctant to go out if he had money. In order to catch Wuying Xia, Mo Dahun skillfully set up “public security fee” and “bandit suppression fund” And so on. He shared the expenses according to the head. In the name of this, a group of corrupt officials, local tyrants and evil gentry increased their weight layer by layer, embezzled and fattened themselves, and made the common people Huanglian, who was already in dire straits, sink into the gall, add hardship to hardship, and life is not like death. Mo Dahun has long lost his human nature, and there is no life or death of the people in his heart. He spared no expense to rebuild the courtyard and set up organs everywhere Concealed weapons; at a high price of 1000 to 5000 taels of silver, more than ten talented people and Wulin experts with special functions were invited to the hospital, including Hua Gang Chuan Yunyan, cult skeleton head, green head of bieshan mountain, old Ni Mei Da Niu, night owl eye area, shunfenger Wu Jiao and so on.

More than a dozen Wulin experts, more than a hundred warriors, together with the original guards, soldiers, open sentries, dark posts and mechanism chains in the courtyard, guarded a courtyard with a diameter of less than 100 meters like an iron bucket. It was clear how many little birds flew in and out every day, but the shadowless Xia still got his hand, and no one saw how he came in and committed a crime.

Story five

The time when shadowless Xia succeeded was still just after noon. That night, there was no moon, and the blue sky was decorated with a few stars. Shun Fenger, who was in charge of monitoring on the tree, suddenly heard the strange sound of birds spreading their wings, so he gently pulled the silk thread in his hand.

The silk thread is connected with the little bell around the latent experts. When the silk thread moves and the little bell “tinkles”, it is found that the situation is found. Wu Jiao sounds an alarm, and more than a dozen latent Wulin experts “Shua” like a sleeping bird At the same time, the warriors and soldiers lurking around the wall and roof stood up together, and the torches lit up together. For a moment, the house was as bright as day, and the cry was loud. The formation, not to mention the ordinary heroes with flesh and blood, even the high people who became immortals and the gods who didn’t eat human fireworks, was scared to fall down, or at least beat their spirits and cold War.

The first person to find the target is around the night cat’s eye. His eyes are brighter at night than during the day, and the mosquito legs can be seen clearly. He lies behind the ridge of the roof. When he receives the alarm, he has found a white shadow the size of a fist head on the roof of Mo Da ram’s son Mo Jun’s house opposite. Mo Jun lives in a bungalow, and the hidden place around him is the roof The white shadow of the regiment went straight up from the roof of Mo Jun’s house, just parallel to the position of Zhou Chu. Although Zhou Chu saw that the white shadow of the regiment was just a bird, he hid for many days and didn’t find it. Now he finally encountered something unusual. How can he let it go easily? He seized the opportunity and deliberately wanted to show his means, so he raised his lightness skill, put his body in and out, and took off to the bird Go.

The speed around him was very fast, but the bird was faster. The bird flew over the area, and the bird’s wings tilted, made an arc, raised its head, and ran up. Although the lightness skill around him was good, it was practiced the day after tomorrow, and its function was limited. He jumped into the air and used the skill of eight steps to catch cicadas. After eight steps, his feet and hands could not scratch any more, so he could not rebound, so he had to fall down.

The body fell around, but the heart was unwilling. He felt a marble in his arms and sent it to the birds while falling to the ground.

There was a scream in the air and a white feather floated down.

Hua Gang’s chuanyunyan lightness skill is the best. Seeing some white objects floating in the sky at night, he thought it was the shadowless Xia who performed the shrinking Dharma. He was eager for reward and rushed up first.

Chuanyun Yan ran into the air and grabbed the white object. Although the green head rushed out from opposite Chuanyun Yan had poor lightness skills, he had extremely strong internal skills. He saw that Chuanyun Yan was going to make his head work and slapped the white object. Chuanyun Yan soared into the air and green head Cang slapped the white object at the same time. The white object was wrapped in the palm wind and hit Chuanyun Yan’s chest. Chuanyun Yan fell straight down from the air and thought it was useless The shadow Xia made a move to him and shouted, “let’s go together!” Mei Daniu, who came later, saw that green headed Cang was about to grasp the white object and threw away the soft whip. White feather fell slowly, green headed Cang was quick, and the whip tip was just wrapped around the neck of her hand. Green headed Cang fell to the ground, but she didn’t lose what she caught. All the experts rushed up and surrounded him tightly. After he stretched out his palm and everyone looked at it again and again, they knew that it was really a white feather on a pigeon.

As the pigeons soared from Mo Jun’s residence, the experts searched around Mo Jun’s residence. There was nothing unusual around Mo Jun’s residence. They asked about the hidden warriors here and said they didn’t find anything else. Strangely, there was an earth shaking cry in the courtyard, but there was no movement in Mo Jun’s house. They didn’t even probe and ask through the window.

All the people in the hospital were frightened at night, but he slept so well alone. They felt abnormal and went into the room together.

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