Wuxia Story: Shadowless swordsman

Ancient roads, residual snow, new wind and disease. The sound of a fast Horse Treading on the snow was broken, and it hurried along the dark blue slate mountain road covered with snow and residual leaves. The man on the horse’s back was majestic and handsome, and his eyes looked like a cold star. This person is Yan Chaoran, a shadowless swordsman who made the sword in his hand magical and shadowless ten years ago, frightened the villains in the Jianghu and disappeared far away.

Yan Chaoran rode straight to the “Thirteen elements”. A few days ago, Yan Chaoran received a call from the Jianghu. Luo Chunfeng, the master of the “Thirteen elements”, offered a reward of 100000 liang of snowflake silver to take the shadow of the Jianghu devil flower and put it on his head. Hua nongying killed Luo Chunfeng’s father. He is the enemy of killing his father.

Although snowflake silver is attractive, no one is desperate for the reward. Hua nongying walks alone in the Jianghu with a “finger flicking knife”. There are 60 kinds of knife changes between her fingers, and each change is unpredictable and invisible.

Shadowless swordsman

Hua nongying is vicious. For money, she never cares who the other party is and immediately kills people with a knife.

In order to get rid of the great devil in the Jianghu, Luo Chunfeng offered a reward of 100000 Liang again. But this time it’s gold. “Thirteen elements” is not only a Wulin Gang, but also a chamber of commerce organization.

Hua nongying regards the “Thirteen elements” as a meat on the meat. If you want to spend money, you will hit the door. If you resist a little, you will either kill or set fire. Under heavy rewards, there must be brave men. Ten Wulin young heroes led by Liao Zhentian, the “Chu Yun society”, decided to jointly attack Hua nongying. Where are they the opponents of Huanong Ying? When people with a clear eye look, they know that several young people, out of righteous anger, want to fight Huanong Ying with their lives.

Seeing another bloody storm in the Jianghu, Yan Chaoran, who has lived in seclusion for ten years, suddenly sent a message to the flying pigeons in the Jianghu to pick up Luo Chunfeng’s business.

Jianghu people still remember that ten years ago, Yan Chaoran and Hua nongying were a couple who flew together. After Hua nongying became a cruel man, Yan detached left her.

Hua nongying caused a bloody storm in the Jianghu every time. The only Yan Chaoran who could subdue her ignored it. Hua nongying killed his junior brother, and he ignored it. This time, Yan Chaoran suddenly shot, and the Jianghu people have different opinions.

Yan Chaoran dismounted in front of a tall and magnificent building. On the top of the door is an antique plaque with three dark green seal characters of “Thirteen elements”.

Luo Chunfeng had already sat quietly at the table in the hall and waited. Behind him sat a dozen or twenty people, all of whom were well-known Jianghu giants. Yan Chaoran went straight to the table and sat down in front of Luo Chunfeng.

Luo Chunfeng hurriedly got up to greet him. He poured a glass of wine and handed it to Yan Chaoran. He respectfully said, “great Xia Yan, please have a glass of wine to quench your thirst first.”

Yan Chaoran smiled faintly and said, “I don’t drink.”

“What do you drink?”

“I don’t drink anything. I’m here to get the reward. There’s no wine or food in your reward. I won’t account for you any more.”

Luo Chunfeng waved. The servant presented a gold ticket of 50000 Liang. He took it and handed it to Yan Chaoran. Yan Chaoran shook his hand and said, “boss Luo is really generous, but I want 100000 Liang together.” Luo Chunfeng was stunned. According to the Jianghu custom, half of the deposit should be paid in advance, and the other half should be paid after it is completed. Luo Chunfeng was stunned by Yan’s detached and strange requirements.

After a short period of amazement, Luo Chunfeng smiled and said, “great Xia Yan is really a forthright man.” then he snapped his fingers and the servant presented a gold ticket.

Yan Chaoran put the gold ticket into his pocket under the surprised eyes of the guests, and then turned around and said to the guests, “Yan is going to live and die to remove the enemy for you. Don’t you express it?”

Which of the rich and powerful guests has not offered a reward for the head of the head to spend on the shadow? At this time, how can we refuse and take out silver tickets one after another. Yan Chaoran raised the silver note in his hand and said with a bitter smile, “it seems that you hate the shadow of flowers!”

Luo Chunfeng said with a smile, “we are all well-known figures in the Jianghu. If we were not helpless, how could we make such a bad decision. Great Xia Yan has done great deeds in eliminating evil in the Jianghu. At that time, I hope great Xia Yan’s sword will be faster and kill the devil.”

Yan Chaoran put the silver ticket into his pocket and said, “with the gold and silver of boss Luo and all the dignitaries, Yan can’t use the fastest sword.” after that, Yan Chaoran went straight to the “red man Pavilion”.

“Hongren Pavilion” has four leading ladies: Xue Jinghong, que Chaofeng, Begonia spring and rising sun east. But not everyone can come here, because the things here are the best, and the price of the best must be very high.

Yan Chaoran walked into the “red man Pavilion” in royal clothes. He had never been to such a place before. But now it’s different. He’s done a big business. He’s rich. It’s not comfortable not to spend a lot of money on him after all.

Yan Chaoran asked for a table of good dishes and three jars of aged daughter Hong, and then reached out to attract the procuress. Angrily, she ordered four leading ladies, Xue Jinghong, que Chaofeng, Begonia spring and xuridong, to accompany her. This bold and unrestrained move made a group of romantic poets envy a thief to death.

After the banquet, Yan Chaoran was not satisfied, and took out a stack of silver tickets to redeem the four Huakui women. Faced with a large sum of money, the procuress could not refuse.

When Yan Chaoran proudly led the four ladies out of the “red man Pavilion”, ten young people blocked his way, led by Liao Zhentian of the “Chu Yun society”.

Liao Zhentian said coldly, “great Xia Yan, you are entrusted by others and loyal to others. Hua nongying is still doing evil. How can you ignore the people’s entrustment and indulge in your voice and color?”

Yan Chaoran stared and didn’t speak. It’s not that he doesn’t want to say, but that he has nothing to say.

Fengling ferry, four shades of twilight, dawn and early moon rise. In the cool moonlight, a cold wind blows occasionally, and the water lines in the river surge like broken jade.

On a falcon like rock by the river, Hua nongying sat there motionless, with a cold air all over her. “Finger flicking knife” is like its owner, shining cold and gorgeous light in the cool moonlight.

Hua Nong’s shadow brushed his forehead and his hair scattered by the night wind. He felt unspeakably desolate in his heart. When Hua nongying thought of tonight’s decisive battle, she immediately thought of the man facing the wind, his warmth, and the strings of wild flowers in the mountains that would always arouse her infinite feelings.

Ten years ago, when she left him, she constantly set off bloody storms in the Jianghu, burning, killing and looting for only one purpose – revenge.

In those days, when her mother Hua Caiyun was alive, how prosperous the “Furong Village” was. Just because Hua Caiyun came out of the Jianghu and hurt the demon head and nine tail fox in the western regions, he had a grudge against him. After nine divine foxes were healed, they went to the “Furong stronghold” to vent their hatred. Hua Caiyun fought with him for seven days and nights, fighting with his life and killing nine divine foxes.

During the bloody battle between Hua Caiyun and Jiuwei Shenhu, Jianghu people were afraid of causing trouble, and no one helped them. After Hua Caiyun died, they bullied the “Furong stronghold” and were helpless. They stole or robbed the “Furong stronghold”. The “Furong stronghold” fell down, and the life of the villagers was unsustainable. The most beautiful girls in the stronghold were reduced to “Hongren Pavilion” as prostitutes to earn money to support their families.

Hua nongying robbed them to get back what belongs to the “Furong stronghold”.

Hua nongying is not sure of winning this battle tonight. She knows Chu Yan’s detached martial arts too well. But she didn’t want her will to become weak, because weakness is death. She can’t die. There are hundreds of men, women and children waiting for her in Furong Village.

When Yan Chaoran arrived at Fenglingdu, the night wind was ill. Yan walked aloof to the Falcon like rock step by step. Ten young heroes led by Liao Zhentian of “Chu Yun society” followed Yan Chaoran far behind. They obviously felt that the air around them was dignified and almost suffocating.

Yan Chaoran walked to Huanong shadow. His wide eyes didn’t see how Yan Chaoran got out of his hand. The victory or defeat was clear. Huanong saw a wounded female wolf, howled and disappeared into the dark night.

Liao Zhentian and ten other young heroes rushed over and asked in disbelief, “great Xia Yan, did you hit Hua nongying hard?”

Liao Zhentian and others asked in surprise, “well… Great Xia Yan, why don’t you execute her? There’s no end to evil, and there’s no end to trouble!”

Yan Chaoran said, “Yan is guaranteed by her personality. From then on, she will not harm the Jianghu any more.”

The young heroes were elated and admired Yan Chaoran more. They said one after another, “great Xia Yan, you are worthy of being a shadowless swordsman. When the sword comes out of shadowless, it will hit Hua nongying badly.” “great Xia Yan, you are close to Hua nongying. How did you hit her badly with the sword? We didn’t even see the sword shadow.” Yan Chaoran said, “if you don’t have a sword in your hand, how can you get a sword shadow?”

Young Junjie was even more surprised: “you don’t have a sword in your hand. What did you hit her with?”

Yan Chaoran stared at the young heroes: “do you really want to know?” the young heroes nodded again and again.

“I didn’t fight with her with weapons.” Yan Chaoran said surprisingly, “I just said a few words to her and gave her something.” “what words? What things?” Yan Chaoran sighed: “I told her that I have redeemed the four sisters in the stronghold from the ‘red man Pavilion’, and the evil deeds of Jianghu people have been cleared up. When will the grievances be repaid? I gave her gold and silver tickets. With this as the capital, the revitalization of Furong stronghold will not be far away.”

Looking at Yan Chaoran disappearing into the boundless night, Liao Zhentian and others repeatedly said the sentence: “there is no sword in hand, where is the shadow of the sword…”

Hua nongying disappeared in the Jianghu. Many years later, Jianghu people found a frightening and killing “finger flicking knife”, but it became a plow.

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