Wuxia Story: The best expert in the world

He was an abandoned baby. His master picked him up from the wild cemetery at the foot of the mountain, brought him up carefully, and gave him martial arts skills.

In the first ten years, the master taught him only one skill, that is, to practice internal skills. Meditate every day to practice Qi and recite mental Dharma. First learn breathing and breathing, then learn qirendantian, then learn to practice qirending, and then open channels. Ten years later, finally reach the realm of unity of strength and popularity in Changhong.

For the next five years, I specialized in lightness skills, running, jumping, flashing and moving. In the first year, you can step on the wall, in the second year, the tiles don’t sound, in the third year, you can land silently, in the fourth year, you can sweep the air like a swallow, in the fifth year, you can touch the water like a dragonfly, step on leaves and walk through trees like walking on the ground.

When his lightness skill was successful, the master asked him to learn the moves and skills of the world’s major sects hidden in the Sutra Pavilion. He learned from the master that our Kung Fu is invincible all over the world. Since the founder of the mountain, every generation of leaders will go down the mountain to experience and challenge major sects. If they win, they don’t want money and don’t take people’s lives. As long as the other party presents our martial arts secrets and Kung Fu scriptures. Over time, there is a treasure house of all kinds of superior martial arts between heaven and earth. But he didn’t understand why he didn’t start from his own sect’s Kung Fu, but from others’ Kung Fu first, since he was already the Supreme Master in the world. However, the master never explained his intention to him, just urged – him to study and practice hard.

Wuxia Story

He is gifted and intelligent. In less than two years, he has memorized and mastered the skills and weapons recorded in the books.

The master was very pleased and said with appreciation, “now your skills have reached the top level, and you can be among the first-class experts in the secular world.”

He was secretly happy, but he also knew how to be modest and cautious. He didn’t dare to be frivolous and impetuous. He still listened to his master’s instruction and wanted to improve his martial arts to a higher level. I thought the master would teach him his unique skill. Who wants the master to ask him to go to the mountains and streams to find the mysterious beast; Send him to the top of the peaks and the cliffs of thousands of valleys to track the swift and unusual birds. Call him to carefully observe the play of spirit apes, the flying of cranes and the chasing of tigers and deer… Some are heroic, some are light and sensitive, some are calm and thick, some change for no reason, and some are sassy and fly high. Taste the essence of imitating the movements of birds and animals, follow the posture of natural creatures, think and explore, and experience the subtlety and depth.

After another three years, the master set many hurdles to test his kung fu of worshiping nature as a teacher. He solved them one by one with the wonderful methods he learned from animals.

“It seems that your Kung Fu has reached heaven and man, the Wulin is great and there are many capable people, but I think it’s not too much for you to rank second in the world.” the master nodded in praise with comfort.

“Second? Excuse me, master, who is the first in the world?” he asked.

Master stroked his beard, smiled and said nothing.

He was absorbed for a moment, suddenly enlightened and embarrassed.

When the sun rose to the middle of the sky, he completed his internal skill training in the morning. While pacing and resting, he couldn’t help thinking about how long it would take him to surpass his master and become the first master in the world.

When thinking, the master suddenly appeared.

Before he could salute, the master slapped his hands together and pressed down on his celestial cover. The master was kind to him. Of course, he would not be wary of the master and block him more, so he accepted it calmly. Slowly, he felt a warm current flowing into his meridians from top to bottom.

For a long time, the master stopped, gasped and said, “I have passed on my lifelong skills to you. Now you have surpassed me and become the first in the world!”

He was so frightened that he couldn’t get up on his knees. Although Shifu didn’t give up, he still followed the ancient method and drove him down the mountain on the day of learning.

In the sunset, he went down the mountain alone and went to the avenue leading to the crowd to complete his mission: challenging major sects and looking for disciples on the way.

After walking for two days, he finally saw a small town called Guo. The city gate was closed, and no one came and went on the road. Before he approached, he seemed to feel bursts of awe.

Hesitating, the city tower suddenly flashed with a concealed weapon.

Fearless in the face of danger, he gently clamped the object. The concealed weapon was an iron bead the size of a broad bean. With a little skill, he had seen the people defending upstairs. He was scared out of his wits. He approached the door and asked and answered with the upstairs guard. Both sides were relieved.

The other party knew that he was not a robber who came to invade, and he also knew that the other party was in strict readiness to resist plunder. Those who learn martial arts should help themselves when they see injustice.

He decided to help people defend the city. The crowd cheered. With the help of a great Xia who can hold a firearm with a meat palm, the odds of victory must be doubled.

It was night, and the bandits came in great numbers.

At the front of the team, there was an invisible chariot, like a catapult and a broken gate post.

He stood before the crowd and stood on the top of the tower.

Only a command was heard, the robber lit the fire, the chariot roared, and the fire splashed everywhere. His face did not change. A crane, like a sharp arrow, flew to the object launched by the chariot.

The people behind him exclaimed.

The two met in the air, and the top master fought the red cannon.


Shell, ring!

The best expert in the world, pawn!

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