Wuxia Story: Ultimate duel

Recently, there was an explosive news in the Jianghu: two Wulin leaders, an Tianxia and Hou Dingbang, who have not heard from each other for many years, will have a competition at the foot of Huashan Mountain on August 15.

When it comes to an Tianxia and Hou Dingbang, everyone in the Jianghu knows about them. One is the Wulin alliance leader in the south, and the other has dominated the north for many years. At the age of 20, the two fought a decisive battle for the first time for the title of “No. 1 in the world”. They fought for one day and were in a tie; At the age of 30, they competed with each other for weapons, but they still didn’t win or lose; At the age of 40, they competed with each other. Finally, each of them hit the other, and it was a tie. They are not convinced of each other. If they fight again after ten years, they must decide.

Wuxia Story: Ultimate duel

However, ten years later, the situation in the world changed dramatically, the war continued, and the decisive battle between them came to an abrupt end. Since then, there has been no news from the two heroes. Now, both of them are nearly 100 years old. Unexpectedly, there was news recently that they were going to have an ultimate duel.

No one wants to miss such a grand event. On August 15, thousands of Jianghu people gathered in Huashan and surrounded the martial arts competition field. In the center of the venue, two old men with white hair and beard sat opposite each other. It was an Tianxia and Hou Dingbang.

A young student put an eight immortals table in front of the two heroes, put four wooden strips around the table, and then poured a bucket of soybeans on the table. People don’t understand. Some people speculate that this is a competition on soybeans. The martial arts of the two heroes have reached the peak, and it’s no fun to compete on the ground; Some people say that this is better than concealed weapons, using soybeans as concealed weapons. Then the younger generation gave each of the two heroes a copper basin. What is the copper basin for? People are more puzzled. At this time, the young man said, “now I announce the rules of the game. Two heroes pick the soybeans on the table into a copper basin. Who picks more soybeans within the specified time, who wins, and the game begins!”

As soon as the voice fell, both of them trembled and stretched out their hands, laboriously picked up the soybeans, and then threw them into the copper basin. In order to cheer up, they both counted while picking: “one, two, three…”

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